34th District Democrats’ March 2022 meeting

March 9, 2022 @ 6:30 pm

Registration: bit.ly/Mar22-MbrMtg

Agenda – Mar 9, 2022
6:30 pre-program: Mothers for Police Accountability
7:15 Call to Order

Opening Ceremonies (15m)
Approval of Agenda and Minutes (2m)
Candidate Spotlight (10m)
Seattle Approves Presentation (20m)
2022 Delegate Caucus Information and Rules Review (10m)
PCO Vote about Reorganization (5m)
Outreach Committee Back in Action (5m)
Announcements (10m)
Good of the Order
Adjourn 9pm

Moms for Police Accountability Program – March 9

We are really excited to have Reverend Harriet Walden from Mothers for Police Accountability join us for our pre-meeting program. She will describe the work they do in the community and share information about the alarming spikes in gun violence and homicides and how they are affecting communities in Seattle (and how communities of color are affected in disproportionate ways). She will also tell us how we can help interrupt this cycle of violence, injury, and loss of life with a lens of lived experience from the BIPOC point of view.

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