West Seattleites in Burien parade – but wait! Santa Claus?

We’ve never covered the Burien 4th of July Parade before, but we heard about enough West Seattle participation that we headed down for a few photos. Before we get to the West Seattleites – we had to start this off with the guest appearance by Santa Claus. Who could be more appropriate on a rainy, chilly holiday, summer or not? Now, on with the West Seattleites. First, the much-acclaimed West Seattle Hi-Yu Festival float and its entourage:

Then, the political participants – First, the 34th District Democrats (whose turf includes Burien, though the main monthly meetings are usually in WS):

Now, the candidates – in our candid shot from the staging area, that’s State Sen. Joe McDermott (who’s running for County Council) at left, a West Seattleite as is Marcee Stone (running for State House Pos. 2) next to him, and at right, Rep. Sharon Nelson (from Maury Island), who’s running unopposed for the Senate seat McDermott is leaving:

Also from the State House Position 2 race – West Seattleite Mike Heavey:

And Burien resident Joe Fitzgibbon:

We didn’t see the 4th candidate in the race, West Seattle entrepreneur Geoffrey “Mac” McElroy, there (if we missed him – our apologies!). We did see one of McDermott’s three County Council opponents, West Seattleite Diana Toledo — we had a photo of her marching, but her campaign just sent this one with Seafair Pirates right after the parade:

Toledo marched in the Admiral 4th of July Kids’ Parade earlier in the day. If we missed any of the other County Council candidates, Shawn McEvoy or Tim Fahey, again, forgive us. (P.S. With the August 17th election nearing, we start in-depth coverage Tuesday – we’ve sat down recently to talk with each of the four candidates in the House race, for starters, and you’ll see a story a day, Tuesday through Friday.) One more parade participant of West Seattle note:

That’s a RapidRide bus – of the variety we’ll supposedly see here in about two years. In case you want a better look, we’re checking to see if it’ll be part of the big West Seattle American Legion Post 160 Grand Parade on July 24th. ADDED MONDAY MORNING: Thanks to Mark for sharing this photo of another West Seattleite in the parade:

Mark photographed West Seattleite Bruce Hart in wife Stacie’s new MINI Cooper, adding, “Bruce and Stacie are part of the Puget Sound MINI Motoring Club, which participated in the parade for the fourth straight year. The club annually escorts Burien Rotary Club dignitaries. Bruce also has a MINI, which was in the parade and being driven by a relative.”

4 Replies to "West Seattleites in Burien parade - but wait! Santa Claus?"

  • sillygoose July 4, 2010 (11:11 pm)

    We are so regretful we missed this parade this year, but there is always next year!!

  • Aaron July 5, 2010 (12:05 am)

    I loved Diana Toledo’s quote, “Reformed Pirates for Responsible Reform in King County!”

    The town loves her and it’s easy to see why, she’s the real deal.

    South Park resident’s said they loved her by posting it on their bridge last week, Burien resident’s said it today by coming out to support her at today’s parade!

  • luckymom30 July 5, 2010 (10:21 am)

    Burien always puts on a great parade, every year it gets better and better! Our favorite floats was Gilligan’s Island. Nice to see the crowds of people along the parade route stand up in honor of the War Veterans as the passed by.

  • WSB July 7, 2010 (8:41 pm)

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