CORONAVIRUS: Sunday 4/5 roundup

On this 38th day since the first King County coronavirus case was announced, here’s our nightly roundup:

NEWEST KING COUNTY NUMBERS: From the daily Seattle-King County Public Health news release:

3,167 confirmed positive cases (up 269* from yesterday)

208 confirmed deaths (up 8 from yesterday)

*Many of the new cases being reported today were diagnosed in days prior and do not necessarily represent a spike in new cases. The “new confirmed positive cases” figure we publish each day represents all new confirmed cases reported to us through 11:59 the night prior. Some of these test results were processed on days prior but were delayed in being reported to us.

2 MORE NEARBY DEATHS: Looking at the county data dashboard, two local zip codes now have 2 deaths each – 98106 and 98126. 98136 and 98146 are still at one death each, and 98116 is at zero.

STATEWIDE NUMBERS: Find them here.

WORLDWIDE NUMBERS: Find them here.

HERE’S A REALLY IMPRESSIVE NUMBER – 400: That’s how many ventilators Gov. Inslee says our state is giving back to the federal stockpile because other states need them more. A quote of note from today’s announcement:

“I spoke with the governor after conferring with the Washington State Hospital Association to determine what help Washington could offer other states,” said Vice Admiral (ret.) Raquel Bono, M.D., Director, Washington State COVID-19 Health System Response Management. “Thanks to the mitigation efforts the governor has put in place and the cooperation of Washingtonians, we have seen fewer infections in our communities than anticipated. Our current status allows us to help others who have a more immediate need.”

But don’t get complacent, the announcement also warns:

It is important that Washingtonians continue to stay home, wash hands and maintain physical distancing. The data shows that current community mitigation strategies are working to slow the spread of COVID-19, and must be sustained to ensure Washington’s continued success.

ANOTHER WAY YOU CAN HELP: Today’s county update is spotlighting the importance of donating blood, if you are able to.

SPEAKING OF HELPING: As announced tonight, 5 local restaurants are donating 200 “oven-ready” meals to people who need them, starting tomorrow. (We also previously noted another restaurant is giving away sack lunches tomorrow.)

WHILE WE’RE TALKING ABOUT FOOD … An update tonight from West Seattle Farmers’ Market management – they’re hoping a plan for “extremely modified” operation will get the mayor to reconsider her order closing markets (which came before the governor’s order declared them “essential”).

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7 Replies to "CORONAVIRUS: Sunday 4/5 roundup"

  • Swally April 5, 2020 (10:25 pm)

    Just curious but why are the tennis courts padlocked at Hiawatha?   I was going to play there with my daughter today.   I believe they are suppose to still be open for people in the same household?   It also looks like they were zipped tied at one point but were cut?   Does not seem to be a Parks job ( no yellow tape or sign).  Is someone doing this on there own?  

  • J April 6, 2020 (6:54 am)

    Looks like King County is working on its testing backlog… nice little Sunday night data dump. I wonder if we will get that kind of update now daily… weekly? Positive rates may have changed retroactively. Time to reassess.

  • Human April 6, 2020 (7:35 am)

    Well, yesterday was week 3 of stay at home for me. As a single person, the lack of any human physical contact impacted me greatly on day 22 – no hugs, no hand touches, nothing. Stay strong those of us sheltering alone. 

    • Ajwren April 6, 2020 (10:29 am)

      Try to stay strong. Our single friends are also struggling. Thinking of folks in your situation today. 

  • anonyme April 6, 2020 (10:09 am)

    The introverts among us are doing just fine – in fact, we’re loving the quiet and solitude.  The only drawback is getting supplies in a safe manner, and trying to politely reassure frantic, socially desperate friends and acquaintances who want to spend all day on the phone.  Just let go….

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