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    I haven’t noticed any reviews of Westside Public House yet so here goes. We stopped in last night for a drink and a bite. It was the middle of their pub quiz; we were too late to participate but the topics were varied and it sounded like a lot of fun. They had husband’s current favorite IPA on tap and I had a couple of cocktails. Menu was mostly standard pub fare with a few surprises like shrimp and grits and spicy beef with cheddar grits. We both had the chili cheese dog @ $7. I really liked that the the bun was not too large for the dog, and they didn’t skimp on the chili which I thought was tasty. On the south side of the bar there are two real dartboards, one video game (Buck Hunter or something like that) and a pool table that can be converted to a ping pong table. I didn’t wander around to see how many TVs there were, but from my seat at the bar I could see several. All in all this feels like a really good addition to the Junction and will hopefully do great. Next time I do want to sample their wine options. ATB served the worst swill wine possible; I’m hoping WPH offers much better.

    Oh, and dope smoker? Could you please wait until you’re outside to fill your pipe? When you opened your baggie next to me I thought I’d scared a skunk. Thanks!



    lol..sounds like he needs a better grade of weed – lol

    Thanks for the review…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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