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Disaster Preparedness Month, night 21: About that outage …

April 21, 2010 11:58 pm
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We missed our Disaster Preparedness Month report last night – and there was no time to catch up in the early morning, because we started the day covering a sizable West Seattle power outage. So that set the tone for tonight’s advice: First, from the fabulous West Seattle Be Prepared website: What to do (and not to do) when the power goes out. But what you need in case of an outage may be very personal – depending on what you’d need to get along for a while without power – in our case, for example, it’s extra laptop batteries – so think ahead of time about what you’d really need, and have it standing by. It may be something simple, like one suggestion we got – this morning’s outage left people unable to run their coffeemakers, but if they’d had some packets of instant coffee set aside, they could have had something stopgap before leaving the house. As for the practical items, a suggested “lights-out kit” list is here. And here are your must-do get-prepared online assignments: Join the West Seattle Be Prepared group on Facebook; take the “3 to Get Ready” challenge (WSB sponsor – with prizes!); know your Emergency Communication Hub. (WSB photo above from December 2006)

Morgan Community Assoc. report #1: Everything but Lowman

Tonight’s Morgan Community Association meeting at The Kenney was really two meetings in one. For the first hour, president Deb Barker cracked the whip to keep a jammed agenda galloping ahead, to leave maximum time for the second hour (and then some) to focus on the reason for a big turnout (more than 50 people) – the controversial proposals for “Combined Sewer Overflow” control in the area feeding Murray Pump Station at Lowman Beach. We’re writing a separate, long story on the latter discussion – full of “passions,” as visiting Fauntleroy Community Association president Bruce Butterfield put it – but before then, here are the highlights of what else was discussed in Hour 1, from a change in the Kenney’s redevelopment, to the case of homophobic-graffiti vandal Ryan Cox, to a RapidRide update, to park proposals, to the official date for the Morgan Community Festival, plus a followup to the Beach Drive mudslide – read on:Read More

Delridge District Council toplines: Tale of two viaducts

The latest on the Spokane Street Viaduct Widening Project and the Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement Project – both of which will affect West Seattle drivers in a major way, as we’ve reported here for the past few years – comprises two of our three toplines from tonight’s Delridge Neighborhoods District Council meeting at Youngstown Arts Center. Read on for the highlights:Read More

Garbage strike: City tells Thursday pickups, put trash out

Quick update re: the garbage strike: The city has issued a request that if you have Thursday pickup, DO put it out tomorrow. If your pickup was missed today, put it out NEXT Wednesday, they request. 10:21 PM: West Seattle is all Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday, per the map above, which is linked from the garbage-strike info box at the top of According to the updated story from our regional-news partners at the Seattle Times, Waste Management says it may take “several days” for its strike-contingency plan – using replacement workers – to fully kick in. However, the WM website says “regular service expected tomorrow.”

Landmarks Board agrees to consider “Bloss House” for designation

“Too often, our landmarks are big, grandiose houses,” observed one member of the city Landmarks Board just before their vote moments ago, unanimously agreeing to consider designating West Seattle’s far-from-grandiose “Bloss House” as a landmark. We wrote about it two and a half weeks ago, when the Southwest Seattle Historical Society (Log House Museum) shared the news that Historic Seattle would bring the 1915 North Admiral Craftsman bungalow (4055 SW Holgate) to the board. Most board members noted that its main attribute as a potential landmark is the fact that its interior is virtually unaltered from the original Craftsman-style details, as well as its exterior, so before they agree to officially designate it, they may decide they want the nomination to include its exterior as well – though that is not usually what’s done with private residences. The home’s owner was not able to be at the hearing because of health challenges but several people spoke in support of the nomination, one citing comments on the previous WSB story as evidence of community support. The board also had a full presentation on the nomination document (text here, photos here), which includes information about West Seattle history as well as this home in particular. Next step: June 2nd is set for the hearing and vote on whether to officially declare the “Bloss House” a Seattle landmark.

