School closures: Before the announcement, some background

Looking ahead to the official announcement of the school-closure (and probably, consolidation, moving, etc.) plan at 6 pm tonight (district HQ in Sodo), some background: It’s been two years since the previous closure process hit its low point, an ugly ruckus during a board meeting in October 2006. Before that, the most controversial West Seattle aspect of the fall 2006 proposal was a plan for Pathfinder K-8 to move out of the ex-Genesee Hill Elementary and “merge” into the Cooper Elementary building in Pigeon Point; Roxhill Elementary was also proposed for closure; earlier in the process, there had been an even-more controversial proposal to move Pathfinder to Boren (where Chief Sealth is temporarily headquartered now). When all was said and done some weeks later, Pathfinder and Cooper kept their status quos — even though all agree the Genesee Hill building is in sorry shape — and ultimately, the Fairmount Park Elementary building was closed, with that school’s “program” merging into the underenrolled then-High Point Elementary, since renamed West Seattle Elementary. We’re heading out shortly to district HQ and will start up the “live” post once we’re settled in there. Another place to watch in addition to WSB is the always-excellent Seattle Public Schools Community blog (which started up during the 2006 closures process, at

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  • add November 25, 2008 (4:58 pm)

    TR – thanks for keeping a close eye on this for us, and for providing historical context. I’ll be tuning in throughout the evening for your updates.

  • Jenny Murray November 25, 2008 (5:12 pm)

    Thank you for being on top of this issue. I look forward to hearing your report. I am also interested in what they have to say about the gifted program at Lowell Elementary. There are many students in West Seattle that travel every day to Capitol Hill and may be effected by the information from tonight’s meeting.

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