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VIDEO: Got your salt and shovel standing by?

You’ve probably heard by now that we MIGHT see some snow next weekend. Too soon, stlll, to really go into all-out Snow Panic Mode, but not too soon to contemplate whether you’re ready for it. In particular, the video above points out one thing that often comes up in WSB comment discussion when things get snowy: If there’s a sidewalk adjacent to your residence or business, you need to be ready to clear the snow/ice. More specifics here. We’ll talk more about snow readiness if the flakes stay in the forecast as the week proceeds. P.S. Need inspiration? Here’s a fun February flashback.

UPDATE: Fire response on Avalon Way

(Added: WSB photo)

7:51 PM: Thanks for the texts. What started as a “full response” SFD callout in the 3100 block of SW Avalon Way has been mostly dismissed, but we are headed that way to check on it anyway.

8:10 PM UPDATE: Firefighters tell us this involved some items too close to a heater “smoldering.” No injuries, no major damage.

VIDEO: Councilmember Lisa Herbold starts 2nd term, sworn in by granddaughter

(Image: Seattle Channel)

“I take this oath in gratitude and service, inspired by the kind of city I want for my grandchildren,” declared District 1 (West Seattle/South Park) City Councilmember Lisa Herbold this afternoon, right after taking the oath to start her second term. Her grandchildren, Jamaya and Jamil, were right there with her – Jamaya administered the oath, and Jamil fastened the customary pin. You can see Herbold’s oath and speech starting at 10:45 into the official Seattle Channel video:

Councilmember Herbold said her priorities, as set by District 1 voters, include fighting homelessness by doubling the investment in permanent supportive housing, progressive taxation including the high-earners’ income tax “in order to make property taxes, sales taxes, and taxes on small businesses less regressive.” Since Herbold will be chairing the committee overseeing public safety, it’s also notable that she listed as a priority that “We’re going to get back in full compliance with, and out from under, the consent decree, ensure constitutional policing, while also meeting our goals for Seattle Police Department staffing.” She also vowed to “increase access to transit, make all transportation options safer, and work to deliver Sound Transit 3 on time, and to mitigate disruption of D-1 neighborhoods.” Supporting “truly transit-oriented development” in The Junction and Delridge was on her priority list too. She promised to continue “truly superior constituent services,” too. After listing priorities, she declared that her November victory was a result of “people power,” saying that, “If we continue to mobilize like we have, our voices will change the status quo, wherever and whenever change is most needed.”

Herbold will serve as acting council president for part of this month, once the new president, Councilmember Lorena González (a West Seattleite who holds citywide Position 9 and is midway through her 4-year term) goes on maternity leave; councilmembers serve monthly rotations as president pro tem, and this year, Herbold is up first. González’s unanimous election as council president makes her the first Latinx person to serve in that role (more on that here); she became the council’s first Latinx member in 2015.

Wondering when buses will start using the Columbia Street transit pathway?

(West end of Columbia Street plan – see here for other blocks’ configuration)

Many who ride Metro between West Seattle and downtown have been asking about the status of the new transit pathway involving Alaskan Way and Columbia Street. Last we heard from SDOT was a January estimate, so we’ve been asking them if that’s still accurate. We talked late today with city spokesperson Lauren Stensland. She says they don’t have a date yet but that “early 2020” remains accurate. The city and Metro are working out details as Columbia work gets finished, she says; Metro generally likes to give three weeks’ notice of routing changes, so at this point it’s not likely to happen before late January. Stensland said they hope to have a date set by the end of next week. When up and running, the new 2-way Columbia Street will be used by routes including 21x, 37, 55, 56, 57, 113, 120, 121, 122, 123, 125, and C Line.

Next step in Alki ‘Stone House’ plan: Park Board briefing

(WSB photo, December 2019)

One month ago, we published a followup on the status of the “Stone House” at 1123 Harbor SW, a stone-studded old bungalow that the Southwest Seattle Historical Society hopes to move to a new site, with redevelopment on the way to its current one. Today, news of the next step: A briefing at this Thursday’s meeting of the city Board of Park Commissioners. The agenda indicates the briefing will address the possibility of relocating the structure to Alki Beach; an early version of that plan was described at last June’s meeting of the Alki Community Council. Thursday’s Park Board meeting is at 6:30 pm at Parks HQ downtown (100 Dexter Ave. N.) and includes a public-comment period.

WEST SEATTLE WEATHER: Wires down in Gatewood

January 6, 2020 1:20 pm
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1:20 PM: Blustery weather continues – though there’s no wind advisory in effect, we’ve noticed some strong gusts, and one has apparently taken down some lines in Gatewood. Seattle Fire has checked out the report at 41st/Southern [map] and assessed one wire as electrical, so Seattle City Light is being summoned. No outage reported, though.

