SNOW DAY SIGHTING: Orcas off West Seattle

5:47 PM: As dusk approaches, transient orcas are southbound off Constellation Park, reports Kersti Muul of Salish Wildlife Watch. Thanks to Sue Kearns for the photo of one of them off Alki earlier! In our afternoon snow coverage, we mentioned Kersti’s first report that the whales were in Elliott Bay.

ADDED: Here’s a photo from Kersti:

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  • ~Hockeywitch~ February 14, 2021 (5:54 pm)

    Aaaggghhhh!!! I’m snow bound in my alley… I can’t get my car out, to get down there to see them. Road grader pushed all the snow into the entrance/ exit of my dead end alley and I can’t get over it… Come back when the snow is gone Orcas…

  • Kersti Muul February 14, 2021 (6:01 pm)

    These are the T124as and T87.Pictured here are t87 and t124a2

    • Howard February 14, 2021 (8:00 pm)

      How close does the pod get to the shoreline? I have a full frame with a 70-200mm, and curious if I would be able to shoot them with my current setup.

      • Kersti Muul February 14, 2021 (10:06 pm)

        I shot these with a 600mm, full frame… But 200 would have been suffice today as they were less than 100 yards of shore. Transients do come close now and then. Usually though we get them mid channel or west of mid channel which requires more zoom.

  • Kersti Muul February 14, 2021 (6:01 pm)

    T87 passing anchor Park earlier

  • Kersti Muul February 15, 2021 (9:55 am)

    T87, the large male is thought to be the oldest male on the west coast

    • TM February 15, 2021 (10:10 am)

      Awesome pics, thank you! I was down by the water a couple of times but missed them. How old is T87?

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