Seattle cruise season starts Monday, with ms Amsterdam’s arrival

If you’re looking north/northeast into Elliott Bay early Monday morning – between about 5:15 and 6 am – you may see ms Amsterdam, Seattle-headquartered Holland America Line‘s flagship, which’ll be the first cruise ship to call in Seattle this season, during a 108-day around-the-world journey. The Port of Seattle is expecting 223 ship visits this year, up five from last year; Celebrity and Norwegian Cruise Line will dock at Pier 66, while Holland America, Princess, Royal Caribbean, and Carnival will dock in Magnolia. More info here (though the schedule link doesn’t appear to be working – we’ve got a message out to the port seeking a copy).

Earth Day Groceries Project: Arbor Heights kids’ Safeway delivery

For the 18th consecutive year, Arbor Heights Elementary teacher Mark Ahlness and students have just delivered specially decorated grocery bags to the Roxbury Safeway store. Ahlness founded the Earth Day Groceries Project, which involves not only Arbor Heights students, but also classes from many other cities (here are online reports from 2008 and 2009). On tomorrow, the official date of Earth Day, if you shop at Roxbury Safeway, you’re likely to get one of the special bags – while they last!

You can also track the Earth Day Groceries Project on Facebook (here), Twitter (here), and photos on Flickr (here).

Waste Management, serving West Seattle (etc.), now on strike

(Picketers at WM on W. Marginal Way; photo by DEAN RUTZ/used with permission of the Seattle Times)
FIRST REPORT, 11:26 AM: From our citywide-news partners at the Seattle Times: The truck drivers of Waste Management are now on strike. West Seattle is among the areas they serve. WM had said they will work to keep regular service, with strike-replacement workers. More details as we get them. 11:46 AM: No official statements yet from Waste Management or Seattle Public Utilities – we are off to a story interview with an SPU rep on an unrelated topic so will be looking for an update. 11:55 AM: SPU has just sent this news release – some West Seattle customers may have missed pickups today:

Following a strike by Teamsters Local 174 garbage and yard waste drivers, some Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) customers will not have their garbage and yard waste collected today in northwest and south Seattle.

Those customers whose collections are missed today are asked to put all of their garbage and yard waste out next week on their regular collection day.

The City’s recycling services are covered by a different contract, and should not be affected by the strike. All customers are asked to keep their recycling out.

Approximately 18,000 residential customers could be affected by the strike action today in the following approximate areas:

– N. 105th St to N. 85th St, W. of SR-99
– Delridge Way SW to Beacon Ave. S, from S. Royal Brougham to SW Roxbury St.

View a detailed map of the affected area.

Members of Teamsters Local 174 went on strike after contract negotiations with Waste Management reached an impasse.

Waste Management’s collection contract with Seattle covers only about half of the city’s solid waste customers, in portions of northwest and south Seattle. Drivers in other areas of Seattle are covered by separate labor agreements and are not part of the current negotiations. Customers in those areas should continue to put all of their garbage and yardwaste out on their regular collection day.

“The City of Seattle is not part of the negotiations between Waste Management and the Teamsters; however, we are disappointed that the two parties were not able to reach an agreement and hope they continue good faith negotiations toward a speedy and successful outcome,” Seattle Public Utilities Acting Director Ray Hoffman said.

“Service delivery and the protection of public health and safety are the city’s top priority and we expect Waste Management to honor its collection contract, regardless of its dispute with the Teamsters,” Hoffman said.

SPU will provide updates as needed. Customers with solid waste service problems may call the Call Center at (206) 684-3000.

5:04 PM UPDATE: There’s a little more city-produced info on the home page – note the FAQ, which addresses the question about whether you can take trash to a Transfer Station for free (for now, it says “no”). Also, a news release from the Seattle Mayor’s Office has elected officials’ take on the situation, including word that the County Executive Dow Constantine and Mayor Mike McGinn have sent a joint letter – read on:Read More

Reminder: Sidewalk work means no parking by Junction Plaza Park

April 21, 2010 11:00 am
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Reminder that as of today, continuing for the next month or so, you can’t park alongside the Junction Plaza Park site at the northwest corner of SW Alaska/42nd SW – SDOT is starting work on the sidewalk-repair project (as previewed here 2 weeks ago), so that stretch of sidewalk will be closed too. The city says work hours will be 8 am-3 pm. Park construction is under way too; that and the sidewalk are all supposed to be done by the end of next month.

