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SPORTS: Bryan Tupper chosen as new head baseball coach for West Seattle High School

By Patrick Sand and Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog co-publishers

Like his predecessor, West Seattle High School‘s new head baseball coach has deep roots at the school.

Bryan Tupper, a 2002 WSHS graduate, has been announced as the school’s new head baseball coach, successor to Velko Vitalich, who – as reported here a month ago – retired from the role after 31 years.

We talked with Coach Tupper at a local coffee shop this week. His rise to the head-coach job comes after he spent six of the past seven years as an assistant coach for the Wildcats.

He’s a born-and-raised West Seattleite who started playing ball at Bar-S Playfield and played with West Seattle Little League all the way up through seniors. He played in the Pony League, too, for the West Seattle Dodgers.

After college, he wanted to go into coaching, and Coach Vitalich gave him a chance. Since he’s worked with the team for so many years already, he says he’s familiar with the students in the program, and while he’ll have to get to know some of the freshmen, many of them have older siblings with whom he’s already worked at WSHS.

Coach Tupper says his core group for next season has good talent coming along, and he sees a real possibility to build a program that produces teams like the ones who went to state for five consecutive years in the past decade. The building blocks are in place now, he says, to have a competitive team for next year. He says WSHS’s increasing success in sports has encouraged more student athletes to stay at the school rather than switch to independent schools.

Overall, Coach Tupper says, he sees this as a great opportunity – and it’s in his hometown, where his folks still live, too. Now, it’s on to preparing for the 2018 season.

VIDEO: West Seattle Summer Fest 2017, day/night 1, report #2

(DIRECT INFOLINKS: Today’s lineups are here … Bus reroutes: C Line here, Route 22 here, Route 37 here, Route 50 here, Route 55 here, Route 57 here, Route 128 here, Route 773 here, )

The mainstage music has begun at West Seattle Summer Fest! Above, a short clip from Po’Brothers’ performance, kicking off the schedule, which concludes with tonight’s headliner Thunderpussy at 10 pm. Wiscon is up next at 4:30 See the full music schedule here. And also note, there’s music tonight on the GreenLife stage in Junction Plaza Park, too – Teresa and the Wolves at 6:30, The Broadcast at 7:45, and Cellar Bells at 9.

Shopping and snacking continue throughout the festival. And art! Diane Venti, former proprietor of Alki Arts at the beach, has a pop-up booth outside CAPERS:

She’s selling work by Michael Birawer. Nearby, we figured out this mystery pretty fast:

That’s a promotion for the opening-this-fall Escape Artist (as explained in our story last month) “escape room” game venue coming to three spaces off the midblock breezeway. Also seen in the area, unique apparel outside the Antique Mall:

And further south, don’t miss the ultimate summer outdoor furniture at Click! Design That Fits (WSB sponsor):

It’s been a trouble-free day so far – the SPD Summer Fest patrol has been here all day, and verifies that:

5:13 PM: Dinner time! Remember the ~20 outdoor cafes. Food goes beyond what you see in the festival-specific booths – although they have unique treats (not just the ones we mentioned earlier) like the burger on a Krispy Kreme donut, Trinidad street food, $3 coconuts at the QFC stand (which is right across from us in the Info Booth – north side of Walk All Ways – $1 water bottles too, as well as bags of tortilla chips).

5:36 PM: Frequently asked question – “is the Farmers’ Market still happening on Sunday?” Yes, it is – but since the street is full of festival booths, you’ll find it in its old spot, the lot behind KeyBank/Bin 41/Pharmaca/etc., 10 am-2 pm Sunday. Another common question – where do you buy ride tickets? Look for the tent just past Pecos Pit and Fish Ice Cream on the south side of SW Alaska, west of California. But if you forget any of this, just ask any of us at the Information Booth in the heart of Walk All Ways – we’re here with reps from the West Seattle Junction Association (which presents Summer Fest) plus volunteers from local organizations like the Kiwanis Club of West Seattle, and the “community gathering tent” groups (see the list here). If you’re looking for a community group that’s not in the “tent,” you might find them at GreenLife, or even in a booth of their own along California.

6:05 PM: Lots of dogs seen today at Summer Fest. Among them, Olive:

The “Pet Junction” zone is on the west side of California north of Alaska, by Next-to-Nature. We’ve seen signs of pet-friendliness elsewhere, too, such as drinking bowls set out for dogs.

Lots of kids here, too, from babies in front-packs to tweens and teens. Rides are scheduled to run until 8 tonight:

And the music goes until 11 (headliner Thunderpussy is at 10). Getting lots of questions right now about the stage location – California, north of Oregon.

More to come! (Today’s first report is here.)

