DELRIDGE PROJECT: Nighttime striping work, and what else is ahead

(WSB photo: Work on Delridge north of SW Holden this morning)

The weekly update for the Delridge Way repaving/utilities project, preparing for RapidRide H Line, is in. Striping and related work will start next week in the areas where paving is complete – here’s the SDOT list of project focus areas for next week:

Final channelization and striping is scheduled to begin next week starting at SW Dakota St and moving south

-This work will happen overnight between 7 PM and 6 AM
-The trucks used to complete this work are large, and thus will require us to temporarily limit street parking in areas where work is taking place
-This work is anticipated to be completed in North Delridge in July
-Visit our final design website to get a refresher on what the project will look like once it is complete

Bus stop upgrades continue at SW Myrtle St, SW Holly St, and SW Thistle St

Duct bank work resumes between SW Holden St and SW Thistle St
-Electrical upgrades are nearly complete
-We will begin restoring the roadway as early as June 11

SW Barton Pl upgrades continue through the end of next week
-Once this work is complete, we will shift to the east side of Delridge Way SW and begin demolishing and upgrading the roadway
-SW Henderson St will be closed as a part of this work
-We will provide a new detour map in our update next week

See the full update by going here.

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  • ChaosConstruction June 7, 2021 (10:57 am)

    Anyone know why the southbound signal  to turn from Delridge to Orchard still does not activate unless someone is in the lane next to them?  Is it legal to turn if the light never changes? It has been a couple of weeks that this has been going on.

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