West Seattle Wednesday: Quake drill; landmark; Morgan; Delridge

April 21, 2010 9:21 am
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Now that the power outage is over, a few quick notes on today’s highlights from the WSB Events calendar: Statewide earthquake drill at 9:45 am … Landmarks Board hearing for the Bloss House (here’s our previous story) at Municipal Tower downtown, 3:30 pm … Morgan Community Association meeting (agenda here) at The Kenney, 7 pm … Delridge Neighborhoods District Council (presentations including Spokane Street and Alaskan Way Viaducts updates) at Youngstown Arts Center, 7 pm.

Updates: West Seattle power outage over after 3 hours

(Scroll down for updates)

(Admiral/California cameraphone photo added 6:53 am)
FIRST REPORT, 5:57 AM: Thanks to those who’ve called, tweeted and Facebooked with the tip – there’s a power outage affecting 2700 customers (homes/businesses) in north West Seattle – City Light says it stretches from 25th SW to 44th SW, Alki Ave to SW Juneau. They don’t yet know the cause (though via Twitter, @macjustice says he heard a transformer blow, and @mcneight mentions “blue flashes in the distance”). We’re on the road checking the extent and looking to see which major intersections are affected.

6:15 AM UPDATE: On California SW, the southernmost intersection without power is at SW Lander (by Lafayette Elementary). California/Admiral is out. Metropolitan Market (WSB sponsor) appears to have emergency lighting only.

6:23 AM: Part of eastern Harbor/Alki Avenue is out too – to about the 1100 block on the west. And the Avalon/Harbor/West Seattle Bridge intersection is out, as is the Luna Park business district till SW Genesee on the SE.

6:46 AM: In the North Delridge area, Allstar Fitness is out – but just to the east, power is ON along Delridge itself, so people going to The Bridge that way won’t be affected. We’re checking next on schools in the outage area – so far, Lafayette DOES appear to have power. A commenter says Pathfinder K-8 on Pigeon Point is out. At Admiral/California, SDOT has put up temporary stop signs (see top photo).

6:54 AM: Commenters are saying power has just come back on, at least in some areas. Let us know if you’re NOT back on. (Note: Areas restored include Harbor Ave, Luna Park/North Delridge.)

7:17 AM: The Admiral District is still out.

7:29 AM: We are at Pathfinder K-8 School on Pigeon Point (former Cooper building) and the power’s out there; the principal’s on the phone trying to sort things out. They’re just telling parents as they arrive. That’s the ONLY school affected that we know of (in comments, Connie from Lafayette reaffirms they have power and are open). Photo of Pathfinder staff waiting to notify parents as they arrive:

8:02 AM: At Pathfinder, buses are arriving and those kids are being kept in the cafeteria for starters, we’re told.

The school’s phone system is not working, so you can’t call. Again, they ask that if you haven’t left yet and if you can keep your child at home, please do. Meantime, City Light has sent its first Twitter update on the outage, saying 1,447 customers still affected (each individual home, business, institution is one customer).

8:26 AM: Just talked to City Light’s media rep. They believe the outage was the fault of a branch into wires at 42nd/Hill, though it took a while to trace. They hope to fix it shortly – then breakers have to be tripped manually, so apparently everyone won’t be on instantly.

8:53 AM: No new reports of restoration, though areas beyond the outage (including ours) had a flicker a short time ago.

9:01 AM: City Light just tweeted that the power’s all back. Let us know if you’re still out.

9:52 AM: City Light’s official everyone’s-back news release confirms what rep told us at 8:26 (see above) – branch at 42nd/Hill gets the blame for hitting wires.