West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day 2009, the wrapup

Hours after the selling stopped at the recordsetting 180+ sale sites in the fifth annual West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day, the photos were still rolling in – from Sale #61, Rachel sent that photo of her fiance’ “the human sign” – below, from Sale #88, Janna and Julie‘s sale, we got a photo and the report that “Everyone had so much fun!”

And for some with leftovers, it was off to the Junction dropoff spot for Northwest Center and its “big blue trucks” — we spotted these two, and a third out of view, late in the afternoon:

Another option for leftovers – Nancy Woodland from WestSide Baby sent a request during sale day – which you might be able to help with, even if you were NOT a seller – read it here.

Later, there were the reviews — raves via Facebook and Twitter (see the mentions here). Even people who weren’t planning on being part of West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day found themselves pulled in, like Victoria, who wrote on FB:

I heard about this for weeks, but was not planning on selling or buying, until we started driving through the hood. Three hours later, we had a bunch of new (to us) books, lawn chair and dump truck. A very fun diversion.

Here are the links to WSB as-it-happened WSCGSD coverage:
Update #1 (7:59 am through 9:25 am)
Update #2 (9:26 am through 10:47 am)
Update #3 (10:48 am through 12:41 pm)
Update #4 (12:42 pm through 3 pm)

On the official WSCGSD site, westseattlegaragesale.com, we featured individual sales, photo by photo, some we took, some sellers sent. Just go to the site and scroll down to see the pix.

And a few people sent us “found item” notes afterward – we’ve posted them in the WSB Forums in their entirety — if you are missing keys, read this; if you are missing a box with money and children’s sunglasses, read this.

West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day, May 9, 2009This was our second year as official coordinators of West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day, which was created by Megawatt, a community-connection nonprofit; when Megawatt announced in late 2007 that it was disbanding, we asked its leadership if they would consider turning WSCGSD over to us, and to our surprise and delight, they did. We have made a few logistical tweaks in those two years and are interested in your thoughts about anything more for next year – one thing we realized too late, we need to set up a place for prospective sellers and buyers to communicate before sale day – we did suggest fairly late in the game that sellers could come to the WSB Forums and post extra sale info, but that was sort of a stopgap measure. This year, with Twitter and Facebook in the mainstream, we used both – the former more than the latter – to communicate during-the-day sale info (scroll down to read our during-sale “tweets”); what would be helpful next year?

Last but not least, last call for the contests – Deadline to send in your photos (garagesale@westseattleblog.com) is 3 pm Monday – most creative sign, most unusual item bought, most unusual item sold. Each category has a gift certificate prize! Be sure you indicate the sale address, so we know it was related to an official WSCGSD event, and of course include your contact info. We’ll announce winners by Tuesday morning.

Mark your calendar for the 6th annual WSCGSD next year – the second Saturday will be May 8, 2010!

4 Replies to "West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day 2009, the wrapup"

  • Rachel May 10, 2009 (12:13 pm)

    For those who stopped by and said hello to the Pirate Joe, thank you so much.

    Two best Pirate Joe lines from yesterday:

    ‘Sorry Ma’am – what costume?’
    ‘I be the recession pirate – plundering doesn’t pay’

  • F3 May 10, 2009 (12:51 pm)

    Big, grateful meows and woofs to WSB, Lora of Hotwire, our F-Cubers and everyone that donated items to Furry Faces Foundation. We raised $257.00 for our two programs…’Oliver’s Fund’ and ‘It’s Hip To Be Snipped’. One of our favorite West Seattle Groups, Animals First Foundation, raised $407.00. And thanks to those that bought from us. Cheers, F3

  • AD May 10, 2009 (8:22 pm)

    Thank-you to those who organized this and made the map and descriptions. And a big thank you to the garage sales that were *clean* and *organized*. I found lots of great clothes and stuffed animals for a baby girl. :)

  • Jenny J May 11, 2009 (10:32 am)

    My photos from the day were posted to the Seattle Weekly site: http://www.seattleweekly.com/slideshow/view/10832017/1

    Thank you, West Seattle!

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