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High-school football: Seattle Lutheran beats Darrington

The week’s final high-school-football game is in the books: Seattle Lutheran High School beat Darrington HS at West Seattle Stadium tonight, 40-13. Summary and video to come.

ADDED: Game details, ahead:Read More

Partnerships celebrated as Camp Long opens ‘challenge course’

September 24, 2011 9:35 pm
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The newly opened Challenge Course at West Seattle’s Camp Long is not only a new park feature, it’s also an example of the new type of partnership that Seattle Parks hopes will help it keep and operate its facilities, even in times of budget misery.

The first phase of the course was officially dedicated and opened with a celebration this afternoon – including the distinctively decorated cake shown above. It’s been a year and a half since the project was first mentioned publicly (at the March 2010 Delridge Neighborhoods District Council meeting; WSB coverage here). As explained then, and along the way, 4-H partnered with Seattle Parks to make it happen, but they aren’t the only organization that will be using it:

That’s Aparna Rae from Neighborhood House, who said she’ll be using it as part of a youth program that includes mentoring and environmental education. West Seattle-based Safe Futures is another program that expects to use the challenge course. As Parks’ Robb Courtney put it, Camp Long was originally known as an “out of the way place,” and while it’s not so out of the way any more, he called it “the premier place for youth to come to learn about themselves, learn about nature, learn about being part of a team.” (There’s more about ropes courses on the 4-H website.)

West Seattle Weather Watch: Storm alert for Sunday, Monday

On the first full day of fall, the season’s first “Special Weather Statement” is already out. The National Weather Service warns of wet, windy conditions the next two days. Not a major drencher, they say, but the wind will get gusty, and you might want to check to be sure you don’t have anything outside in danger of getting blown around. Read the alert here; also take note of the new WSB Weather page, which already has everything from current conditions to 5-day forecast to tides to sun/moon times. Find it here (or click the “Weather” tab or the temp icon under the sidebar bridge cam).

West Seattle Crime Watch: Hate-crime vandalism in Genesee

Police are investigating a case of malicious harassment – the official term for hate crime – and vandalism reported in the Genesee Hill area. We just received this report from one of the targets:

My partner and I live in the 4400 block of 50th Ave SW. After midnight on Friday night, we woke up after hearing a noise from the street. We didn’t know what it was, as our first thoughts were, a sprinkler trying to go off or something involving our cat. My partner opened the front door and turned on the porch lights but didn’t see anything odd.

10 minutes later, that same noise again happened, and I quickly moved the drapes to get a better look. I did see shadows running South on 50th Ave but didn’t see any faces. I walked down to our cars and noticed that both had rocks thrown in our windows. (my partner’s back window and my front driver’s side). His car was in our driveway and my car was along the street, directly in front of our home.

I came back to the house and called 911. Within a few minutes of the call, the Seattle Police department arrived. Officer N. Nguyen and his partner were the first to arrive. We then noticed that all 4 tires of each vehicle had been slashed. When one of the officers found the rock in my partner’s car, it was surrounded by a typed hate note. It read as follows…

God Hates F*gs!
Get the f**k out of our neighborhood.
The bible says God forbids men committing indecent act with other men.
Pack up your sh*t and get you gay sh*t out.

Upon notice of this note, both the Sergeant and Lieutenant were notified and arrived on the scene. Another police officer arrived to take pictures and gather the evidence of the rocks and note. One of the police officers told us that they take these crimes “very seriously” and we were thankful for their presence that evening.

We’re checking to see if police have any leads. If you have tips – call 911.

7 PM UPDATE: Chris (who sent the report and says we can use his first name) says, “After speaking with my neighbors, one was outside around midnight last night. He did witness 2 while males walking up the alley behind our house. He did ask both if they were all right and they responded that everything was fine. He thought it was odd that people were walking the alley that late at night. He didn’t get a good look at their face as the alley doesn’t have much lighting. First was described as around 5’10’ish with a stocky, muscular build. The other was around 5’7″ with a chubby build. Both were wearing black.” Also note, we have corrected the block number from Chris’s original report, after comparing with the police-call map and checking with him.

