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    No one talking about the million plus $$ Jeff Bezos has donated to flip the Seattle city council elections?



    Doesn’t bother me in the least. Amazon isn’t doing anything that hasn’t been done since we’ve held election’s. Special interests from the far left to the far right have spent lot’s of money over the years to sway election’s and push their agenda’s. The only one’s affected are the one’s that don’t bother to pay attention to the issues. I’ve alway’s voted for the people and issues i care about. The commercial’s and mailer’s and robo call’s are anoying but i’ve found it easy to hang up or utilize the recycleing bin. Don’t blame Amazon!! Disclosure: i’m an hourly worker at Boeing. They spend LOT’S of money on politician’s/issue’s also.



    aa, thanks for bringing this up. I totally agree with you that this is a problem. Amazon is a mixed blessing at best, and – not to sound superficial – Bezos creeps me out.
    I’m voting for Herbold.


    HMC Rich

    How many of you read the Washington Post? I believe Bezos owns the paper and saved it from failing. Bezos has injected Millions into the Seattle economy. If you need milk or kale immediately you can have it delivered. You can order online and find the cheapest prices. You get great deals from Prime.

    Now, what has Lisa Herbold done for most of you? Property theft up. Drug abuse up. Taxes way up! Hell the King County Council (yes I know she is on the city council) has members that want to move it from downtown due to safety concern.

    I am glad Bezo’s and other companies are trying to oust her!



    Nothing new…, Just look at how much money the State is spending on No for I-976.
    That could have paid for several road projects…

    I-976 will reduce the valuation on your car to what it’s really worth, You shouldn’t be taxed on new car value for the entire time you own the vehicle. ST3 will still be funded with I-976 just at fair market value.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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