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@ Delridge District Council: Get ready for the next step toward Terminal 5’s future; hear what your councilmember is working on; and more…

By Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog editor

If you like to be the first to know – Wednesday night’s Delridge Neighborhoods District Council meeting was full of looking into the future, including two major draft reports due out soon and updates from our area’s city councilmember. If you weren’t there, get ready to get informed on all of the above and then some:

TERMINAL 5 DRAFT ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT STATEMENT OUT SOON: Paul Meyer from the Port of Seattle said he was at DNDC to get that message out. At one point, you might recall, the modernization project planned for Terminal 5 wasn’t going to have an environmental impact statement, which sparked a neighborhood protest including a petition drive. But then the port said it would need one after all because prospective clients for the new terminal were making it clear its operations would be more sizable than expected.

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CONTINUING SUNDAY: Happy half-century, West Seattle Rock Show!

April 23, 2016 10:17 pm
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(WSB photos)

Though it’s truly a gem of a show, not everything at the West Seattle Rock Club‘s 50th annual show is sparkly:

That display near the entrance to the show at the Alki Masonic Center honors the 1975 designation of petrified wood as our state’s official gem. It’s one of many display cases showing a variety of treasures from the earth:


The displays are from collectors and enthusiasts of all ages. And the show is for everyone – admission is free, though you have the opportunity to spend a little or a lot, with vendors around the room as well as silent auctions toward the back – one geared for adults, one aimed at kids:


Participants are also ready to show and explain how they work with rocks and gems. Admission and parking are free; the show continues 10 am-5 pm Sunday at 4736 40th SW.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Stolen, found, more…

West Seattle Crime Watch reader reports – and a few more notes – tonight:


Car broken into on 64th Ave SW, Alki neighborhood, at Hinds. A Hispanic man, 5’10”, found rifling through trunk, ran off when brother came out to his car. Had gotten into passenger cab and stolen a small bag with supplies and personal effects along with my paycheck. About 6 am today.

THIEVES HIT YARD, VEHICLES: Deanna says this happened “sometime between Tuesday and Wednesday”:

They went out into our backyard and stole lawn mower, weed whacker, step ladder, and a few small decorative items. 5000 block of Delridge Way SW. (Also) Our neighbors’ car was broken into parked next to our house, and our neighbors’ truck (a few townhomes down) was also broken into. They’re around 5100 Delridge

BIKE FOUND, BIKE STOLEN: First, Dawnee in Highland Park wonders if this might be your stolen bicycle:

Hers was stolen two days ago, not the first time she’s been hit by theft. Hers is a red, SE Palisade 21-speed women’s bike, taken from 18th/Cloverdale.

ITEMS FOUND ON GATEWOOD ROAD: A reader found these on Thursday:

On leaving my home at the top of Gatewood Road at 12:30 pm … I noticed two bags sitting on top of our rockery. There were multiple empty Trader Joe an Goodwill bags except for one which contained a set of keys (6 total including car keys and car alarm) and maybe house keys? Also eyeglasses and sunglasses in a case with a $5 bill inside; a headband was on the sidewalk also. Also a small Panasonic car radio remote and several items I can’t identify.

Sound familiar? Let us know.

OTHER FOUND ITEMS – MAYBE STOLEN, MAYBE NOT: In case you’ve missed previous mentions, we’ve added a new section to the WSB Forums since our technical changes earlier this year, a West Seattle Lost/Found” section for everything but pets (who’ve had their own Lost/Found section on WSB for eight years), after frequent requests. While the mentions above seem to likely have been dumped by thieves, it’s not always easy to make that judgment, so if you find something and you’re not sure, that’s where to post. One item added today: An iPad found in Sunrise Heights.

NEXT CRIME/SAFETY MEETING: Another reminder that the West Seattle Block Watch Captains Network meeting on Tuesday will feature, in addition to a crime briefing from Southwest Precinct leadership, special guest Detective Scotty Bach, with info about car prowls/thefts. Somebody from your neighborhood should be there, even if you are Block Watch-less. 6:30 pm Tuesday, precinct meeting room on the parking lot off Webster west of Delridge.


(WSB photo from past Recycle Roundup)

Getting ready for West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day (three weeks from today!) and realizing not everything is sellable, even at the low-low-low-make-an-offer level? Or, just de-cluttering in general? One more reminder – tomorrow is the spring edition of the twice-annual Recycle Roundup in the Fauntleroy Church parking lot at 9140 California SW. 9 am-3 pm. Drop your recyclables off for free, as long as they’re on this list (which also points out what the church Green Committee‘s Recycle Roundup partner 1 Green Planet definitely WON’T take). One more thing: The earlier you can get there in that six-hour window, the better.