8:32 PM: From Junction Plaza Park, the first of three acts on the GreenLife evening music slate, Teresa and the Wolves, who started playing around 6:30 pm:

ADDED EARLY SATURDAY: We went back for the start of Thunderpussy‘s headliner performance, closing the night on the mainstage:

The crowd filled the street:

And the band rocked the stage:

They were introduced by Troy Nelson, who with Ben Jenkins curated this year’s Summer Fest slate:

(Photo added – this great shot is by Keven Ruf:)

Saturday’s headliner is West Seattle’s own Brent Amaker and the Rodeo.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Burglary arrests; diving gear, Buddha statue stolen

Four West Seattle Crime Watch reports:


Officers arrested two suspects, ages 16 and 18, early this morning after they fled from an occupied house during a burglary in the South Delridge neighborhood in West Seattle.

Shortly after 5:00 am, a woman and her small child woke to the sound of breaking glass from the sliding door in the kitchen while at the same time the doorbell was ringing. The woman looked outside and saw an unknown person standing at her front door. The victim called 911. The victim was able to give a description of the person outside, and then heard someone enter her home in the 9200 block of 23rd Avenue SW.

Fearing for her safety, the woman grabbed her toddler and escaped out the bedroom window and ran toward the arriving officers. Officers quickly ran to the back of the house in search of the suspects. As officers entered the house both suspects fled out the front door. After running through bushes and jumping over retaining walls, officers located and detained both suspects.

The victim positively identified the suspects. They were arrested and transported to the Southwest Precinct where they were interviewed by a detective from the Major Crimes Task Force. Following the interview, the 18-year-old was booked into the King County Jail while the 16-year-old was booked into the Youth Services Center.

MORE BURGLARY ARRESTS: We are also following up on a report of burglary arrests in the Providence Mount St. Vincent area around midday today. No details yet.


Had some personal dive gear stolen out of my van last night between 10:00 pm and 10:00 am 26th Ave SW & Dakota St.(Youngstown Flats). Van was in our apartment building parking structure. Everything was in a black bin with a yellow lid. Asking readers to keep an eye out for it. Attaching a photo of the stolen items, plus a DUI weight harness that is not pictured.


We reported this to the police the morning it happened, but I’ve spent the last few days trying to track down a picture to post. Sometime between 10 pm 7/10 and Tues, 7/11 7 am, someone stole our 40-45 pound 20” Buddha statue that was nail glued down to a dead tree stump in our tree-lawn/front yard. Most likely they used a tool (crowbar?) and drove off as it couldn’t just be pulled off the stump– and due to how heavy it is, it’s unlikely they walked off with it. We are very close to our neighbors and no one saw or heard anything.

We knew it was a risk keeping the Buddha in a high-traffic area, but we wanted to share it with the neighborhood. It sat there peacefully without incident for almost 3 years. It definitely became a “mascot” for our block and has great sentimental value. If anyone has any info, please comment. Or if the thief is willing to return it, we would appreciate it back, no questions asked. 13th Ave SW between Henderson and Barton- Highland Park. Thank you.

WEST SEATTLE WHALE WATCHING: Orcas headed this way

July 14, 2017 3:33 pm
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Thanks for the text – transient orcas are reported to be headed this way, southbound past West Point on the other side of Elliott Bay. Let us know if you see them!

‘Is the new procedure working? Bluntly, we don’t know yet’: Letter from ferries’ Triangle Task Force

Almost four weeks into the procedural changes that Washington State Ferries hopes will alleviate backups on the Fauntleroy-Vashon-Southworth route, the volunteer task force overseeing them says it’s too soon to tell if they’re working. They’ve written an open letter to ferry riders:

The new procedures (explained here) were implemented on June 19th. The task force met again earlier this week, starting with an hour of observation at the Fauntleroy dock during the pm commute.

HAPPENING NOW: West Seattle Summer Fest 2017, day 1, report #1

(DIRECT INFOLINKS: Today’s lineups are here … Bus reroutes: C Line here, Route 22 here, Route 37 here, Route 50 here, Route 55 here, Route 57 here, Route 128 here, Route 773 here, )

(“Live” image of festival zone, courtesy of SDOT info-map camera – refresh page for newest image)

11:08 AM: At the bottom of the image above, that’s the Info Booth/Community Tent at California/Alaska, where we’re stationed, covering West Seattle Summer Fest again this year. The festival’s in its second hour – shopping, noshing, riding, all under way already. The weather’s perfect. Music (here’s the lineup) starts at 3:30 pm. We’ll be showing the sights and the highlights as the day goes by – more to come.

11:41 AM: One trick of maximizing your festival visit is knowing where to look for everything. This year the Sustainable West Seattle GreenLife Expo is in Junction Plaza Park (42nd SW/SW Alaska) – a bit obscured by food booths, so don’t pass it by! Behind the solar panels, in our photo:

Here’s the schedule of demonstrations and events – you’ll find many cool community groups there too. Meantime, at one of the food booths on that side of SW Alaska, the most unusual offering we’ve spotted so far:

Another place you’ll want to look past the main Summer Fest routes on California and Alaska – the Kids Zone (presented by longtime WSB sponsor, the West Seattle YMCA). Activities and inflatables are under the Wells Fargo drive-thru and in the lot beyond, as well as some on Alaska by 44th .

