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West Seattleites in Burien parade – but wait! Santa Claus?

We’ve never covered the Burien 4th of July Parade before, but we heard about enough West Seattle participation that we headed down for a few photos. Before we get to the West Seattleites – we had to start this off with the guest appearance by Santa Claus. Who could be more appropriate on a rainy, chilly holiday, summer or not? Now, on with the West Seattleites. First, the much-acclaimed West Seattle Hi-Yu Festival float and its entourage:

Then, the political participants – First, the 34th District Democrats (whose turf includes Burien, though the main monthly meetings are usually in WS):

Now, the candidates – in our candid shot from the staging area, that’s State Sen. Joe McDermott (who’s running for County Council) at left, a West Seattleite as is Marcee Stone (running for State House Pos. 2) next to him, and at right, Rep. Sharon Nelson (from Maury Island), who’s running unopposed for the Senate seat McDermott is leaving:

Also from the State House Position 2 race – West Seattleite Mike Heavey:

And Burien resident Joe Fitzgibbon:

We didn’t see the 4th candidate in the race, West Seattle entrepreneur Geoffrey “Mac” McElroy, there (if we missed him – our apologies!). We did see one of McDermott’s three County Council opponents, West Seattleite Diana Toledo — we had a photo of her marching, but her campaign just sent this one with Seafair Pirates right after the parade:

Toledo marched in the Admiral 4th of July Kids’ Parade earlier in the day. If we missed any of the other County Council candidates, Shawn McEvoy or Tim Fahey, again, forgive us. (P.S. With the August 17th election nearing, we start in-depth coverage Tuesday – we’ve sat down recently to talk with each of the four candidates in the House race, for starters, and you’ll see a story a day, Tuesday through Friday.) One more parade participant of West Seattle note:

That’s a RapidRide bus – of the variety we’ll supposedly see here in about two years. In case you want a better look, we’re checking to see if it’ll be part of the big West Seattle American Legion Post 160 Grand Parade on July 24th. ADDED MONDAY MORNING: Thanks to Mark for sharing this photo of another West Seattleite in the parade:

Mark photographed West Seattleite Bruce Hart in wife Stacie’s new MINI Cooper, adding, “Bruce and Stacie are part of the Puget Sound MINI Motoring Club, which participated in the parade for the fourth straight year. The club annually escorts Burien Rotary Club dignitaries. Bruce also has a MINI, which was in the parade and being driven by a relative.”

Independence Day = wedding day! Married on the Water Taxi

Thanks to Joseph for the photo – he says the newlyweds are Heather and Josh, coming off the King County Water Taxi at Seacrest Pier, after getting married on its 3:30 run today. Congratulations! ADDED MONDAY AFTERNOON: We’ve heard from the newlyweds themselves in the comments, and they provided the link to video of the wedding itself:

Admiral 4th of July Kids’ Parade 2010, report #2: The video!

(Our first report on this morning’s Admiral parade, with photos, can be seen here)

This year’s Admiral 4th of July Kids’ Parade was bigger than last year. How do we know? We usually roll video on the entirety of the parade – this year, it was so long, we had to break it into two clips! The first seven-plus minutes – starting with Seattle Fire Department Engine 29 coming around the corner (we staked out the second block of the parade) – is above; the ensuing six-plus minutes are next:

Before the parade, a few words from West Seattle Hi-Yu Festival junior royalty (Princesses Isabella and Kaitlin and Queen Kailin Jo), followed by King County Executive Dow Constantine (with parade organizer Sherri Chun emceeing):

The ceremonial whistle officially started the parade:

One more thing – our Flickr slideshow:

All West Seattle kids are also invited to be in a parade that’s just a few weeks away – the Rotary Club of West Seattle Kiddies’ Parade, which precedes the West Seattle American Legion Post 160 Grand Parade – the Kiddies’ Parade sign-in is at 10 am, and the parading begins at 11, on Saturday, July 24 – more info on the Rotary website (scroll down).

150+ people turn out for Alki Homestead ‘This Place Matters’ photo

That’s our view from the third floor of the apartment building across from the Alki Homestead, as the official ‘This Place Matters’ photo was taken as part of a rally organized by preservation groups including the Southwest Seattle Historical Society, whose headquarters are in what was the Homestead (originally Fir Lodge)’s old carriage house. By our rough count, around 200 people had gathered by the time the photo was taken. (6:10 pm update: We used our photo-from-above to count: 162.) The photo was preceded by short speeches from those groups’ reps as well as King County Executive Dow Constantine, State Sen. Joe McDermott, County Councilmember Jan Drago, and former mayor Greg Nickels. This came one day after Homestead owner Tom Lin (whom we did not see at the event) announced he’s putting the Homestead up for sale (WSB coverage here), starting with a one-month offer for $2 million to preservation groups. We talked to reps of two – SWSHS executive director Andrea Mercado told WSB they have no official comment yet on the offer; Washington Trust for Historic Preservation field director Chris Moore (a West Seattleite) says his group “unfortunately” doesn’t buy buildings. ADDED 5:53 PM: Video of the politicians’ speeches. SWSHS’s Clay Eals said they’d been asked to speak for 30 seconds each (here’s Eals with a historic Homestead photo during a pre-rally talk at the Historical Society’s annual picnic):