West Seattle schools: Sealth 9th graders collaborating with Roxhill 2nd graders

April 23, 2016 3:44 pm
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Thanks to Chief Sealth International High School teacher Heather Griffin for the photos and report:

Ninth-graders in Ms. Griffin’s Language Arts class at Chief Sealth International High School are collaborating with a second-grade class at Roxhill Elementary School on a story project.

As part of our Healthy Communities unit, focusing on the Duwamish River, 9th graders will be writing short stories about the river and publishing them in an anthology, with the assistance of volunteers from The Greater Seattle Bureau of Fearless Ideas.

Our first session with the 2nd graders was to gather original research. What makes a good story? What makes the best characters fun? How are these stories written? How do they start? On June 9th, we’ll go back to present our anthologies to our 2nd grade friends.

Cool school news? – thanks!

FOLLOWUP: Highland Park Improvement Club partly reopens after ‘eyebrow removal’

(WSB photo – today)

1:24 PM: Less than 48 hours after the “eyebrow” of their historic, almost-a-century-old building fell off (WSB coverage here), members, friends, and neighbors of the Highland Park Improvement Club are hard at work getting the debris out of the way. They have enough help, they told us, to be done this afternoon; that help included neighbors who didn’t wait for the announced 11 am start time, as well as someone passing by who asked if they could take some of the plywood off HPIC’s hands.

(Photo from today, by Dina Lydia Johnson)

Next step, shoring up the remaining awning, and they’re putting out a call to West Seattle contractors/construction companies to see if anyone’s willing to help (contact info is on the HPIC website, That’s on the south side of the building, along SW Holden, where the sidewalk remains closed until the awning is shored up:

hpicfront (1)
(WSB photo – Thursday night)

In the short run, they’re hoping to put a brace on that remaining overhang. The building not only is used as a community center by Highland Park groups including HPIC – this Wednesday, for example, it’s scheduled for the regular fourth-Wednesday meeting of the Highland Park Action Committee – it’s also usually busy with classes, rentals, and events including movie nights and the first-Friday Corner Bar.

3:04 PM: As Alan said in comments, no work party tomorrow. Here’s the official message just in from HPIC:

Thanks to all that helped! We just wrapped it up. There will not be a work party tomorrow. Many hands made light work! We do have a small pile of metal next to the large dumpster in case anyone is interested in saving us from cutting it up to size for the recycle bin! It is yours for the taking.

We are also putting out the call for a bonded contractor to remove the awning that has not fallen. We are hoping to hire someone from the neighborhood.

7:11 PM: And the latest on the building’s status:

The debris from the fallen awning is cleaned up, a support post was put under the awning next to Holden and repairs were made to the handrails. We are now back open for classes and meetings. We still have a large dumpster in the middle of the parking lot for removal of the awning on the Holden side. We hope to have that awning removed soon but, until it is, we are not going to be able to support any large rentals or Corner Bar. Hopefully, we will get the rest of the awning removed very soon, as none of us want to miss Corner Bar!

(The next CB would be Friday, May 6th.)

SOFTBALL: West Seattle HS vs. Chief Sealth IHS

April 23, 2016 11:34 am
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(WSB photo: WSHS #14, sophomore Anabelle Watt, on the mound)

Cross-peninsula rivals West Seattle High School and Chief Sealth International High School met on the diamond Friday afternoon. Final score in the game at Southwest Athletic Complex: Wildcats 19, Seahawks 9.

What’s ahead: Both teams have games on Monday (April 25th), both 4 pm at SWAC, against different teams – Sealth plays Cleveland and WSHS plays Seattle Prep.

Also on Monday, there’s an all-you-can-eat benefit for the WSHS Booster Club to help the softball team, 5-9 pm at Pecado Bueno in The Junction (4523 California SW). $15 adults/$10 kids under 12 for the all-you-can-eat taco bar, all proceeds from which will go to the fundraiser.

West Seattle Saturday: Join forces with your neighbors!


