Old Witch presents Master Creep Theater – Trolls2

August 18, 2021 @ 7:00 pm
Admiral Pub
2306 California SW
West Seattle

August 18th 7 pm Old Witch presents Master Creep Theater – Trolls2
It’s the return of MasterCreep Theater with ya ghoul, Old Witch! Get A+ drag riffing on the best/worst B horror movies of all time! Join Old Witch & some of her very best fiends at Admiral Pub.

This month’s feature shlock is the craptastic cult classic Troll 2! The movie so terrible they even made a documentary about how terrible it is called “Best Worst Movie”. You’ll gasp and squeal at the terrible acting, stilted dialogue, and cringe-worthy special effects. Plus, it’s got an ending so head-scratching you might reach brain!

How hilariously bad can a film get? Let’s find out!

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