Happening now: Tours at the new Denny Int’l Middle School

We stopped by Denny International Middle School to see how the open house (till noon) was going, and met four members of Denny’s City Year team in the weight room – above, Stephanie, Ruchira, Megan, and Mary. Outside, we found Denny’s award-winning principal Jeff Clark, talking with School Board rep Steve Sundquist:

Also visiting this morning: Sundquist’s predecessor as West Seattle’s school-board rep, Irene Stewart, with husband Bruce Butterfield (president of the Fauntleroy Community Association):

If you’ve missed earlier coverage, the third phase of the project that built the new Denny and renovated adjacent Chief Sealth International High School is happening a few blocks away on the site of the old Denny, which was demolished, so the site could be transformed into fields and tennis courts.

2 Replies to "Happening now: Tours at the new Denny Int'l Middle School"

  • Irene Stewart September 24, 2011 (1:03 pm)

    The new building is wonderful, and it complements what was already an excellent academic program. Congratulations to principal Jeff Clark and the students, faculty, and families at Denny. Thank you to the greater community for supporting Seattle Public Schools building levies.

  • Ivan Weiss September 25, 2011 (5:45 am)

    My daughter attended Salmon Bay alternative K-8 in Ballard when Jeff Clark was principal there, and he was one of the best principals I ever saw. He knew every kid in the school by name and darn near every parent also.

    When he would walk down the hall, there were always a pack of kids hanging on to him just to be near him, because they thought he was so cool. I hope he has brought this vibe to Denny.

    That is also a great picture of Irene and Bruce, who I think are just terrific. This report has brightened my day on a rainy, blustery morning. Thanks, Tracy.

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