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Reader reports: Doorknocker scam, break-in attempt, more

More reader reports from folks who want to warn other West Seattleites, just in case, including one lying doorknocker just spotted. Read on:Read More

Pathfinder flamingos: The early bird gets the … photo


Somebody breathlessly called WSB HQ early this morning to report this sighting on the lawn @ Pathfinder K-8 along Genesee Hill. We’re not just all about fire trucks and teardowns; we love happy photos too, so we were glad to head out for a look. If we were a betting person, we would suspect it has something to do with the big event coming up Saturday (update: actually it’s for Teacher Appreciation Week), and the flamingos remind us we hadn’t published the latest news release from the fine folks @ Pathfinder about the event, some advance work done last weekend, and how you can be part of Saturday’s festivities:Read More

Truck hits house on Genesee Hill


For the second time in less than 12 hours, a vehicle has hit a building in West Seattle. WSB contributing photojournalist Christopher Boffoli is out on the “heavy rescue” 911 call in the 4400 block of 55th SW (map) and texted us with the description “truck vs. house.” 1:05 AM UPDATE: Police on the scene tell Christopher nobody is hurt; the truck’s driver fled before fire/police arrived and will face a hit-run charge if/when found.


West Seattle paving plans: City update

Noting that the Alki Ave paving wasn’t completed by last Friday as per the original city announcement (previous coverage here), we checked with SDOT to ask about both the new schedule and any other near-future West Seattle paving plans. Here’s what SDOT spokesperson Marybeth Turner replied:

The Alki paving was delayed due to the weather and an equipment breakdown last week. The new completion date is March 24, weather permitting.

The plan is to also pave the following two segments this year, depending on how far the available money stretches:

-SW Genesee St from 51st Ave SW to 47th Ave SW

-16th Ave SW from SW Findlay St to SW Brandon St

Looks like my fellow Fauntle-rut Way drivers and I are out of luck for now – but keep reporting individual potholes to 206/684-ROAD, or online by using the form here.

Crime Watch reader report: Genesee Hill car break-ins tonight

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Just out of the WSB inbox:

Our car was just broken into in the last hour. We live by 53rd and Andover . Our friend’s car was also broken into several blocks away.

10:55 PM UPDATE: After talking with police, the reader also reports the dispatcher said the thieves appear to be “looking for ID info, car registrations and anything with your photo on it (like work ID’s). We only lost a CD and a video game … I think.”

Happening tonight: Science fairs at Pathfinder, Denny


That’s Pathfinder K-8 student Elizabeth Baer, photographed by Eric Baer as she presented her investigation “Slime Roll” during a previous edition of the annual Pathfinder Science Fair, which happens in the school cafeteria 6-7:30 pm tonight. Eric tells WSB, “Nearly 100 science projects will be shown by students, covering every field of science and technology from robotics to volcanology to botany. … Pathfinder School is one of only a handful of Seattle Public Schools that has a Science Fair open to elementary-aged students.” The event is sponsored and run by the PTSA at Pathfinder, which is a public alternative school on Genesee Hill (map). ADDED 9:30 AM: Thanks to GenHillOne for noting tonight also is Family Math Night and Science Fair at Denny Middle School — according to the Denny website, that event is 6:30-8:30 pm.

Meeting report: City Light’s West Seattle tree-trimming plan


See the orange and blue on that map? It marks all the West Seattle streets where Seattle City Light crews will work over the next few months to clear tree branches from power lines. This was one of several maps shown at City Light’s open house at Hiawatha Community Center tonight. Only a trickle of turnout, but if you’re in the targeted area, City Light spokesperson Scott Thomsen says you will get direct notification — City Light workers have already started going door-to-door to tell residents what’s going on and what they can expect to happen; if you’re not home when they stop by, they’ll leave an info-card hanging on your door. The “blue” area will be tackled first, starting within the next couple weeks (loosely described, this includes parts of Seaview, Morgan Junction, Genesee Hill, and most of Beach Drive); City Light managers say the work will last about two months before they move on to the areas on the map in orange. The only significant section stretching east of California Ave is south of Fairmount Park; one spur that travels almost all the way to the eastern edge of West Seattle is along Brandon. If you have a tree that’s within 10 feet of a power line, you will be offered the option of pruning (which in most cases will entail fairly dramatic branch removal) or taking out the tree entirely (and replacing it with something unlikely to grow into the line). And it’s all in the interest of preventing further power-outage catastrophes like what happened around West Seattle in the December 2006 windstorm; trees too close to power lines, City Light says, are the number one cause.

Happening tonight: City Light explains where and how it’ll cut

No snow, but there’s a strong breeze buffeting trees around, at least where we are — and that, according to Seattle City Light, seattlelogo1.jpgis the number one cause of power outages: trees vs. power lines. As first reported here last month, City Light crews are coming to West Seattle soon for what the utility says is the first extensive round of tree-trimming here in almost a decade – and if you have a tree that’s in the way, NOT cutting is NOT an option — so SCL really wants to make sure everyone understands what’s going on here, before the trucks show up, and why the cuts tend to be big and dramatic, not just a snip here and a snip there. Best place to find out exactly what will happen and when – and to see if your specific neighborhood is included in what City Light’s announcement two weeks ago described as “Alki and North Admiral west of California Avenue in the north end of West Seattle and Genesee, Gatewood and Fairmount Park neighborhoods in the south end of West Seattle” – is to go to tonight’s meeting, 6:30 pm, Hiawatha Community Center.