You’ll find the ride-ticket booth on the south side of Alaska by the entrance to the parking lot behind KeyBank – and note that the rides are open a little longer than other vendors on Friday and Saturday night; prices are here.

Back to the food – many year-round Junction eateries do something special at Summer Fest. Like Husky Deli, whose Jack Miller was all smiles already, first thing this morning:

Lots of outdoor seating, too, throughout The Junction, special for Summer Fest. Meantime, between year-round merchants and festival-only booths, about 200 places to shop and visit – including this one that caught our (admittedly geeky) eye:

By the way, if you’re here or in The Junction in general, that’s just a TV helicopter buzzing the festival right now.

12:32 PM: A few government agencies are here too. Including WSDOT, on the west side of California south of Alaska, answering questions about the tunnel – with an exhibit featuring this:

Meantime, festival activities are starting to intensify. Coming up at 1 pm on the stage at GreenLife in Junction Plaza Park – an opening ceremony with the Duwamish Tribe.

1:35 PM: Here’s a short clip of Ken Workman, Chief Si’ahl’s great-great-great-great grandson, welcoming the festival:

On that same stage, Orca Dance: Illuminatos is scheduled at 4 pm. The ongoing displays at GreenLife include these guys:

The crowd is getting bigger as the afternoon goes on – and a lot of people are stopping by to ask about the band schedule – we do have the Summer Fest programs here, free, while they last, along with various other informational items you might want to pick up, such as the cards with the West Seattle Outdoor Movies schedule (first movie “Rogue One,” one week from tomorrow, at the Y “festival street,” 36th/Snoqualmie in The Triangle).

3 PM: We’ll be launching report #2 once the mainstage music gets going later this hour – we’re taking a break to publish a few non-festival news stories in the meantime. By the way, the stage/music isn’t the only reason to head north of Oregon (where you have to wait for a crossing signal, since it remains open to east-west travel):

Art is happening just north of Oregon – at and around the Art Dive. Our photo shows what’s happening just outside Red Cup Espresso – where there’s not only an artist at work, but also DJing, and a food truck. More Summer Fest coverage to come! Vendors are open until at least 6, food and rides until 8-ish, beer garden and music until 11 – come see and hear what’s happening.

HALA REZONING: City seeking changes in 3 West Seattle neighborhood plans; Junction group presents analysis of Draft Environmental Impact Statement

By Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog editor

Some neighborhoods have pushed back against the city’s Housing Affordability and Livability Agenda rezoning plans by pointing out that they conflict with longstanding community-crafted neighborhood plans.

Groups in Morgan Junction and the West Seattle Junction are pursuing amendments to the city’s comprehensive plan to try to ensure that HALA rezoning doesn’t overwrite parts of their neighborhood plan.

And this week, they learned that the city has launched a pre-emptive strike with its own amendment to do exactly that. Language in the Morgan, WS Junction, and Westwood-Highland Park plans, and six others citywide, would have specific zoning references struck by this part of what the city’s pursuing:

Make amendments to specific neighborhood plan policies.

Individual policies or goals in the Neighborhood Plan element of the Comprehensive Plan are proposed for amendment where they explicitly call for maintaining single-family zoning within an urban village or center. Certain policies that call for maintaining aspects of single-family areas (such as scale, character, or integrity) are proposed for amendment if they would clearly and directly conflict with the draft MHA implementation proposal. However, in cases where neighborhood plan policies call for maintaining aspects of a single-family areas (i.e. character) that are possible to achieve while implementing MHA, the neighborhood plan policy is not proposed for amendment.

Amendments would remove explicit references to preservation of zoning, in favor of statements to preserve physical scale or character where appropriate. For goal or policy statements that could be construed to directly conflict with MHA implementation short of direct references to zoning, policy language would be added to recognize the potential for addition of a variety of housing types, while preserving aspects of single family areas that are desired for preservation by the neighborhood plan policy. The following Neighborhood Plan policies would be amended.

• Fremont F-P13
• Morgan Junction MJ-P13, MJ-P14
• Northgate NG-P8
• Roosevelt R-LUG1
• Westwood/Highland Park W/HP-P3
• Aurora-Licton Springs AL-P2
• North Rainier NR-P9
• Wallingford W-P1
• West Seattle Junction WSJ-P13

You can read the entire city amendment document here. The next step in potential comprehensive-plan changes is a City Council committee hearing on July 24th – the proposed amendments, including those proposed by Morgan Junction and West Seattle Junction groups, are all linked here.

