Brown water today? Hydrant testing continues

That’s the photo an Arbor Heights resident sent earlier today, wondering why their tap water was discolored. First thing to do if this happens to you: Call the Seattle Public Utilities hotline at 206-386-1800. We suspected it might have been related to hydrant testing, since Seattle Fire had tweeted this back on Friday:

And that indeed is what the resident was told. But there could be other causes, so they want to hear from you any time there’s something unusual with your water supply.

1 Reply to "Brown water today? Hydrant testing continues"

  • Kim Pankow June 26, 2017 (8:33 pm)

    Thanks WSB! Ours is brown near Alaska Junction but I saw hydrant testing on our block today. I called SPU to confirm. They assure me that the water is safe to drink but recommend running it through a Britta filter. Should clear by tomorrow. 

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