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Disaster Preparedness Month, night 8: The myths

April 8, 2010 11:56 pm
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As we roll on with nightly Disaster Preparedness Month spotlights – tonight it’s about unlearning, instead of learning. We found an expert who’s written about the “5 Myths of Earthquake Survival.” Worth a look – they include helpful advice on a thing or two you SHOULD do, as well as what you should NOT do (#4, regarding how to signal to rescuers that you’re trapped, is a point we’d never heard before). Again, read the list here. Now, the nightly reminders: Browse and bookmark the West Seattle Be Prepared website, and make sure you know your Hub by heart; join the West Seattle Be Prepared group on Facebook to directly connect with other local folks working to be sure they’re ready; and jump into the “3 To Get Ready” city promotion (which is advertising on WSB this month to help make sure the word gets out) – there are freebies to be had, and simple steps to be taken. Anything you’ve done regarding preparedness that you’re particularly proud of, no matter how small or how big? Let us know about it so we can share your story!

High-school baseball: Wednesday’s results

Chief Sealth travels to Ingraham Friday after losing to them at home 10-8 on Wednesday. That same day, West Seattle HS suffered only its second loss on the season – here’s that recap from assistant coach Scott Meaker, who says WSHS has games Friday too:

WSHS Varsity Baseball faced Metro League foe Nathan Hale HS Wednesday at Hiawatha Sports Complex. After battling to a 2-2 tie after 5 innings, Nathan Hale pulled away to win the Sound Division game 6-3. Aaron Thomason pitched a complete game for Hale to earn the win, and senior Brandon MacKinnon took the loss for West Seattle. West Seattle senior Trevor Martin went 2-for-3 with an RBI. West Seattle is 6-2, (5-2 Metro) and Hale is 5-3 (4-2 Metro). The two teams play again Friday at Hale. The JV game at Hale was rained out. The JV hosts Hale at Hiawatha on Friday, weather permitting. All games are at 3:30.

Also playing today: Seattle Lutheran at Chief Leschi.

2 door-to-door alerts: Selling or casing? Plus, “I live in Bellevue”

From the WSB inbox tonight, two encounters considered suspicious enough that those who had them wanted you to know about them. Read on:Read More

West Seattle Art Walk April scenes: Bacon, mirrors, music

April 8, 2010 10:12 pm
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The Body Bar on the north end of The Junction was the most sizzling venue during tonight’s West Seattle Art Walk – because it was all about bacon. At right, with her muse, that’s artist KathyJ, who can be best appreciated through her website what do bacon do?see it here. Next, Max Humphres was at Brunette Mix (WSB sponsor) with his mirror art:

And if you had wandered into Mural (WSB sponsor), you would have heard the sounds of guitarist/singer Rod Moody mingled with cheery conversation:

His performance was presented by Mural’s future sister building, Link, under construction in The Triangle. These were three of the 41 venues on tonight’s list; next West Seattle Art Walk is Thursday, May 13th.

Sneak peek inside West Seattle Runner before Saturday opening

We first met Lori and Tim McConnell just two months ago (here’s the story), when they had just signed the lease for space to open a “specialty running store” in Charlestown Center (map), but didn’t even have a name for it. But now, their store West Seattle Runner is just about ready to be, well, off and running:

Tonight, they opened the doors for a sneak peek, as a test run for Saturday, their official grand opening.

They’re planning festivities 10 am-7 pm on Saturday (chair massages plus running coach and physical therapist on hand). And while you’re there – sign up for next month’s West Seattle 5K (with co-sponsors including WSB as well as WSR).

Last-minute call from ArtsWest for youth auditions on Friday

April 8, 2010 7:05 pm
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ArtsWest still has slots open in its summer Theater Conservatory program and is putting out a last-minute call tonight for actors 12 to 16 years old to audition tomorrow. The play is Aristophanes’ “The Birds” – information about the intensive July/August program leading up to its production is here. Actors need to prepare a “contemporary or classical monologue no more than 2 minutes in length” and bring a resume and headshot photo. Lindsay at ArtsWest says you can just show up there at 5 tomorrow – or if you have a question, you can call during the day tomorrow, (206) 938-0963 x 102.

WS Crime Watch: What the Junction police response was for

(photo by Tyler, substituted at 6:47 pm for our original cameraphone photo)
In case you saw the big police response right at Walk All Ways in The Junction a little while ago – we’ve gotten a couple inquiries – here’s what police say happened: Someone “inebriated” randomly decided to lash out at one or more innocent bystanders. The “inebriated” person was subdued, and arrested. Police told us everybody’s otherwise OK. 7:39 PM UPDATE: Thanks to Lachlan for pointing us, in the comment section, to this tweet from Easy Street‘s owner, saying the suspect was kicking a dog. FRIDAY AFTERNOON UPDATE: After a commenter wrote that someone else was arrested at the scene, we checked with the Southwest Precinct to see if any more information was available today about the circumstances. Lt. Norm James‘ summary:

Call came in about 5:45 regarding an intoxicated male pushing people at California and Alaska. Turns out an intoxicated male confronted two male victims then kicked a dog that was passing by. The intoxicated male pushed one of the two victims and chest bumped the other. Both victims were fearful of the intoxicated suspect. Officers arrived and took the suspect into custody and placed him in the back of the patrol car. The suspect began trying to kick out the windows of the patrol car and subsequently there was a taser application on the suspect to control him. The fire department aid was called to extract the taser barbs (which is standard procedure). The suspect was then booked into KC Jail.

