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How many coho will come to Fauntleroy Creek this year? Drummers, singers welcome them home

That “circle of life” included multiple types of new arrivals during the annual “drum to call the salmon home” event at the Fauntleroy Creek overlook tonight, the eve of the annual watch for coho spawners.

It’s always an all-ages affair, but this time the span included at least four babies. And it included newly arrived West Seattleites – as it wrapped up, a departing family revealed they had just moved here from Texas. Now, the wait is on for more arrivals – the salmon themselves, should they take up the invitation extended by more than 50 who came to drum, sing, and move:

They even came for humor – creek/watershed steward Judy Pickens, who emcees the event year after year, was among those with a joke to tell:

(Sample joke: Why did the salmon cross the creek? To make a deposit in the bank.) Early on, Judy recounted the story of the event’s origins 19 years ago, when “three of us ventured down to the mouth of the creek” and ceremonially made some noise attempting to imitate the slapping sound of the female coho’s tail, creating the space for her eggs. Last year set a record, with 274 spawners counted, more than 100 above the previous record, set in 2001.

Election 2013: Sen. Ed Murray, West Seattle supporters warn that victory ‘is not a done deal’

With nine days until voting ends and vote-counting begins, mayoral candidate State Sen. Ed Murray rallied supporters this afternoon at West Seattle’s Beveridge Place Pub. It was more an appearance to energize supporters than to win new ones; though Murray’s been leading in polls, he and supporters warned that victory “is not a done deal.” Three West Seattle-residing backers – State Rep. Eileen Cody, County Councilmember Joe McDermott, and SEIU 775NW health-care-workers-union president Dave Rolf — spoke for twice as long as Murray’s four-plus minutes; you can see our entire video clip, starting with their speeches, by clicking here, or hit “play” in the window below to skip ahead to what Murray said:

The mayoral hopeful harkened to his West Seattle roots, and singled out a locally hot topic, transportation, as an issue he thinks he can sort out: “We can have a transportation system where we can actually make bicycles, cars, buses, streetcars, pedestrians, all be able to interact … it’s going to take a different vision and a different approach … the ability to think differently about public policy, and not just say, ‘oh, we (already) have a plan for transportation’ …” Among the catch phrases in his remarks: He says he would be a mayor who “doesn’t fight Seattle, but fights for Seattle.” The event concluded with a request for volunteers to work the phones and/or walk the precincts to help “get out the vote.” Murray’s opponent Mayor Mike McGinn is scheduled to campaign in West Seattle next Saturday (November 2nd), with a 2:30 pm “town hall”-style gathering at Delridge Branch Library.

Southwest Seattle Historical Society benefit gala: Preview auction items, including furniture pieces that ‘come with a story’

October 27, 2013 6:45 pm
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In that video, furniture from the 100-year-old Alki Point Lighthouse – donated to the Southwest Seattle Historical Society to be auctioned as part of its Tripping the Lighthouse Fantastic” gala on November 9th. And starting now, you can preview other auction items online too – here’s the SWSHS announcement:

For the first time in its history, the Southwest Seattle Historical Society has established an online preview of the exciting items that will be available for bid at its biggest fundraiser of the year, the Champagne Gala Lunch.

Also, for the first time, anyone – attending or not – has the opportunity to bid now on the most unusual items, including two that are too big to bring to the event venue, Salty’s on Alki.

The online auction preview can be found here. At that page, visitors can get an early peek at, and make an early bid on, several unusual items in the silent auction.

Each item has a description plus a photo or short video. Bidding is easy – just one click to e-mail a bid, including credit-card information (name on card, account number, expiration date, security code and zip code) along with the bid.

Here are the major items available for viewing now:

Read More

PACK YOUR BAG! Day 26: More water, and/or an alternative

On a day that began with rain – fittingly, water is the subject of the next installment of what to put in your “Go Bag” kit as we roll into the final days of Washington State Disaster Preparedness Month. The instructions, from West Seattle Be Prepared:

So after the action yesterday to put in bleach to disinfect water – can’t imagine enjoying that taste! – so time to finish up your full stash of water. Today you should add 2 more gallons of water (or 8 liters) per person. This should bring you to 7 gallons or 27 liters per person total. And don’t forget water for your pets.

If the space to store all this water is going to be a problem for you, keep the minimum for 3 days (3 gallons / 11 liters per person) and think ahead about where else you have water that could be used in an emergency. For example, if you are staying in your house but the water supply has been disrupted, you have a large amount of water in your water heater that you can drain.

Need to review (or read for the first time) previous installments? Find them here, in reverse-chronological order. (At month’s end, we’ll also have one big recap.)

Happening now: Little Red Hen Project’s first fundraiser

You still have time to get over to West Seattle Nursery (California/Brandon) and meet the friendly folks working on The Little Red Hen Project – teaching and encouraging backyard farming in eastern West Seattle; they’re raffling off cool items and talking to people about the project, until 4. If you didn’t make it to today’s event – read more about the project and its work at Delridge Community Center by going here.