Update on City Light tree-trimming: Meeting date now set

We first told you last month about Seattle City Light‘s plan to do extensive tree-trimming around West Seattle power lines this year, including the utility’s promise it would set a public meeting. The date for that meeting, and details on what neighborhoods SCL will focus on, just arrived in the form of this news release:Read More

Anybody missing a poodle?

October 28, 2007 6:19 pm
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Sandi writes to say she found a “small female white poodle in the Genesee area” today. We’ll put you in touch if it’s yours. 6:55 PM UPDATE: Reunited. Yay!

Day 2: “Arterial” doesn’t mean “open somebody’s arteries”

standard_sign.jpgAs the new school year starts its second day, our inbox is full of implorings from concerned WS folks who want to remind everyone to SLOW DOWN IN SCHOOL ZONES. Don’t wait for this to become reality; do the right thing. Also, make sure you know the law — Eric Baer from the Pathfinder K-8 PTSA (their school fronts a busy straightaway on Genesee Hill) pulled up the fine print, including some things that might surprise you:Read More

You’ve seen the signs, now see (and hear) the people


Political signs are multiplying along every busy stretch of road in WS (and elsewhere in the city). This is because the primary election, earliest ever, is less than 3 weeks away. The hottest Seattle races are for School Board (including the WS district, whose rep, Irene Stewart, is not re-running) and City Council; we are now just a few days away from your chance to see/hear the School Board candidates in person, at an outdoor forum, Pathfinder K-8 School lawn (Genesee Hill), Monday night, bring a picnic dinner, enjoy free ice-cream treats courtesy of the Pathfinder PTSA –picnicking and mingling with the candidates starts @ 5:30, speeches @ 6:30. One PS on the August 21st election: Two King County ballot measures will be decided, both tax levies — Proposition 1 for regional/rural parks, Proposition 2 for parks, trails, and Woodland Park Zoo.

A sight to see

April 1, 2007 4:09 pm
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Fauntleroy Creek (across from the ferry dock) is worth a visit sometime soon if it’s not someplace you regularly visit. Not only is salmon season revving up, it’s also the annual blooming time for the official favorite flower of WSB, Darwin’s barberry, which comprises an entire hedge at the creek overlook but still hasn’t caught on as a garden plant (aside from a spray on Genesee Hill, one along Beach Drive, and one along Fauntleroy; let us know if you’ve seen others).

Will the Pathfinderites pull it out again?

October 17, 2006 7:45 pm
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By this time tomorrow night, we should know whether the intensely unpopular Pathfinder-Cooper takeover merger consolidation shotgun marriage WHATEVER will make it into School Boss Raj’s final “School Closures, Phase II” recommendation, or not. If I were a betting person, I’d say … not. Way too much heat. Even the teachers’ union is cranking up the heat. We predict Pathfinder will just wind up staying put on Genesee Hill a while longer and after all the drama of the past year-plus, being almost giddily happy about it. P.S. In tomorrow’s Herald, the editor tries again, mightily, to make up for the “huge egos” insult against the PF group two issues ago.

Pathfinder parents get their wish

July 5, 2006 12:13 pm
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The superintendent’s “final” (for now) school closure/change list is out — and Pathfinder’s move to Boren is now out. Pathfinder will stay on Genesee Hill but the district says it’s got to go somewhere. More on Saving Seattle Public Schools, including links to full details.

Summer arrives in more ways than one

This first day of summer is also the last day of school for Seattle Public Schools kids.

Congrats to all for making it through another school year!

(No holiday for the school-closure hearings, though; the next round is next week, including two stops on our side of the bay, at Fairmount Park and Pathfinder/Genesee; then the final recommendations come out just in time to ignite their own round of pre-4th fireworks.)

Ready to rumble

June 12, 2006 4:27 am
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The Pathfinder K-8 folks are planning rallies before and after school today as the next step in their fight against the proposal to move them to the former Boren JHS on Delridge. Then tonight, it’s the next public hearing on the citywide plan.

By the way, minutes from the last Pathfinder PTSA meeting (click the link at upper right on this page to download the Word doc) include interesting comments from our West Seattle rep on the school board — not just apropos to Pathfinder and its plight.

Two WS schools in the crosshairs for closure …

May 17, 2006 6:04 pm
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… but Alki Elementary, which was on the last list, is not one of them. That surprises me, as I’d guess the district would make a mint from selling that land to condo developers.

The ones that did make the list just made public tonight are Fairmount Park and High Point. However, that fancy new-ish building at High Point won’t close — the district wants to move Pathfinder over there.

Maybe the district figured that Genesee Hill real estate is worth more than the Alki land? Better views. More later when the official district docs are out …