While those proposed changes are not part of the Draft Environmental Impact Statement for HALA’s Mandatory Housing Affordability rezoning, the city’s counterproposal did come up at Tuesday night’s Junction Neighborhood Organization Land Use Committee (JLUC) workshop on DEIS commenting, which is open until August 7th. Here’s what happened during that workshop, including what committee leaders say they have found so far in their review of the document’s hundreds of pages: Read More

West Seattle Friday: Summer Fest begins; Shakespeare in the park; more!

(Whale off Alki, photographed Thursday evening by John Saalwaechter)

The weekend is in view and there are many reasons to leap for joy:

WEST SEATTLE SUMMER FEST: Our area’s biggest party of the year officially starts at 10 am. We’re in the Information Booth again this year for as-it-happens coverage starting later this morning (watch our Twitter feed for festival scenes, too), but here meantime are the toplines:

Shopping: 10 am-6 pm – here’s the list
Kids’ rides: 10 am-8 pm – here are ride hours and prices
Schedule for other kids’ activities is here
GreenLifeSustainable West Seattle‘s sustainability-and-more expo is in Junction Plaza Park off Alaska east of California – schedule is here
Food: 10 am-8-ish for booths, later for many year-round restaurants – here’s the list
Music: Starts on the main stage (California north of Oregon) at 3:30 pm with Po’Brothers; headliner Thunderpussy takes the stage at 10 – here’s the schedule
Beer garden: Next to the stage, open till late
Community groups: In the Info Booth – see the list here
Pet Junction: By Next to Nature, on west side of California north of Alaska – see the list here

See you at Summer Fest! Also today/tonight:

WADING POOLS/SPRAYPARK: Open today are the Highland Park spraypark and Lincoln Park wading pool, 11 am-8 pm; Hiawatha wading pool, noon-6:30 pm; EC Hughes wading pool, noon-7 pm. (Find addresses here)


FREE SHAKESPEARE IN THE PARK: Greenstage presents “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” 7 pm at High Point Commons Park, directed by Erin Day. Details in our calendar listing. (6400 Sylvan Way SW)

ELLIOTT BAY’S 20TH ANNIVERSARY: Party starts at 7 pm, with a beer garden outside Elliott Bay Brewing Company as it celebrates 20 years in West Seattle, and live music. (4720 California SW)

MOVIE IN THE PARK: “Hidden Figures” will be shown at the “park” south of West Seattle Church of the Nazarene at dusk, 9 pm-ish. Free hot dogs and soda. All welcome! (42nd SW/SW Juneau)

MODERNIST GARAGE AND PSYCH POP: That’s what you’ll find at Parliament Tavern tonight. $5 cover. 21+. (4210 SW Admiral Way)

THERE’S MORE … as you’ll see on our complete-calendar page.

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Friday watch; West Seattle Summer Fest road closures, bus reroutes in Junction

July 14, 2017 7:03 am
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(HERE’S THE REVAMPED SDOT MAP with travel times/video links; is the ‘low bridge’ closed? LOOK HERE)

7:03 AM: Good morning! No traffic/transit trouble so far this morning on routes in/from West Seattle.

WEST SEATTLE SUMMER FEST CLOSURES/REROUTES: They’re all in effect as of last night – California SW is closed to vehicle traffic between Edmunds and just south of Genesee – SW Oregon is open as an east/west through route; SW Alaska is closed between 42nd and 44th. For bus reroutes, check this page of the Metro website. This will all continue throughout the weekend, until late Sunday night. The festival begins at 10 am today – go here for full details.

8:11 AM: One more reminder, for tonight: Electrical work is scheduled on the east section of the West Seattle Bridge late tonight and early tomorrow, and possibly again on Saturday. Here’s the alert we published earlier this week.

FOLLOWUP: Start date set for Water Taxi service interruption during August dock move

(From Water Taxi website: Rendering showing interior of new passenger-ferry terminal, expected to open in late 2018)

One month ago, we received and published an alert saying that King County Water Taxi service – both West Seattle and Vashon – would be interrupted in August so the downtown dock could be moved when Colman Dock‘s remodeling project revved up.

At the time, the start date was TBA, and the length was described as up to 10 days. Late last night, Water Taxi spokesperson Brent Champaco sent word that the start date is now set: August 7th is the first day of the service suspension, which will last “up to a week.” During that time, the downtown terminal will be moved from the south side of Colman Dock to the north side. It’s expected to remain there into fall of next year, while the new passenger-only ferry terminal is built at Pier 50, for both the Water Taxi and the new Kitsap Fast Ferries service.

As also mentioned in the June announcement, the Water Taxi schedule will change when service resumes from the temporary terminal (see the revised schedule here).

One more note: Water Taxi shuttle-bus routes 773 and 775 will continue running during the August boat-service suspension, the county says.