‘Pups are everywhere’: Another reminder to share the shore

September 24, 2011 2:22 pm
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(Photo by Brad Long)
The recently relaunched Joy D. Smith Wildlife Raft played host to a seal pup for a while this morning. But such refuges are few and far between, and many more of them wind up on our beaches this time of year, as we have reported previously. If you keep an eye on Seal Sitters’ Blubberblog updates, you’ll learn exactly how hectic that can be – four pups on West Seattle beaches in just one day earlier this week, for example. During a morning walk on Harbor Avenue this past Monday, we spotted two areas cordoned off for pup protection, almost adjacent to each other. And volunteers asked us to remind you that observing the city’s law against dogs on beaches – leashes or not – is vital this time of year; even if you think your canine companion would never hurt a flea, they can be unpredictable, and even if they’re not too close, they might frighten the pup back into the water, where it will either have trouble finding its mom (who left the pup on the beach so she could find food) or will burn up more of its still-scarce energy stores swimming when it needed to rest … check this yawn:

(Photo by ALAN BERNER/SEATTLE TIMES; republished with permission)
That photo accompanied a story earlier this week by our partners at the Seattle Times. If you see a seal or other marine mammal on a beach – again – don’t get close; report it to Seal Sitters, at 206-905-7325 (905-SEAL).

West Seattle Crime Watch: Stolen car; burglars take jewelry

Two West Seattle Crime Watch reports in this afternoon – another stolen car, and a burglary with loot including jewelry you’re asked to watch for. Both reports ahead:Read More

Fauntleroy notes: Art Show deadline; festival-fundraiser thanks

September 24, 2011 12:03 pm
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Two notes today from Fauntleroy, related to big events ahead:

FINE ART AND HOLIDAY GIFT FAIR DEADLINE THIS THURSDAY: That’s West Seattle batik artist Ruth Leonard at left in the photo, and she’s been a crowd-pleaser at the fair since its beginnings in 2008. Want to show/sell your stuff this year? The fair isn’t till November 18-20 but volunteer organizers need time to review applications and put together a great event – so they’re asking you to please send yours by the deadline this Thursday (September 30th). You’ll find more details, and the application, at

FALL FESTIVAL – THANKS AND REMINDER: One week ago, fundraising flapjack-flipping was under way at The Hall at Fauntleroy, and there was plenty of it, according to this acknowledgment out of the WSB inbox: “A big THANK YOU to everyone who turned out last Saturday (Sept. 17) to enjoy a pancake breakfast in support of the Fauntleroy Fall Festival. The event netted nearly $525, putting the festival on solid financial ground to start planning for the 10th anniversary celebration in 2012!” But first, this year’s edition is only weeks away – 2-5:30 pm on October 16th.

Happening now: Tours at the new Denny Int’l Middle School

We stopped by Denny International Middle School to see how the open house (till noon) was going, and met four members of Denny’s City Year team in the weight room – above, Stephanie, Ruchira, Megan, and Mary. Outside, we found Denny’s award-winning principal Jeff Clark, talking with School Board rep Steve Sundquist:

Also visiting this morning: Sundquist’s predecessor as West Seattle’s school-board rep, Irene Stewart, with husband Bruce Butterfield (president of the Fauntleroy Community Association):

If you’ve missed earlier coverage, the third phase of the project that built the new Denny and renovated adjacent Chief Sealth International High School is happening a few blocks away on the site of the old Denny, which was demolished, so the site could be transformed into fields and tennis courts.

And even more that’s happening today in West Seattle …

Thanks to Tom, who photographed the sunrise from Queen Anne’s Kerry Park, for sharing the photo. In addition to the previews from earlier, here are some of today’s other highlights from the WSB West Seattle Events calendar:

WSUU RUMMAGE SALE: Frogsquatch is the fabled mascot of Westside Unitarian Universalists’ rummage sales, and she/he presides again at 7141 California SW all day today – they’re not certain when they’ll shut down, depends on the traffic, so stop on by, to see among other things, as WSUU’s Kari Kopnick put it, “the ‘Whiskey-Foxtrot-Tango’ table, the ‘Granny’ table, the ‘Retro’ table and thousands, I really mean thousands, of books. … Hope people stop by and say hello even if they’re not in the mood to find treasure!”

