Remembering Agathe Goulet, 1923-2022

Family and friends are remembering Agathe Goulet, and sharing this remembrance with her community:

Agathe Goulet
06/06/23 – 01/20/22

Agathe Rondeau Goulet passed away January 20, 2022, and is now in the company of our heavenly Father.

She was born in Saint-Félix-de-Valois, Canada on June 06, 1923, to Delia and Pierre Rondeau.

Agathe grew up skiing, skating, and hiking in the small town near Montreal, Quebec. Her love of outdoor activity would be lasting and remain with her for the rest of her life.

As she grew, she was deeply influenced by the Catholic religion practiced by her family and also by the nuns living within the town. She spent much of her youth being taught at the local convent, where she learned of God’s love and many life skills.

She married Gerard (Jerry) Goulet on August 21st, 1950 and moved to West Seattle shortly thereafter, where she would build her life around her family and church. In 1957 they built the house where they would raise their 5 children. She loved the community, the parks, Alki, and all the area had to offer. She worked at HUSKY Delicatessen for many years and to many who tasted it, her potato salad could not be beat! She remained in her house until just recently, when she moved to an assisted-living facility.

A devout Catholic, she was a loyal parishioner of Holy Rosary Church, attending services until she was no longer physically able to do so.

Agathe was blessed with a multitude of artistic talents. She was a painter, and excelled at sewing, needlepoint, knitting and crocheting. She was also a wonderful cook and an expert at crafts.

An ever-attentive mother and grandmother, her greatest enjoyment came from her family and time outdoors. Always on the move, you would see her all around West Seattle. She enjoyed hiking, tennis, travel, and attending family sporting events. Summers were spent with her 5 young children camping in a canvas tent at Flaming Geyser Park in Black Diamond. Later in life, solo hikes would find her miles away from her cabin on Anderson Island, looking for huckleberries, wildlife, and the beauty of nature all around. Much of the art she created was inspired by what she would observe.

Predeceased by her husband Jerry, sons John and Rene, and brother Gerard. Survived by daughter Ginette Correll (husband Tony), son Robert (wife Terry), and son Donald (wife Kathleen) along with 5 grandchildren, Danielle, Zack, Brianne, Savannah, Jake, and great-granddaughter Chloe.

A private service will be held at a later date.

Her family would love to hear how she may have impacted your life. For any thoughts, wishes, photos, or memories about Agathe Goulet, please visit her Tribute page at

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8 Replies to "Remembering Agathe Goulet, 1923-2022"

  • CMT January 26, 2022 (9:23 am)

    Agathe was our former neighbor.  What a wonderful and spirited lady.  I’m sure the neighborhood misses her presence.

  • Roger Pettit January 26, 2022 (11:49 am)

    A bell rings as this beautiful angel gets her wings!

  • Susan Harrison January 26, 2022 (2:23 pm)

    Well done lass!

  • Jack miller January 27, 2022 (9:45 am)

    Agatha  was a small woman but an incredibly powerful beautiful soul  She ruled the Kitchen at the Husky for over 20 years. Packed full of energy her work Ethic was contagious  Delivery drivers were afraid of her until she broke em in   She made it fun at Husky.  And joined the crew on hikes and outings. A great traveling companion, she joined me and my Aunt Alyce on some  amazing adventures   She was so loved and will be so missed 

  • eric January 27, 2022 (10:56 am)

    Anyone that makes near 100 is an inspiration to stay active and healthy. Cheers Agathe!

  • patty wallace valentine January 28, 2022 (5:38 am)

    my heart and loves goes out to ginette robert donald and their familys. also robert you did a beautiful job on moms obituary…. agatha was a huge part of my life. you see her oldest son john was my first love! i spent so much time at there home and always been family to me. ginette and i still talk often and we call each other sister!  agatha always had my favorite tang and velveeta chees with homemade ranch dip! when john and i went to kennedy id always have a mortadellla make by agatha!  she was so tallented. ginette and i had the coolest macramad earrings and chokers!! i rememember many nights thec4 boys all wanted something different for dinner and she would make 4 different meals! they werent spoiled at all!! she love ginette  john robert donald and rene more than life itself.  she was a devout catholic and i saw her many time walking daily to holy rosary for mass. god bless her.. i feel so honored that we stayed close throughout the years. what a humble angel she may have tiny but she run circles around just about everyone. thank you agatha being in my life and continuing sharing yòur life with me. agatha i will miss you horrible. please give my john and rene a huge hug. i love you so much.