West Seattleites in the spotlight at Seattle Police Foundation’s annual awards banquet

Congratulations to Ken Wicklund, honored by the Seattle Police Foundation as Community Member of the Year! We were there as he received the award Friday night at the SPF’s 12th annual Police Awards Banquet; he is second from left in our photo. It was almost a year ago that he noticed police scuffling with a suspect in an incident near the old Charlestown Café site; he jumped in to help. Shortly thereafter, he was honored at the precinct (WSB coverage here); Captain Steve Paulsen, who was Southwest Precinct commander when the incident happened, nominated Ken, writing “…It is people like Kenneth who make the City of Seattle a greater community for all. On behalf of the men and women of the Seattle Police Department, thanks for coming to the aid of officers.”

Two other West Seattle civilians in the spotlight Friday night were there to help thank police for what they do:

Karen Berge (left) and Deb Greer from the West Seattle Block Watch Captains Network were two of the community members featured in a video – and then “live” – with signs of support for SPD. The SPF video, shown at the banquet, also included WS Block Watch Captains Nancy Calos-Nakano, Mayo Ochiltree, Ron Oldham, and JoDean Edelheit.

The Southwest Precinct Officer of the Year, also honored at the banquet, is Willie Askew (photo at left is courtesy the SPD Photo Unit), honored for “a high level of knowledge, compassion for fellow officers and citizens, and a general command of the job of a police officer.” In particular, Officer Askew was singled out for his work during an incident last January in which an armed man described as “distraught” drove his van up to the gate at the precinct; the situation was defused without anyone being hurt. Also honored for his work during the incident, Officer Greg Traver, who received a Medal of Courage.

P.S. The Seattle Police Foundation, which presents the Awards Banquet, is a nonprofit organization whose president/CEO, Renée Hopkins, is a West Seattleite.

As-it-happened coverage: West Seattle Harvest Festival 2013, from rain to shine!

(Updated: Afternoon screengrab from “live” SDOT camera at California/Alaska)
10:13 AM: From kids in costume to Farmers’ Market shoppers, West Seattleites aren’t letting the showers keep them away from the second annual Harvest Festival, happening now in the streets-closed heart of The Junction until 2 pm. We’re on the east side of the California/Alaska intersection, part of the “WSB x 3” pumpkin-bowling booth with WestSide Baby volunteers and West Seattle Bowl equipment.

More updates as the festival unfolds; full schedule here; bus reroutes here.

10:35 AM UPDATE: Hard to tell if we’re going to get another sunbreak, so you might as well grab the umbrella and come on down. We’re seeing more than a few costumed children here at the bowling booth – and nearby:

(Some costumed grownups have passed by, too!) Up and down California, the Farmers’ Market booths and activity tents are particularly festive, with pumpkins, colorful leaves, and other fall/harvest decorations. Less than an hour until the costume parade; meet at 11:30 at Junction Plaza Park, northwest corner of 42nd/Alaska, and less than half an hour until you can be a chili judge, right across the intersection in front of KeyBank. Live music nearby, courtesy of Nick Moyer:

11:07 AM UPDATE: The harvest theme doesn’t just involve plants – you can check out a few baby farm animals:

Right across the intersection, the chili competition is on! Donations for your “judging” samples (hurry, once they’re out, they’re out) go to the West Seattle Food Bank. The cooks are from eight great West Seattle venues (listed here):

More updates to come – including the costume parade!

11:48 AM UPDATE: There’s a snippet of Instagram video as the West Seattle High School Marching Band led the costume parade, which is just wrapping up after traveling all around the festival. We have the full parade on video and will add it once we’re able to get it uploaded. (Added – here it is! That’s Jim Edwards, West Seattle Grand Parade co-coordinator, on the motorcycle.)

REALLY good crowd here now – the rain has stopped, and we can see some blue sky in the distance!

12:06 PM UPDATE: The sun is back! Unscientific costume-tallying observation, meantime, indicates that “Star Wars” and superheroes are the most popular themes. Construction workers too – particularly topical given this year’s backdrop:

We also found a “minion”:

We’ve also seen a washing machine [photo added below], an airplane, lots of other costumes from simple to ornate … so glad to see everybody out having fun.

12:35 PM UPDATE: By the way, it’s officially trick-or-treat time now that it’s past noon. And if you don’t happen to have your own timekeeping device – don’t let the Jefferson Square clock on the southeast corner of 42nd/Alaska confuse you – it’s an hour fast (and if it’s not fixed by this time next week, it’ll be TWO hours fast, since we “fall back” next Sunday morning at 2 am). Here’s someone who knows something about time:

The festival and Farmers’ Market are on until 2 pm; still time to come down to The Junction.

12:51 PM UPDATE: Just got word that Husky Deli won the chili competition – as voted on by everybody who bought a “flight” of samples from the eight competitors, with proceeds benefiting the WS Food Bank.

Congratulations to Jack Miller and team. Judi Yazzolino from WS Food Bank (at right in the photo with Jack and, at left, Susan Melrose from the festival-presenting WS Junction Association) tells us 150 people donated $10 each to be taster/judges, and more than $200 extra was donated, so the food bank has $1,700 more with which to fight hunger, thanks to Harvest Festival-goers!