NATIVE PLANT SALE: Go Natives Nursery and Mariposa Naturescapes (based in West Seattle) are having a native plant sale till 2 at 3225 – 47th Ave. SW (couple blocks west of PCC). October is the best month to plant our indigenous plants. And a percentage of the proceeds will go to support the efforts of West Seattle’s Community Wildlife Habitat Project.

ANOTHER FIRST IN SOUTH PARK: First-ever South Park Car Show, under way till 3 pm. Details here.

HEAD TO MOVING PLANET: Two bike rides to get to Moving Planet event from West Seattle – both listed here, both leave at 11 am. For more information o Moving Planet itself, here’s the official info page.

VOLUNTEERS AT WORK: SPU students are working today at spots in West Seattle and White Center as part of CityQuest, list here – if you see them (or any volunteers at work, say thanks!

CAMP LONG CHALLENGE COURSE CELEBRATION: Grand opening scheduled for new Challenge Course at Camp Long today. Here’s the schedule:

2:00 PM course elements will be open to the public
4:00 PM officials speak/ribbon cutting
4:30 PM Partners of next generation of course will speak
5:15 PM Hot Dogs, chips, cake until we run out!
Live music from members of the Rusty Gate Wood Shed String Band
Festivities located at the EAST SHELTER in Camp Long
Opportunities to make donations to our scholarship fund for the course will be available
Brought to you by the Camp Long Advisory Council

BAKING UP A BOOK SIGNING: Book signing at Metropolitan Market (WSB sponsor) in Admiral: Dani Cone, founder of High 5 Pie and Fuel Coffee signs her new book, Cutie Pies: 40 Sweet, Savory and Adorable Recipes. Dani will sign her book while the Culinary Artist serves a recipe or two from Cutie Pies! 3-5 pm

SHORT FILM FESTIVAL: Manhattan Short Film Festival at Admiral Theater, 7 pm. Full details here.

HIGH-SCHOOL FOOTBALL: Tonight, Seattle Lutheran HS vs. Darrington at West Seattle Stadium, 7 pm

HOMESTEP DINNER/AUCTION: HomeStep, a program of Compass Housing Alliance, will hold its annual dinner and auction, Tropical Splendor, tonight at The Hall at Fauntleroy. Join Angela Russell, KIRO TV News Anchor, and celebrated auctioneer Graham Crow for a lively night as they raise funds to provide stable housing, supportive services, and advocacy to homeless adults, youth and families in our community. Tickets are $85 and include dinner and complimentary wine. Tickets are available on line at

ROLLING RETREAD REVIEW: Benefit Dance Concert for Garfield Jazz! Date: from 7 – 10 pm Location: Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, 4408 Delridge Way SW.

TANGO MEETS CLASSICAL: Music Northwest Concert Series 2011 – Tango Meets Classical, 7:30 pm. At Olympic Recital Hall at SSCC (6000 16th Ave SW). See website for tickets and more information.

KENYON HALL: From Kenyon Hall – Casey MacGill and Orville Johnson, 7:30 pm. More at

LIVE AT THE FEEDBACK: Live music with The Navins and The Fuzz at Feedback Lounge (WSB sponsor), 8 pm.

This morning: 2 chances to really clean up – in multiple ways

Both of these events happening this morning carry incentives!

ADMIRAL NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION ADOPT-A-STREET: Join ANA at Metropolitan Market (WSB sponsor) to spend a little time getting a lot done on area streets – and you get not only free breakfast treats, but also a free sack lunch when you’re finished! Meet at 9 am outside the store (42nd/Admiral).

DON’T FEED THE TOX-ICK MONSTER! Missed the first presentation of Sustainable West Seattle‘s new fun, educational series of sessions to show you how to reduce runoff and help save the Sound? Today at 10 am, you get another chance – and Cate White says there’s a free continental breakfast: “Breads and pastries donated by Great Harvest and coffee donated by Red Cup. It’s also a great opportunity for people to visit the West Seattle Tool Library at the Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, which is open 9 AM – 2 PM.” Yes, you guessed right, the presentation is at Youngstown (4408 Delridge Way). And prizes totaling $1,000 are up for grabs – water cisterns, landscape consulting, car-wash gift certificates, oil changes, bus passes, and more.

