WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Car break-in; dumped bicycle

Two West Seattle Crime Watch reader reports this morning:

CAR BREAK-IN NEAR LINCOLN PARK: Athena‘s car was broken into between 10:30 pm Friday and 8:45 am Saturday. Stolen items included a black Victoria’s Secret gym bag with a cream/light-green purse inside, some apparel items including blue yoga pants and pink tennis shoes, plus toiletries including “many small samples of Aveda and Origins skin-care products,” and two pairs of ear buds. We’ll add her police-report number when we get it.

DUMPED BICYCLE: Melinda just spotted this at 26th and Adams in North Delridge:

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  • Mok4315 April 29, 2018 (10:18 pm)

    I saw that VSX bag yesterday around 4pm, on my way to the park! It was opened, but all I could see inside where a pair of leggings. It was on Sylvan and Myrtle across from Gatewood Elementary.  When I started walking back home around 7, I decided to pick it up and post it on the blog, but it was gone by the time I made it back to Gatewood. I searched everywhere with no luck. 

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