Updates for tonight – weather, Art Walk, Sanislo Science Fair …

That photo shared on Facebook by Lee shows what kind of day it’s been – more than a little sunshine, but also some brief bursts from banks of dark clouds – we were in White Center around lunchtime when sleet started to fall; about the same time, Christopher e-mailed from The Junction that a flurry was under way. The forecast still says there’s a chance of snow in “heavier showers” later tonight and/or tomorrow, so while it looks great now, take a jacket. And take the walking map for the West Seattle Art Walk – it’s the second page of this 2-page PDF. We’ve also gotten details on one last feature to mention – at Mural Apartments (WSB sponsor), their future sister building Link Apartments (under construction in The Triangle) is sponsoring a performance by West Seattle guitarist Rod Moody during Art Walk, 6-9 pm. Plus, we’ve gotten a note that Sanislo Elementary has its Science Fair tonight, everybody welcome – 6-8 pm (map).

KEXP sets date for West Seattle “Hood-to-Hood” victory celebration

If you’re on KEXP Radio‘s e-mail list, you already heard this – a couple people mentioned it when they included it in an e-mail blast as an aside, but KEXP wouldn’t confirm it for us till now – May 21st is the date they’ve picked for the celebration of West Seattle’s victory in the “Hood-to-Hood” fundraising challenge last year (here’s our June 2009 report). Their short announcement says, “KEXP is planning to take over your neighborhood Friday May 21st with a LIVE Broadcast that will include live performances from bands and artists you love along with various evening showcases and events! Look for more updates in the near future!” At least one West Seattle venue has confirmed its live slate – see this Facebook status update from Skylark Café and Club (WSB sponsor).

You can start calling it “Chief Sealth International High School”

Just in from Seattle Public SchoolsChief Sealth is now an International High School, the first one in the district. That matches it with Denny International Middle School, with whom it will share a campus starting in 2011. Coincidentally, we were just over at the construction site (shown above – renovating Sealth/building a new Denny) for a hardhat tour this morning; that story’s still in the works but this news can’t wait. Read on for the official district announcement:Read More

Followup: Another Delridge “problem property” torn down

Just a few days after the one-year anniversary of the Delridge “problem properties” tour, featuring two city councilmembers, two city department heads, it’s demolition day for another of the rundown houses mapped by then-North Delridge Neighborhood Council chair Mike Dady. He had shared the news four weeks ago that the demolition permit had been granted for 4801 23rd SW (map) – a house he had said during the tour was boarded up only because he’d done it himself. Another of the properties on the April 2009 tour, 4117 Delridge, was demolished less than two months later. Two measures addressing some of the problems highlighted in the tour have become law – the chronic-nuisance-properties ordinance and the “derelict housing” ordinance, both finalized last December.

Followup: Guilty plea in attack on bus driver from West Seattle

gavel.jpgTwo and a half months after an Alki woman was beaten unconscious in Tukwila while on the job as a Metro bus driver, she e-mailed to share the news that her 15- 14-year-old attacker is pleading guilty. We first reported on her story in January after her daughter posted in the WSB Forums. Two other teenage boys were arrested and charged, not in connection with attacking the driver, but for vandalizing the bus. Court documents indicated the incident was triggered when a group of boys became enraged that the driver wouldn’t open the rear doors long enough to let them all out. After the attack, a discussion of potential driver-safety improvements began, including the question of whether barriers could be put up to protect drivers; Metro said last month that some testing would begin soon (we’re checking). Meantime, we asked the driver how she is doing:

I am still recovering and still too traumatized and fearful to return to work. I am working with a physiologist. This has been a long, slow journey. I am still getting slight symptoms from the concussion, tiredness and headaches. Physically I will carry a scar inside my lip that will probably be there the rest of my life. *I plan on making a statement at the sentencing so if anyone, especially Metro Drivers in uniform were to show up, I would greatly appreciate the support. I was debating on whether to speak or not, but I feel I need to for closure and for reasons that I will talk about. I have had a rough time of it, but I am strong and will pull through.

She says the sentencing is set for 9:30 next Monday morning (April 12) in Juvenile Court. We have an inquiry out to the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office for any more information on the case’s status (we confirmed the guilty plea through an online court docket, but more-detailed records in juvenile cases are inaccessible online).

ADDED 3:24 PM: PAO spokesperson Dan Donohoe tells WSB, “We are seeking an exceptional sentence of 52 to 65 weeks. This is above the standard range of 15 to 36 weeks.” And he confirms the 9:30 am Monday sentencing, JC courtroom 2. In the document he also forwarded, the boy corrected his birthdate – he is 14, not 15. In the plea agreement, the state drops a second assault charge, and the boy writes his confession: “On January 23, 2010, I purposefully slapped (driver’s name), a human being. She became unconscious and had substantial facial injuries, as I understand it.” The two boys charged with malicious mischief, for vandalizing the bus, also have pleaded guilty, but under conditions of “deferred disposition” – basically, if they stay out of trouble for a certain amount of time (almost a year for one, six months for the other), there will be another hearing at which the cases will be dismissed.

