Three days until West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day 2015!

The forecast for Saturday – the 11th annual West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day, with 340+ sales of all sizes, all over West Seattle – just keeps getting better; now it’s sunny with a high in the upper 70s or maybe even 80. (Good thing we have multiple spots offering drinks – lemonade and coffee, in particular.)

Both forms of the sale map are now available – the clickable, searchable online version, which you’ll find here, and the printable sale list/guide/map, a 21-page PDF you’ll find here.

If you have a minute to print out a poster for sale day and stick it on the bulletin board at your workplace, school, favorite coffee shop – here’s one (one-page PDF, 8 1/2 x 11).

Today’s highlights – benefit sales listed in the registrations!

#1 – proceeds to Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
#15 – proceeds to NW Parkinson’s Foundation
#27 – benefit for West Seattle Food Bank
#46 – at and benefiting Dance! West Seattle
#69 – benefiting Delta Kappa Gamma
#79 – stop by and donate at this “un-garage sale”
#132 – benefiting Chamwino Connect in Tanzania
#200 – Girl Scout Troop 41989
#228 – benefiting AAU JV basketball team
#229 – portion of proceeds to Providence Portland Cancer Center
#233 – benefiting Evergreen Homeschool Science Olympiad team
#251 – Girl Scout Troop 44028, helping Tent City
#270 – benefiting West Seattle High School Grad Night
#272 – benefiting Beat The Bridge team
#300 – Amethyst Chapter #138, Order of the Eastern Star

And there are sales AT nonprofits/volunteer-run efforts:
#33 – Solstice Park P-Patch
#52 – WSUU
#109 – West Seattle Veteran Center
#182 – West Seattle Eagles
#192 – Log House Museum
#335 – West Seattle Tool Library

Any fundraiser/benefits we missed in the list? – thanks!

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  • Vincent Dakotah Langley May 7, 2015 (4:57 am)

    First of all, I simply wish to say to all of you here in West Seattle who are participating in this huge, peninsula-wide yard sale, either as sellers or as buyers, have a really very nice day at it this coming Saturday, May 9, 2015!!! Weather-wise, it is supposed to be a very nice day that day of this huge yard sale, so, you should be able to enjoy it outside on this soon-upcoming day, in terms of the weather that day!!!

    My long-time room-mate, Barbara, and myself, were on the list to be sellers #219 in this huge yard sale event. We are glad that we were and the good people who collected the $12 from each one of us to help promote this huge event may keep our $12 that we had paid, to be able to be a part of this event.

    Just yesterday, 05/06/2015 — which was our 32nd anniversary together — we FINALLY did get a hold of our landlady by telephone and we spoke with her briefly. On the phone, we told her of this huge yard sale event that so many people on the West Seattle Peninsula and beyond are participating in and she (our landlady) immediately said that we could not participate in it, at all — not anywhere either on or in the rental property where we live. And, in saying this to us, she cited liability responsibilities as the issue, as to why we cannot participate in this huge yard sale event. I told her on the phone at this point in our conversation that, on our renter’s insurance policy, we do, ourselves, carry $1,000,000 (one million dollars) in liability insurance coverage, however, even that WASN’T good enough for our landlady! She knows, full-well, too, that we are almost 100% housebound, disabled people, that we do not have any transportation, as such we really do not know anybody and so-forth — however, she still went about this on the phone with us yesterday like it was all up to her and her solely — that we are just not going to have a yard sale at all and that was and is “the end of the story” in this, as far as she was and is concerned! Of course, she did tell us in this phone conversation, as well, to take all of our yard sale items over to a friend’s house where they are also having a yard sale and sell all of our things that we wanted to sell in a yard sale, over there!!! (She said that to us, of course — again — knowing full-well that we simply have no way whatsoever to be able to do that and that we don’t really know anybody at all!!!… These “people?” who own and run this place where we live treat us like this ALL OF THE TIME!!!!!!! We are STUCK here — we simply CANNOT EVER get out of here!!! They know this about us, too!!!)

    My long-time room-mate, Barbara, and myself, we would come to your yard sale or sales this coming Saturday to at least buy a little something from you, however, we cannot do that, as we cannot really get around — and, as most-always, we are simply broke — that is to say, we have no money at all.

    Again, you ALL have a really very nice day this coming Saturday, May 9, 2015!!! Sort of in the words of the British rock band, Pink Floyd, “…Wish we were there!!!!!!!” [Smile!]

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