West Seattle’s new Link is quickly linking apartments & people

Before the first week of pre-leasing was even over at Link (WSB sponsor) in The Triangle, nine units already were spoken for. Harbor PropertiesEmi McKittrick says that’s quite the pace. She took us on a tour of the almost-complete building along 38th SW between Fauntleroy and Alaska (map) this past week, our first tour since this one in October. Ahead, come on up to the expansive view-deck roof and into the model units, as well as a lobby that’s even going to sport iPads:

The ground-floor spaces have lots of work left to do, so use your imagination here – that’s the space where iPad stations will be set up as part of an area with various equipment for residents, such as shredders to help recycle any mail they’ve picked up at the nearby mail station but don’t want to take up to their apartments. Or, you can bring your own laptop/iPad/etc. since there’ll be free wi-fi in the lobby, with seating areas here and there. Other things to look at, too:

Wall insets are places marked for either display screens (information, like approaching buses) or art – Link will have a collection of more than 40 pieces in public areas, being curated by West Seattle’s own Twilight Artist Collective; one area will even hold a to-be-painted mural, and another will have a water feature. Or, if you want to get into the elements, take the elevator up to the roof:

Those planter boxes are part of an extensive garden plan that’s in the works, including herb and vegetable growing for residents to harvest, and to help tend if they are so inclined. (Hard to tell on a cloudy day, but you can see the entire downtown skyline, plus views toward The Junction and the Fauntleroy Way end of The Bridge; from a different angle, we tweeted this skyline-included photo during the tour.) The roof deck also has partitions to set aside spaces for separate gatherings:

There’s an indoor party room up on the roof, too – the floor tile had just gone in when we tiptoed inside for a look:

Link has some outside units with unique features – on the west side, street level, stepdown units with street entrances; on the east side are several units with their own decks, seen here from the roof.

Now, into the model units that have been set up so people interested in pre-leasing don’t have to use too much imagination to see what living at Link would be like. We peeked into two units, one furnished, one not – here’s the living room in the former:

Some of the touches you don’t see include plenty of power outlets – McKittrick says that’s one thing they learned with recent projects including nearby Mural; people have so many devices to plug in and charge up, it’s almost impossible to have TOO MANY outlets. Now, on to the bedroom:

In some units, there’s a sliding-door-partitioned bedroom right off the living room:

The bathrooms are spacious:

And you’ll find two types of kitchens – this one, along the hallway that runs from the door to the living room:

In the bigger unit we visited, the kitchen was set up this way, open onto the living/dining area. They’ve got extra-deep kitchen sinks, by the way, and plenty of pantry space.

For many more views of Link’s interior details, the building has its own Flickr photo gallery – see it here.

Meantime, wondering about the rent prices? $900-$2,000, from “urban one-bedroom” on the low end to a high-floor 2-bedroom, 2-bath on the top end. A few other amenities of note – six bicycles and two kayaks will be available for residents to check out and use, procured from nearby Mountain to Sound Outfitters. And as previously reported, three businesses will be located on Link’s ground floor – Chaco Canyon Organic Café opens in April (here’s our most recent story), the Bright Horizons child-care center opens in May, and negotiations are under way for a “hot yoga” studio in the other space. If you’re interested in finding out more – or signing up right now! (the building holds more than 190 units) – look for the Airstream on 38th, with set-aside parking spaces in the Cycle University lot across the street:

(Photo courtesy Harbor Properties [other photos in the story taken by WSB])
Or use the e-mail address and/or phone number you’ll find here. The first move-ins are expected sometime in March.

3 Replies to "West Seattle's new Link is quickly linking apartments & people"

  • Diane January 22, 2011 (1:41 pm)

    just to let anyone know who may try to stop in later in day for tour; their sign says open til 5, but when I got there a bit after 4:30, I was told tours were no longer available, that their tours close at 4:30; I’ve been driving by for months, waiting to see units; was hoping to see models
    also wasn’t sure where it’s ok to park; there are no parking signs everywhere around building; after circling block couple times, finally parked next to “no parking”

    • WSB January 22, 2011 (2:02 pm)

      Diane – It’s mentioned in the story, there are a few parking spaces across 38th on the northeast corner of the Cycle U lot; they have signs marking them for Link use, or at least they did when last I drove past the other day. That’s where we parked when we went for this story earlier this week. – TR

  • Diane January 22, 2011 (2:09 pm)

    thanks TR; I missed that; and for sure did not want to park in any of the lots of local businesses

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