West Seattle Crime Watch: Home, car break-in reports

Two more reports to share tonight – but first, another plug for tomorrow night’s West Seattle Crime Prevention Council meeting. If you have any concerns you’d like to bring directly to Southwest Precinct police leadership, this is exactly the place to be; also, tomorrow’s guest speaker is King County Prosecuting Attorney Dan Satterberg, which means you’ll get to hear – and ask – about what happens to crime suspects *after* they’re arrested, including the recently launched Repeat Burglar Initiative. 7 pm, public meeting room at the precinct (Delridge/Webster, parking lot and building entrance are off Webster). Now, speaking of burglary, the latest reports:

From Gregory in Arbor Heights, a burglary last Wednesday:

It was on the 9800 block of 44th Ave SW [map] and took place at approximately 11:30 AM to 12:00 PM. Two white males driving a older white Honda, possibly Civic, with loud rattling muffler backed into the driveway of one of our neighbors. They went to the back of the house and kicked in the back door, luckily no one was home but the house alarm scared the perpetrators away. One neighbor heard the alarm and yelled at them as they drove away. Police were called and a report given. There was report of a similar incident earlier that same morning where another house alarm apparently scared the invaders away but not sure if the two were related.

We experienced another home invasion earlier this summer when a neighbor inadvertently left a window open during the extremely warm weather. Two young individuals invaded and stole several items, but were scared away by the home owner who discovered them as they were leaving the window through which the entered. The home owner pursued but couldn’t get the license plate, but he description of the vehicle was similar.

From “M” in North Admiral, a car break-in:

Sometime between 11pm Sunday night and 6:30am Monday, September 2, our 1992 Mazda Protege was broken into in the area of SW Massachusetts Street & 46 Ave SW [map]. Wasn’t really much in the car, but the thief or thieves took a green Rubbermaid type container that contained jumper cables, extra oil, a first aid kit, and a number of bungee straps. They also took two cds, a blanket and emptied the glove box. The lock was popped on the driver’s side door and the faceplate of the stereo was pried off with a screwdriver which broke it. Also, there was cigarette ashes on the seat. Nothing of real value was taken, but now we have to get another copy of the registration, have the lock and stereo repaired. My wife and I feel violated more than anything else.

See you at tomorrow’s Crime Prevention Council meeting.

3 Replies to "West Seattle Crime Watch: Home, car break-in reports"

  • Street Jesus September 14, 2009 (10:48 pm)

    My old 60’s chevy p/u was broken into between midnight and 5am on Sep 14th, in the alley between 46th and 47th Sw on the 2100 blk. The lock wasn’t damaged and as far as i can tell they only took a spare quart of motor oil. When they were done they left the seat back flipped forward and the glove box and drivers doors wide open.

  • Andy September 15, 2009 (11:20 am)

    My car was “broken into” (It was unlocked) sometime late Saturday night. It was in my driveway on 36th SW on the 10400 block. They just took the change in the change drawer.

  • Fiona September 16, 2009 (3:47 pm)

    My neighbor’s brother’s Honda Accord 2000 was “almost” stolen on Thursday night last week, 9/10 – very near corner of Roxbury and 24th. Thief cut alarm cables and now steering column will no longer lock, but good news is that thief was interrupted by something. Since they stole nothing else from the car, police said that the thieves could well return for the car and that it should be blocked in the driveway by the family’s pickup. A neighbor had seen a young tall African-American male in their driveway earlier that day. Police also said the thief or thieves were bold in that they went up the full driveway (not just street side) of a single-family home to get the car.

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