By our count, most of the rally speeches ran closer to a minute-thirty, still relatively brief. Here’s former mayor Greg Nickels:

King County Executive Dow Constantine, more formally dressed than he was in his appearance at the Admiral 4th of July Kids’ Parade three hours earlier, alluded to that as he began:

Next, State Sen. Joe McDermott – a West Seattleite like Nickels and Constantine, and also a candidate for the County Council seat vacated last year by the now-executive:

Finally, the former city councilmember who currently holds the County Council position for which McDermott is running (though she’s not seeking to keep it), Jan Drago, who – Eals pointed out – sponsored the council resolution that made the Homestead a landmark:

Regarding the crowd count, always a thorny issue in any story in which turnout might matter (ever seen those protest stories where police say 2,000 and organizers say 10,000?), our estimate was a rough count, looking at the photo we took with the view from above. Just because we love precision when it’s possible, we’re working right now to blow it up and print it out so we can do an exact count. We can tell you unequivocally that the “nearly 100” in the lead line of KING’s story is too low. 6:09 PM: Finished the photo count: 162. Have adjusted the headline. MONDAY MORNING: As noted in comments: The “official photo” is now online. You can click on it, then click again, for a very high resolution version. We are told Historic Seattle counted 199 in the mega-high-resolution version, to which we didn’t have access yesterday. So we are going to revise our headline to “more than 150” and leave it there, for WSB purposes … no time to print and count yet again … this isn’t an election; we’ll leave the counting from hereon out to the folks who are directly involved.

Admiral 4th of July Kids’ Parade, report #1: Post-parade fun

(Admiral Neighborhood Association concession/T-shirt stand at Hamilton Viewpoint)
Now that the Admiral 4th of July Kids’ Parade is over, we’re at Hamilton Viewpoint Park, where there’s lots of time to get here for family games – they’re starting with wheelbarrow races – even if you missed the parade.

This year’s parade was bigger than ever – our unofficial gauge is how long it takes to videotape the entire parade going by, start to finish – almost 14 minutes (we’ll have that video up later) – compared to 11 minutes last year. As promised, County Executive Dow Constantine kicked off the parade at 44th and Sunset (along with West Seattle Hi-Yu junior royalty, and parade organizer Sherri Chun).

But, as the executive acknowledged, there was a surprise visitor – the man who’s kicked it off in recent years – his fellow Admiral resident, former mayor Greg Nickels, there with wife Sharon Nickels and their trusty dog Edgar.

The roads should be open again, in case you are wondering.

12:20 PM: Added a few more photos in the story – including this example of mega-festive patriotic parade decoration:

Our video clips will be in a separate story.

Reminder from West Seattle’s Seal Sitters: Leave pups alone

July 4, 2010 8:16 am
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(Photo by Robin Lindsey)
Before you head for a beach this 4th of July – and beyond – a reminder from West Seattle-based Seal Sitters: If you see a pup, keep your distance. Seal Sitters’ Robin Lindsey says pupping season has begun in Puget Sound, and though we’re not likely to see the babies on our shores till later this summer, it’s never too soon for the reminder. If you get too close, the pup’s mom may not come back for it. Robin explains in this update on the Seal Sitters’ site.

Happy Independence Day! West Seattle 4th of July 2010

July 4, 2010 7:43 am
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(July 4, 2009, photo courtesy Gilbert: Lake Union fireworks, seen from West Seattle)
Big events in West Seattle today: Admiral 4th of July Kids’ Parade at 10 am (44th/Sunset), Southwest Seattle Historical Society membership picnic at noon (Log House Museum), Alki Homestead “This Place Matters” rally/group photo at 1:30 pm (on 61st SW between Alki and SW Stevens). Aside from the early-afternoon street closure for that event, police are NOT planning any traffic revisions/restrictions. You’ll find many other holiday notes – including which fireworks displays are visible from West Seattle, who’s having special sales today (and yes, the West Seattle Farmers’ Market IS open as usual), and transportation-schedule notes – on the WSB 4th of July page.