TRAFFIC UPDATE: Sylvan Way work finishes early

2:10 PM: The photo is from Sam, who says those crews have just wrapped up their work for the day on Sylvan Way, two hours earlier than planned, so all lanes are now open. Though the originally announced plan – smoothing the pavement where drainage work had been done recently – was for work to continue tomorrow, Sam says the crews told her they will not return until March 18th; we are following up with Seattle Public Utilities.

7:14 PM: SPU confirms the new date for completion, so again, NO work Tuesday.

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  • momof3boys March 2, 2021 (7:48 am)

    Drainage issues on Sylvan Way, and Highland Park Way have been issues since the roads were built I imagine. Both have been pot hole messes since I’ve lived here (35+ years). I’m not an engineer or a geologist, but couldn’t they put some sort of drainage along the whole length of the roadside that would capture the water coming off the hill, and out of whatever spring there is, that would mitigate some or most of this? We’ve installed a French drain in our yard (on a hill) to mitigate drainage issues – and it’s worked beautifully – granted in a much smaller situation.The “patchwork” approach isn’t working, and has probably cost taxpayers more than one good fix would have.  Anyone with professional experience have any ideas we can pitch?

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