Thanks to Janna for the exuberant photo from sunset at the beach. Before our next sunset … helping out in your neighborhood is a big theme today. From the WSB West Seattle Event Calendar as well as from previews we’ve published, ways to help, and more:

NORTH DELRIDGE CLEANUP: The North Delridge Neighborhood Council Beautification Committee invites you to meet at Uptown Espresso in Delridge, 9:30 am for coffee/socializing, 10 am to head out and clean up. (Delridge Way/SW Andover)

HIGHLAND PARK ELEMENTARY CLEANUP AND PLAYGROUND PLANNING: All-day event for which you’re invited to go the distance, or drop in for just a while. 8 am-4 pm playground planning, 9 am-noon cleanup in front of the school. (1012 SW Trenton)

WEST SEATTLE ROCK AND GEM SHOW: 10 am-5 pm today and tomorrow at Alki Masonic Center, the West Seattle Rock Club‘s annual show offers activities, rock/gem viewing, vendors, more. Admission free. More info in our calendar listing. (40th SW/SW Edmunds)

HIGHLAND PARK IMPROVEMENT CLUB HELP: Starting at 11 am, HP Improvement Club and friends will be taking apart the building “eyebrow” that fell on Thursday night:

Skills/tools needed: Sawzall, circular saw, long extension cords, gloves, eye protection, and ear protection if you want. The structure needs to be cut up and then placed into the dumpster in such a way that it holds all the material. There will be lots of nails poking out, so tough clothing, shoes and gloves highly recommended. If you want to bring snacks, that’s great too. And even if you want to just stop by – please do, and cheer on the Eyebrow Un-Raising!

Depending on how much gets done today, they might need help on Sunday too – we should have an update in the evening. (12th SW/SW Holden)

DIA! Celebrate kids and books at Southwest Library, 11 am-1 pm. (35th SW/SW Henderson)

APRIL POOL’S DAY: Another chance to learn life-saving safety lessons while having fun. 12:30 pm-2:30 pm at Evergreen Community Aquatic Center in White Center – info here. (606 SW 116th)

ARABIC STORYTIME: 1-1:30 pm at Delridge Library. (5423 Delridge Way SW)

HOW TO WRITE A PERSONAL ESSAY: 2-4 pm free writing class at High Point Library as part of “Seattle Writes” – first-come, first-admitted, doors open half an hour in advance. (35th SW/SW Raymond)

SUSTAINABLE WEST SEATTLE: Join the community discussion tonight about resilience in tough times, presented by Sustainable West Seattle, 6-8 pm at Admiral Bird – full details in our listing. (California SW/SW Admiral Way)

‘LOVE, LOSS, AND WHAT I WORE’: Twelfth Night Productions‘ Seattle-premiere presentation continues with 7:30 pm showtime tonight at Kenyon Hall – details and ticket info here. (7904 35th SW)

LIVE MUSIC: Performers and venues tonight include Bon-Fulton, 7-9 pm at C & P Coffee Company (5612 California SW; WSB sponsor), and Johnny and the Moles, 9 pm at Parliament Tavern (4210 SW Admiral Way).



UPDATE: Man shot at 15th and Roxbury


12:35 AM: If you’re seeing/hearing Guardian One in the White Center/Highland Park area – there’s a search under way related to a shooting reported at 15th and Roxbury.

12:41 AM: In medical communications between emergency personnel, the victim is described as a man around 40 years old who has been shot once in the leg. At least one armed suspect was reported to have fled eastbound along Roxbury. The victim is about to be taken to Harborview via Seattle Fire Medic 32.

1:43 AM: As we noted in comments, this is the third 15th/Roxbury shooting in less than a month, all involving someone getting shot in the leg. The ground search was still under way as of our quick check of the area a little while ago, with both SPD and KCSO involved. The 15th/Roxbury gas station/mini-mart appears to have been the scene, at least judging by the stringing of crime-scene tape (photo added above).

ADDED MONDAY MORNING: Summary and added info from King County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Sgt. Cindi West:

On Saturday morning just after midnight we responded to a shooting at the White Center Mini Mart at 1505 Roxbury.

When we arrived we found a 40 year old Seattle man on the east side of the building shot in the upper thigh. Witnesses said there may have been a verbal altercation between the victim and 3 males just prior to the shooting and it is believed one of the males shot the victim.

The 3 were last seen running from the scene and were described as:

#1. Black male, late teens to early 20’s, approximately 5’10”, stocky build, dark smooth skin, a 4”afro, last seen wearing a dark blue Adidas jogging suit jacket, dark colored jeans and white tennis shoes.

#2. Black male, late teens to early 20’s, approximately 5’10”, thin build, with a “short afro,” last seen wearing a black and white checkered flannel shirt that appeared to be insulated, dark blue jeans and red tennis shoes. He was also wearing green and yellow billed baseball cap.

#3. Black male, late teens to early 20’s, approximately 5’10”, thin build, “short afro,” last seen wearing a dark colored sweater, pinstriped grey or beige khaki’s and white tennis shoes.

The victim was taken to Harborview in serious condition.