1:28 PM UPDATE: Half an hour left – crowd’s still going strong, and we have a line outside the “pumpkin bowling” booth. Lots of other activities here, thanks to great community businesses and organizations:

Among those organizations, the Kiwanis Club of West Seattle, which is also handing out flyers for its next big event – the 67th community Pancake Breakfast, coming up December 7th.

2 PM: Festival’s over already! We’ll be adding more photos later – have to roll up the pumpkin-bowling booth first.

9:04 PM: Adding more photos, including some sent by WSB readers. Check back in the morning, as we’ll be adding off and on for the next few hours. First:

Terri Sharp shared the next two photos, and says she’s continuing to add more to her Flickr feed:

Nothing like checking the trick-or-treat bag!

The next two photos are courtesy of Brian Presser from TouchTech Systems in The Junction – first, more candy inspection:

Next, the WSHS Band warming up in the park before the costume parade:

Still adding more!

West Seattle Sunday: Harvest Festival in The Junction; Little Red Hen Project; salmon drumming; more

Click the map to see a full-size version – hope we’ll see you at the second annual West Seattle Harvest Festival in The Junction, today’s biggest (but not only) event:


*Farmers’ Market in the streets (today only!), map shows who’s where, 10 am-2 pm
*20+ fun, free activities in booths/tents on the streets, 10 am-2 pm
*First-ever Chili Competition at SW corner of California/Alaska, 6 competitors (listed in our Thursday preview), about 100 “flights” with samples of each available first-come first-served for $ donation to the West Seattle Food Bank, 11 am
*Costume parade led by the West Seattle High School Marching Band – meet at Junction Plaza Park (NW corner of 42nd/Alaska), 11:30 am
*Business trick-or-treating (don’t forget the businesses north of the festival zone), noon-2 pm

WEST SEATTLE HARVEST FESTIVAL BUS CHANGES, ROAD CLOSURES Two streets are closed; five bus routes are affected – find the official reroutes/stop changes info here.

From the WSB West Seattle Event Calendar and/or Halloween Guide, other highlights:

GEAR SALE: West Seattle-based nonprofit The Service Board is having a winter-gear sale 10 am-2 pm at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center; details in our calendar listing. (4408 Delridge Way SW)

UNDERWATER PUMPKIN CARVING: Marker Buoy Dive Club is carving pumpkins underwater just off the picnic shelter at 63rd and Alki. Carvers meet at 9, divers are briefed at 10 and go in shortly thereafter, with about an hour allotted to carve. Buddy required. Judging help needed (no diving required for this!) around 11:30 am.

THE LITTLE RED HEN PROJECT: A new grass-roots project focused on educational gardens in eastern West Seattle is having its first fundraiser today at West Seattle Nursery. Here’s our preview; starts at 1 pm. (California/Brandon)

WHITE CENTER TRICK-OR-TREAT FESTIVAL: 2-5 pm, trick-or-treating at participating businesses – details on this Facebook event page.

ED MURRAY RALLY: 3-4 pm at Beveridge Place Pub, the first of two mayoral-candidate public appearances scheduled in West Seattle over the next week – State Sen. Ed Murray’s “get out the vote” rally. (6413 California SW)

ALL-AGES OPEN MICROPHONE: 3 pm signups, 4 pm music at Skylark Café and Club. (3803 Delridge Way SW)

HELP CALL THE SALMON HOME: 5 pm, it’s the annual Fauntleroy Creek Overlook gathering to drum, chant, sing, and call the spawning salmon home. Bring your own drum (makeshift or official) if you can, but it’s not mandatory – just be there; all ages welcome. Across the street and up the embankment from the Fauntleroy ferry dock. (Fauntleroy/Director)

GHOST GAME VII: THE WILD HUNT – The Cabiri‘s annual Halloween-season dessert-theater production continues tonight, 8 pm, Youngstown Cultural Arts Center; details and ticket info in our calendar listing. (4408 Delridge Way SW)

For even more of what’s up – check the WSB West Seattle Event Calendar and Halloween Guide!

West Seattle traffic alert: Harvest Festival street closures, bus changes

October 27, 2013 7:30 am
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Rain or shine, the Harvest Festival is happening today, 10 am-2 pm in The Junction – and that means street closures and bus changes from now until mid-afternoon:

*California is closed between Oregon and Edmunds
*Alaska is closed between 44th and 42nd

*Rapid Ride C Line info here
*Route 22 info here
*Route 50 info here
*Route 128 info here
*Route 773 (Water Taxi Shuttle) info here

In addition to other festival activities, remember, the West Seattle Farmers’ Market moves out into the streets – this map shows you where to look for your favorite vendors. More festival info in our “West Seattle Sunday” preview up next – but the key times to remember are:

10 am-2 pm, activities & Farmers’ Market
11 am, chili competition (bring $ for a flight, benefiting West Seattle Food Bank)
11:30 am, costume parade
Noon-2 pm, business trick-or-treating

WSB is among the festival co-sponsors and activity providers – come “bowl” with us, WestSide Baby, and West Seattle Bowl on the east side of the California/Alaska intersection!