Election 2013: Mayor candidates plan West Seattle visits

Hasn’t been much campaigning on this side of the bay during this year’s race for Seattle Mayor – some quiet fundraisers, only one public forum (WSB coverage, with video, here). But both candidates have sent word they’re headed this way in the next week:

SEN. ED MURRAY: “Get Out the Vote” rally, all invited, 3-4 pm tomorrow (Sunday, October 27th) at Beveridge Place Pub. The Murray campaign says local supporters including King County Councilmember Joe McDermott and State Rep. Eileen Cody will be there.

MAYOR MIKE McGINN: He’s on a pre-election town-hall tour, with a West Seattle stop next Saturday (November 2nd), 2:30 pm at Delridge Branch Library.

Remember that ballots are due November 5th, and the county will have dropoff vans at West Seattle Stadium and in Greenbridge in White Center; addresses and hours (the days are Nov. 2, 4, and 5) are on this King County Elections infopage.

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  • Ellas October 27, 2013 (4:46 pm)

    DO NOT VOTE FOR ED MURRAY! I am not thrilled about McGinn but he did some good things that Ed Murray is lying about in his campaign. I worked with Murray ages ago at a law firm and the man was a liar and a sneak even then. He was worthless at his job. If you don’t believe me because this sounds personal then let’s look at the facts. Before I go into them, please people find out the facts on your own instead of believing campaign propaganda. Murray has a lot of money and is backed by people with money.
    Ed Murray spent 63K on a campaign that said McGinn eliminated the city’s office of domestic violence. During McGinn’s run domestic violence services were increased by 19%. During the TV debate this month, Murray claimed that violent crime is up across the city while in reality violent crime is down. Murray says the economy is nosediving while it is actually on an upswing. Murray is against bike lanes and transportation. He is just another corporate politician. Please read the facts about this man before you vote.

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