FOLLOWUP: First hearing for market robbery/attack suspect

ORIGINAL REPORT, WEDNESDAY NIGHT: The bail hearing for the 51-year-old man arrested after Tuesday’s Juneau Street Market robbery/attack has been postponed until tomorrow, but a judge has found probable cause to keep him in custody. The King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office said that bail consideration was delayed because the suspect “was inappropriate for court,” without elaborating or replying to a followup. The KCPAO did provide the probable-cause documents, which are in the name of John Doe, with the police narrative noting that the man’s name was not immediately known, and he wouldn’t answer questions. Here’s what the report says happened once the suspect was in custody:

… Officers escorted three (3) witnesses to the stop location, where they positively identified this subject as the suspect they observed beating the female victim inside the market and also attempting to access the store’s cash register. It did not appear that the suspect was able to open the register. It is unknown at this time if any items were stolen from the store in this incident. This suspect, at this time referred to as John DOE, was arrested based on probable cause. Officers recovered a pair of handcuffs and a knife with a broken blade in possession of this suspect at the time of arrest; search incident to arrest. DOE was holding the handcuffs at the time and the broken knife was in his pants pocket. DOE was transported to the South Precinct, then Robbery Office, then booked into King County Jail for Investigation of Robbery and Assault.

The document says the 71-year-old victim talked with a Robbery Unit detective at the hospital, telling him the attacker had come into the store and started beating her, with handcuffs held in his fist, without saying anything. She tried to escape and the attacker dragged her back inside and kept hitting her. Police say the attacker is shown on video trying to get into the register before leaving.

At some point before he was booked into jail last night, police matched a name to the suspect (the report notes there was no fingerprint match but doesn’t say what eventually led them to a name). Court records matched to that name show only one prior local arrest, for assault, 32 years ago. The suspect is due back in court tomorrow.

ADDED THURSDAY AFTERNOON: The suspect was again “inappropriate for court,” as the KCPAO put it, explaining to us today that the phrase often indicates a mental-health issue. Bail and charging are now scheduled to be addressed tomorrow (Friday).

11 Replies to "FOLLOWUP: First hearing for market robbery/attack suspect"

  • Rick December 12, 2018 (10:14 pm)

    Please release him to my custody.

  • Grateful December 13, 2018 (9:43 am)

    I want our community to support the victim and to celebrate the delivery man who saved her.  What can we do?   How can we find out what the victim needs?  And something that the delivery man would like?

  • Me December 13, 2018 (10:37 am)

    Grateful. Great idea.

  • ACG December 13, 2018 (12:42 pm)

    The surveillance video of the attack (shown on the TV news reports) is just terrifying and sickening. I hope the victim is improving. Much love to her and her family. And, a big thanks to the Bud Light delivery man and others who helped. I agree with Grateful, if there is a way to support the victim and give back to the delivery man- that would be great. 

  • LJ December 13, 2018 (2:08 pm)

    How do the investigators know his age is 51 and not know his name ?Don’t they run your fingerprints  through the computer database  to find out your real identity if unknown ?I checked the King county jails inmate lookup and this John Doe is not in custody so what is  his real name? I would also  like to know his full adult criminal history.

    • WSB December 13, 2018 (2:53 pm)

      As noted above, there was no fingerprint match originally (according to the police narrative). However, at some point before he was booked into jail, a name was matched. If and when he is charged (could be as soon as this afternoon), we’ll publish the name. As noted above, there is no criminal record – since an assault charge 32 years ago.

    • ACG December 13, 2018 (7:58 pm)

      The clip I read from KIRO news published the suspect’s name. Not sure if it is correct info or not, I usually wait until WSB has vetted that type of information before I give any credibility. But if you are interested, I googled “West Seattle attack” and read the link from KIRO with that info.  I know WSB has protocols before publishing people’s names involved in crimes, so I won’t post any name here and wait until WSB confirms it as actually being true. 

  • anonyme December 13, 2018 (2:28 pm)

    The Bud truck was in front of the market today with what looked like a news crew.  Looks like he’s becoming a celebrity, and rightfully so.  He deserves both recognition and gratitude.  Later, there was a cop car stationed in front of the store.

  • flimflam December 13, 2018 (4:56 pm)

    so he’s not “fit for court” but apparently fit for being out in public???

    • Tim December 15, 2018 (3:52 pm)

      I wondered that myself, especially since he was a tenant in my apartment complex. When I saw him, I was terrified. He was not even there, unfriendly, not communicative, and I got the Vince that he’s bad news. Sure enough and I’m glad he’s in jail and I’m very sorry that the victim was attached. My thoughts are to her and the family. 

  • Mj December 14, 2018 (9:36 am)

    I pray the victim makes a full recovery.  The perpetrator belongs in jail, I do not want hear the demons made me do it as a defense.  Remember not so long again a lady with a baby was brutally stabbed in Admiral by a lady using the same defense!It’s time the SAFETY of the public take precedence.   

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