CORONAVIRUS: Local Catholic churches to suspend public Masses

With three Catholic churches in West Seattle, along with at least one chapel, this is of note – forwarded by Helen at Our Lady of Guadalupe:

Archbishop Etienne has just finished recording a message to the people of the Archdiocese. In the video, he expresses that out of abundance of caution, and despite our best efforts to slow this rapidly spreading virus down, he has suspended all public Masses effective immediately. We have not seen a contagion of this magnitude in our country for 100 years and it is important that we take it seriously. We recognize that there are many implications to this decision and there will be additional communication forthcoming as the situation unfolds. Here is the link to the Archbishop’s video.

Catholic schools in the area are also under orders to close starting Monday; we’re adding them to our newly launched school-closures list.

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  • Tony S March 11, 2020 (10:45 pm)

    In the interest of historical accuracy: the 1968 Hong Kong flu pandemic killed an estimated 1-4 million people globally before burning out sometime in 1970, and worked its way through the United States with a rapid ferocity that is unlikely (although possible) to be matched. I realize his holiness is referencing the 1917-20 “Spanish” influenza, but there have been at least two others of lesser lethality since then. 

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