5:17 PM: Just got a chance to go back and look; tape’s down, road’s open.

RECYCLING: City reminds you about plastic bags/film change

Back in October, the city announced a big home-recycling change – no more plastic bags/wrap in your cart/bin. Now that the new year has begun, the change is in effect, so Seattle Public Utilities has sent this reminder, including best practices for how to handle what you CAN still recycle via pickup:

With the start of a new year, the King County Solid Waste Division and Seattle Public Utilities remind residents that recycling right is one of the best resolutions they can make to protect the environment and make recycling effective. Recycling right means keeping plastic bags and wrap out of curbside recycling bins and carts, and making sure all recycling is empty, clean and dry.

As of Jan. 1, garbage and recycling collection programs no longer accept plastic bags and plastic wrap in curbside recycling carts and bins.

Instead, customers should take those separated materials to one of the more than 100 drop-off locations in King County where these materials can be properly recycled. This includes plastic retail bags, sandwich bags, produce bags, dry cleaning bags, and the plastic wrap around bundled toilet paper and paper towels.

Find the full list of materials accepted at drop-off locations and a directory of drop-off locations at King County and SPU are working to expand drop-off locations that accept plastic bags and plastic wrap for recycling.

While bringing plastic bags and wrap to a drop-off location is best for the environment, customers in Seattle and King County also can throw them in the garbage. It’s better to toss them out rather than contaminate other collected recyclables.

Plastic bags and wrap are often wet or have food waste on them when placed in the curbside recycling and contaminate other materials. Additionally, at recycling facilities, these plastics can jam sorting and processing equipment, leading to frequent shutdowns so workers can remove the tangled materials.

Bringing plastic bags and wrap to a drop-off location keeps the bundled recyclables cleaner and easier to manufacture into new products.

Other ways to recycle right include:

• Make sure your recycling is empty, clean, and dry before putting it in the recycling bin;
• When in doubt, find out – check your city or recycling collection company’s guidelines on which materials are recyclable and which are garbage; and 
• Always recycle empty, clean, and dry plastic bottles, tubs, and jugs; paper; glass bottles and jars; metal cans; and cardboard. 

Find more information at these websites:

· Drop-off locations for plastic bags and wrap

· Seattle Public Utilities information on plastic bags and plastic wrap

· Where Does It Go Tool

· Responsible Recycling Task Force

· Recycle Right

Local dropoff locations listed via the lookup include Admiral and Roxbury Safeways and Westwood Village Target. The private service Ridwell offers home pickup of plastic wrap/film/bags, too.

From quilts to questions, your West Seattle Monday highlights

(Cedar Waxwing at Lincoln Park, photographed by Trileigh Tucker)

A handful of highlights as everyone eases back into the post-holidays routine …

CITY COUNCIL OATHS OF OFFICE: November election/re-election winners will take their oath at this afternoon’s City Council meeting, including re-elected District 1 Councilmember Lisa Herbold, 2 pm at City Hall. (600 4th Avenue)

FAMILY STORY TIME: Bring kids of all ages to High Point Library tonight, 6:30 pm. Free as always. (3411 SW Raymond)

WEST SEATTLE QUILTERS: 7 pm meeting at the Senior Center of West Seattle. (4217 SW Oregon)

ZEN MEDITATION: 7 pm at Fauntleroy UCC, hosted by Puget Sound Zen. All welcome, whether or not you’ve meditated before – details in our calendar listing.

3 TRIVIA/QUIZ NIGHTS: Monday nights bring a trio of options:
*Best of Hands Barrelhouse (7500 35th SW; WSB sponsor), 7 pm, $2/person, 21+
*The Skylark (3803 Delridge Way SW), 7:30 pm, free, all ages
*Parliament Tavern (4210 SW Admiral Way), 8 pm, $2/person, 21+

WHAT ELSE IS UP TODAY, TONIGHT, BEYOND? Find out by browsing the full Event Calendar!

YOUTH SPORTS: Southwest Little League signup time

January 6, 2020 9:27 am
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Another local youth-sports league has opened signups – Southwest Little League, for girls and boys 4-16. You can register online any time at, or do it in person on one o two dates next month – February 8th or February 15th, 10 am-2 pm at Steve Cox Memorial Park‘s “little log cabin” in White Center (1321 SW 102nd).

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Back-to-school (etc.) Monday watch

(SDOT MAP with travel times/ Is the ‘low bridge’ closed? LOOK HERE/ West Seattle-relevant traffic cams HERE)

6:59 AM: Good morning! School is back in session starting today.

No current incidents, but we have these transit notes:

STATE FERRIES: The winter schedule is now in effect.

SOUND TRANSIT: If you use light rail, note that 2+ months of construction-related changes have just begun – info here.