This morning: Get a closer look at West Seattle’s newest school

September 24, 2011 3:42 am
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Two and a half weeks after a crowd converged on the new Denny International Middle School for its dedication, you have a chance to tour the school this morning during a community celebration. Guided tours will leave the Galleria – the distinctive structure linking Denny with the renovated Chief Sealth International High School next door – at 10:15, 10:45, and 11:15. Or, just drop by for a quick peek any time during the two-hour open-house event, 10 am-noon. (Remember that Denny’s entrance is on the north side of the campus, off SW Kenyon.)

Delridge Day postscript: ‘Already looking forward to next year’

September 24, 2011 3:14 am
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(Photo by Holli Margell)
At this past week’s Delridge Neighborhoods District Council meeting, there were rave reviews for, and a glowing recap of, last Saturday’s biggest event – the concurrent Delridge Day festival and Delridge Skatepark grand opening. While Seattle Parks oversaw skatepark specifics, Delridge Day was organized for the first time by the North Delridge Neighborhood Council. And they have some acknowledgments to share this morning too:

The Delridge Day Committee is grateful to share the success of last Saturday.

Despite the weather and a few guests not able to show up (fire truck, Mounted Police), an estimated 1500 – 2000 people attended the event (double previous years). The day would not have been possible without our team of over 25 volunteers! THANK YOU!

(Photo by Ellen Cedergreen for WSB)
We also wish to thank to Seattle Parks for working together with us for a seamless event.

(Amanda Leonard and Nancy Folsom; this photo & next photo by Patrick Sand for WSB)
The total funds raised for the community: We were able to raise enough from vendors and sponsorships to donate $410 to the DNDA, $600 to ARC for program Scholarships at the Delridge Community Center.

(Francesca Annis)
The Bake sale raised an additional $449.66 for ARC, providing a total of $1,049.66 toward scholarships! Thanks to all who donated sweets and those who bought them.

We’re already looking forward to next year’s Delridge Day. Our ideas include: skateboard competition, more games, more food, better weather! Want to get involved? We’re looking for 2 folks to join the planning committee, and others interested in leading additional ideas like music and a skate competition. The timeline is for early September 2012. If you’d like to put your name down this far in advance, please email Amanda Leonard, this year’s Delridge Day Lead Coordinator,

Postscript to High Point dinner: ‘Your donation saved a life’

This morning, acknowledgements to share from the planners of a first-of-its-kind fundraiser in High Point earlier this month, a dinner to raise money for famine relief in Somalia – an event that even brought out Mayor McGinn:

High Point’s community builder Shukri Olow shares the photos and these words of appreciation for those who made the event a success – including those in attendance:

First and foremost, we, the planners of the Fundraiser dinner for Mercy Corps and Islamic Relief want to THANK our volunteers, our 11 High Point women who made the delicious and authentic Somali rice, hilib, chicken, qalwa, mandazi, sambusa and tea. AND those who helped serve the food and cleanup! Your commitment to your community is admirable. Our volunteers, and co-workers from Neighborhood House including Fredolyn, Bianca, Denise, Aparna, Jennifer — thank you for your endless efforts in making High Point a better community for all.

Secondly, SPECIAL THANKS to our presenters and those in attendance: Mayor Mike McGinn and his wife Peggy Lynch for their support, Seattle City Councilmember Tom Rasmussen, Executive Director of Neighborhood House Mark Okazaki for his tireless work and engagement in this community.

Thank you Joy Portella-Director of Communications with Mercy Corps, Zuhair Motiwala with Islamic Relief, Seattle Poet Santiago, Asha Mohamed with Seattle Housing, Mohamed Sheikh with Afrique Service Center, Tom Phillips and Julie Wade, Mohamed Moallim with Muslim Housing, and The Seattle Channel for filming our event.

Lastly, THANK YOU DONORS for opening up your wallets and hearts to people unknown to you, to people on the verge of death because of hunger.

We had over 100 people attend our event and raised $4,000 for Islamic Relief and Mercy Corps.To both organizations — your work in countries around the world including Somalia is commendable and I hope that you continue to help those in dire need, even in difficult financial times.

Remember, your donation saved a life and THANK YOU for hearing the stories of those voiceless.

Shukri Olow and Aser Ashkir

If you missed the event but would still like to help, one of the beneficiary charities, Mercy Corps, has a way to donate online – go here.