  • Madeline May January 29, 2022 (4:19 pm)

    Maybe it was her accent and the way she pronounced my name (which I loved), maybe it was that my Mother and Aunt loved her so, making her instantly special, but Agatha Goulet was one of my very favorite people ever. Her larger than life personality and petite stature should have been a contradiction, but one could easily call her a firecracker! Her high level of energy and artistic ability afforded her to share a host of beautiful gifts to others, be it an intricate painting on a Christmas ornament or a knitted sweater, or a lace doily just to name a few. She was amazing with flowers and made my fiancée Scott, and I a beautiful arrangement for our rehearsal dinner at Blake island. My very vivid and best memories are of her in the back room at the Husky deli where she ruled the kitchen roost. I am truly humbled to think of her age at which she would mix up batches of potato (and other salads) when it was such labor intensive work. The demand at the deli for her salad was like nothing to be seen. If it wasn’t every customer that ordered a pint or a quart, it was every other person. The holidays were especially frightful when poor Agatha would work her fingers to the bone. I can remember that we would tiptoe to the back and ask Agatha for more potato salad and she would leave us shivering in our boots with a solid “NO! There is no more and I am not making anymore!”  That is when we recruited my brother Jack to go back and sweeten her up. They both called each other other “sweetheart”, and before long we could fulfill more customer requests as Jacks hugs and kisses worked (salad) miracles. We all loved her, really loved her. She was the bright spot at any event or occasion, with her smile and reply “is that so”, or “ for gosh sakes!”, or “save yourself Sundance!”, said in the beautiful French Canadian accent that I loved. Later in life my mother in law moved to the Admiral Brookdale. I was thrilled that she was right next door to Agatha! I would always pop in and say spend some time with her after my visit with my Mother in law. She hadn’t changed at all and was still quite a character, the most adorable “hunny bunch” ever. She thought I lived there and would ask where I was and why she didn’t see me there all the time.I’m sure I reminded her of my mother as they were best friends for many years. Not only was Agatha such good fun in her outspoken way, but she was also kind and thoughtful. I will and do miss her very much, and will continue to remember her with so much fondness and memories, too many to share here at once. God bless Ginette, Robert and Donald who took such good and attentive care of her.

  • Marty Miller January 30, 2022 (7:57 am)

    My memories of Agathe go way back. As a very good friend of my mother, she brought the whole family into dealings with mine. We had siblings in the age brackets and had a lot of fun. In Holy Rosary school and Church we coincided so many times. Personally with her I spent more time and got to know her when she came to work at the Husky Delicatessen. She truly had the best potato salad and I would drop by to chat and she would bring me fresh salad when it was newly made. I would get updates on the family. Quite lively, she would get a few of us together to go to Hiawatha tennis court to play tennis under the lights to into the night. She was a pretty good competitor at that, while being very gracious.She had various comebacks to working at the “store” and in between times she would go for walks around the Junction with “Stugly” the dog which was apparently stupid + ugly, but a lot of fun.I would see her and chat after daily Mass. Her piety was solid and admirable. She would make the walk straight down 42nd street with out fail. I can remember her in an interesting moment when our Vietnamese helper (our oldest and most faithful!) was looking for something. His English was still very rudimentary, but he was muttering something over and over. Agathe informed me that he was repeating the word for screwdriver in French (from the French-indochinese Catholic upbringing and influence!). The funny things going on in the family back-room of the Husky!I enjoyed checking in on her often on my return trips to West Seattle. I do miss this wonderful woman.

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