Inauguration Eve updates: Latest from Stephanie & Hans in D.C.

January 19, 2009 7:10 pm
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Both of our teams of inauguration correspondents — West Seattleites in D.C. for the big event who offered to share some of what they’re doing and seeing — have sent updates in the past few hours. The pix above are more souvenirs, photographed by Stephanie and Hans – here’s their quick update:

Following the plan, my brother and I headed to the nearest metro station to pick-up our train passes. The parking lot was full, so I jumped out to make it a quick run. How hard could it be?

Five lines, about 15 people deep and growing by the minute.

By what can only be termed a miracle, I managed to get in the “right” line at the right time. To my left, a metro worker was furiously attempting to restart one machine. The smart-trip cards were sold out further down. The cash lines were in a constant state of clamor — ironing and re-ironing crumpled bills. And everywhere, the sense that most of the people in line were not “regulars.” One perplexed fellow managed to buy 18 farecards, each $1.35. (Which, separately, won’t get him, um . . . anywhere.)

Despite all this, people were generally pretty upbeat and helpful. Which was a good thing. Because by the time I got to the front of my line, the machine had stopped taking debit cards. Mercy.

My sister-in-law (a veteran commuter) tells me that she’s never seen a line for a metro pass. Much less five at the same time. If that’s any indication of what tomorrow will be like, I can’t wait.

Oh, and I won’t even be sorry about the cash if we end up not using our passes . . . they’re just too cool. =)

Yes we can!

The latest from the other team in D.C. — Carter and Dan — with even more photos – coming up shortly. All our 2009 Inauguration coverage is archived here; our page of info about how/where to watch tomorrow, and who’s celebrating where afterward, can be found here.

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