West Seattle Crime Watch: Stolen, found, more…

West Seattle Crime Watch reader reports – and a few more notes – tonight:


Car broken into on 64th Ave SW, Alki neighborhood, at Hinds. A Hispanic man, 5’10”, found rifling through trunk, ran off when brother came out to his car. Had gotten into passenger cab and stolen a small bag with supplies and personal effects along with my paycheck. About 6 am today.

THIEVES HIT YARD, VEHICLES: Deanna says this happened “sometime between Tuesday and Wednesday”:

They went out into our backyard and stole lawn mower, weed whacker, step ladder, and a few small decorative items. 5000 block of Delridge Way SW. (Also) Our neighbors’ car was broken into parked next to our house, and our neighbors’ truck (a few townhomes down) was also broken into. They’re around 5100 Delridge

BIKE FOUND, BIKE STOLEN: First, Dawnee in Highland Park wonders if this might be your stolen bicycle:

Hers was stolen two days ago, not the first time she’s been hit by theft. Hers is a red, SE Palisade 21-speed women’s bike, taken from 18th/Cloverdale.

ITEMS FOUND ON GATEWOOD ROAD: A reader found these on Thursday:

On leaving my home at the top of Gatewood Road at 12:30 pm … I noticed two bags sitting on top of our rockery. There were multiple empty Trader Joe an Goodwill bags except for one which contained a set of keys (6 total including car keys and car alarm) and maybe house keys? Also eyeglasses and sunglasses in a case with a $5 bill inside; a headband was on the sidewalk also. Also a small Panasonic car radio remote and several items I can’t identify.

Sound familiar? Let us know.

OTHER FOUND ITEMS – MAYBE STOLEN, MAYBE NOT: In case you’ve missed previous mentions, we’ve added a new section to the WSB Forums since our technical changes earlier this year, a West Seattle Lost/Found” section for everything but pets (who’ve had their own Lost/Found section on WSB for eight years), after frequent requests. While the mentions above seem to likely have been dumped by thieves, it’s not always easy to make that judgment, so if you find something and you’re not sure, that’s where to post. One item added today: An iPad found in Sunrise Heights.

NEXT CRIME/SAFETY MEETING: Another reminder that the West Seattle Block Watch Captains Network meeting on Tuesday will feature, in addition to a crime briefing from Southwest Precinct leadership, special guest Detective Scotty Bach, with info about car prowls/thefts. Somebody from your neighborhood should be there, even if you are Block Watch-less. 6:30 pm Tuesday, precinct meeting room on the parking lot off Webster west of Delridge.

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  • valvashon April 24, 2016 (11:35 am)

    Just a reminder that many of today’s car key remotes are complex enough to have information about the car’s VIN as well as (sometimes) updated information about the service history, mileage and owner’s name and address.  If you find a car key remote and feel like making a trip to the appropriate dealer or making a phone call to see if they can read this information you could easily find the person who lost their keys.

  • lookingforlogic April 24, 2016 (2:06 pm)

    Here’s the thing, once a liar/thief/cheat has been successful it returns to repeat.  So once you’ve been successfully ripped off they will continue to hit you and your neighbors.  They’re coming back and they’ll start going into yards, garages etc….  Prevention is a pound of cure, take some extra time, empty your vehicle, go to every window and double check that it is locked (I have dowels in all of my windows, my back door is fortified, my basement windows are covered and impossible to get into, my gates have padlocks, my garage door into my house is triple locked) none of this cost me money.  I have never been burglarized (I have had vehicles stolen), but I worked properties downtown and repairing the damage is costly/ inconvenient/ time consuming and I invested a little time protecting myself so that I wouldn’t have to  repair a door when I get home at night.    

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