ADDED 4:36 PM: We also now have an update on the bus safety-barrier test, from Metro spokesperson Rochelle Ogershok:

The demonstration began last Saturday (April 3) with one bus outfitted with a shield deployed out of Metro’s bus base in South King County. Over the next few weeks, six additional shields will be deployed on buses in other parts of the county. The buses will be rotated around and placed on a variety of routes and bus types so as many operators as possible have an opportunity to evaluate and comment on them. Operators will also have a chance to check out the shields at their individual bases. We expect that the actual demonstration will be wrapped up at the end of June. From there, written comments from operators will be reviewed and additional input will be sought from safety and training staff, among others. Metro managers, operators and the transit union will then work together to decide how to move forward.

A letter about The Hole, and more, from Southwest District Council

“We need to start the conversation,” said Susan Melrose of the West Seattle Junction Association at last night’s Southwest District Council meeting, as she proposed a letter “on behalf of the entire West Seattle community” to try to get something done about safety and aesthetics issues at The Hole (the stalled-and-lawsuit-embroiled development site at Fauntleroy/Alaska/38th). “The development is clearly not going anywhere,” Melrose noted, “and it’s a major safety hazard sitting on that corner … It’s time to take steps to improve that situation … It would be great if the West Seattle community could speak with one voice” to express that concern.

She brought this draft letter; the plan to send a letter based on that one (with a few tweaks) was unanimously approved. But the issue of who it will be addressed to was the subject of some discussion and debate. Suggestions for addressees included virtually every elected official in the city, from the mayor to councilmembers to the city attorney, as well as multiple agencies, and of course, the various concerns believed to be potentially responsible for the hole itself.

Particular points of concern include the chain-link fence ringing the site, the condition of the sidewalk around The Hole, and the triangle of city-owned parkland that’s now fenced off. What kind of fence they’d like to see instead, council reps agreed would be up for discussion; the original wording of the letter suggests painted plywood, but from the audience, Mike Heavey, representing County Councilmember Jan Drago‘s office, said that might be more dangerous than the chain link, since “you can’t see what’s on the other side” – visitors might not be aware, for example, about the four-story drop. The current fence has some screening material that’s now tagged, observed SWDC co-chair Erica Karlovits of the Junction Neighborhood Organization, and council members thought that would be worth pointing out to the city, who could order the property owner(s) to clean it up. Whatever the wording, said Vlad Oustimovitch of the Fauntleroy Community Association (and briefly a onetime consultant to a former party to the project), “the important thing is to point out there’s a health and safety issue (at the site) and something should be done.” We’ll update you when the final version of the letter is complete (again, here’s the draft); also, we’re working on an unrelated story about the site, which you’ll see here later today/tonight if breaking news doesn’t interrupt.

ALSO FROM THE SOUTHWEST DISTRICT COUNCIL MEETING: What City Council President Richard Conlin had to say about the budget battles (and a funding vote that may come before you next year), and other assorted notes – read on:Read More

West Seattle Thursday: Art Walk; M3 open house; Parks Board

April 8, 2010 7:24 am
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WEST SEATTLE ART WALK: The spring lineup for the West Seattle Art Walk makes its debut tonight – more than 40 venues around West Seattle. In addition to what we mentioned in our Tuesday preview, you can mix art and wine, with photographers showing at both the newly opened Bin 41 and at West Seattle Cellars (tastings at both shops). There’s student art at The Kenney, hand-screened poster art at Feedback Lounge (WSB sponsor), and a free photo for your Facebook profile if you visit Gail Ann Photography in Fauntleroy. The Art Walk runs 6-9 pm; venues are listed (with many more previews, including samples of the artists’ work!) at

OPEN HOUSE AT M3 BODYWORKS: While you’re out for Art Walk, you can also stop by the Open House and meet the massage therapists of longtime WSB sponsor M3 Bodyworks. The M3 Open House also includes art, in keeping with the night’s theme – paintings by Desirae Hester. M3 is at 5410 California SW (upstairs), and welcomes you to stop by between 6-9 pm (open house details are here; also note, M3 has a coupon on the WSB Coupons page).

PARKS BOARD: The meeting’s downtown as usual, but we track the Seattle Board of Park Commissioners because there’s so much Seattle Parks property in West Seattle. Last meeting included a dire budget briefing (WSB coverage here), but there’s no formal budget update on tonight’s agenda – scheduled items include a briefing on park/open space acquisition and an update on encroachment on Parks land. 7 pm at Denny Park.

WEATHER NOTE: As mentioned last night, there’s an ongoing chance of some “wet snow” in showers tonight/tomorrow (Scott C, who commutes north, tells us he encountered some “leaving West Seattle” this morning). We’ll keep close watch on the forecast updates at midday, midafternoon and midevening.