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West Seattle weekend scenes: From Puget Ridge to The Junction

On West Seattle’s Puget Ridge, South Seattle Community College‘s own celebrated wines were at centerstage, along with offerings from other famous Washington wineries, during the fundraising food-and-wine gala Gifts From the Earth” on Saturday night. We dropped by to survey the scene at SSCC’s Brockey Center in the early going — including the team ready to show off the college’s famed culinary program too:

For all who attended, beautifully laid-out tables awaited:

“Gifts from the Earth” is an annual fundraiser for the SSCC Foundation. Meantime — earlier tonight, we mentioned West 5‘s first-ever movie screening. Before the lights went down, we stopped in (good-sized crowd!) to ask moviemaker Jamie Burton Chamberlin about the venue where “Gearhead” screened tonight:

He’s working to get “Gearhead” distributed and is also in postproduction on “Double Down Live” (working title).

Reminder: No classes tomorrow for Seattle Public Schools

You’ll see more kids/teens out and about tomorrow, because it’s the second consecutive Monday off for local public-school students — the so-called “day between semesters.”

Westside Symphonette update: Bassoon, oboe, harp, anyone?

January 25, 2009 7:33 pm
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Toni Reineke from West Seattle’s community orchestra, Westside Symphonette, tells WSB the last call for recruitment was a success — with new brass players joining (thanks!) — so she’s looking for players in three more areas of specialty: Bassoon, oboe, harp. Interested? Next rehearsal is Tuesday at Chief Sealth/Boren (map); call Toni at 206-243-6955 or e-mail to find out more.

Speaking of Junction movies … West 5 hosts screening tonight

January 25, 2009 4:35 pm
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One more reminder: 8 pm tonight, you’re invited to the first-ever movie screening at West 5 in The Junction — an award-winning documentary by filmmaker Jamie Burton Chamberlin (who lives in West Seattle when not in L.A.): “Gearhead: 4 Days on the Road with Billy F. Gibbons” (of ZZ Top fame). Find out more about the film at its MySpace site.

Winter “Movies on the Wall” in The Junction: Suggestion time!


We launched this in the WSB Forums last week (here’s the official announcement) and want to make sure everybody gets a chance to make suggestions, so we’re posting it here on the main page too. Big happy crowds enjoyed Movies on the Wall in the Hotwire Coffee (WSB sponsor) courtyard last summer (here’s the report on the one we sponsored), after the movies were chosen from a list that included suggestions from WSBers – and this year, we’re proud to be one of the sponsors for a new Winter Movies on the Wall series, with dates set for three Saturday nights in March — March 4, 11, 18 — at the new West Seattle Christian Church activity center (opening soon). So what movies would YOU like to see on those three nights in March? Please post a comment here and/or at the series’ official site. Deadline for suggestions is end of this month; you can see some of the suggestions already made here.

Happening now: School-closure opponents’ march, rally

Taken a short time ago just after hundreds of anti-school-closure marchers left TT Minor, with full police escort (since they’re marching in the street), headed for Garfield. (We have video in the other direction, to add a bit later [5:28 pm, here it is])

There’s a Cooper contingent in the crowd too – we spotted at least one “Save Cooper” sign. ADDED 3:01 PM: The marchers have just arrived at Garfield – here’s the sign-bearing Cooper reps including Jonah Von Spreecken and Brittany Abbott, who has twin sons at the school:

(added 4:33 pm – closer look at the Cooper reps in this video clip – note the fast-n-furious snow)

(added 11:59 pm – Brittany shared this photo of her sons at the pre-march rally)

(back to 3:01 pm update) And on the right side of this next photo, with the pink sign, is West Seattle-based district watchdog Chris Jackins, who has repeatedly asked the school board to cancel all closure plans:

All the while, snow continued to fall – there’s a little bit sticking on the ground here in the Central District. We’re heading back to HQ to add video. The marchers’ chants included, “School closures/No thanks/Bail out schools/Not the banks.” They’ll be rallying inside the Garfield Community Center for the next few hours. Ongoing coverage at ADDED 8:42 PM: Thanks to Scott at CDNews for sharing his video of Cooper parent/employee Shelly Williams‘s emotional speech at the rally that preceded the march:

Fauntleroy bus-shelter art: For enjoying as well as for waiting

While covering the Fauntleroy Community Association‘s meeting earlier this month, we heard that installation had just been finished for the bus-shelter art created by community members during the last Fauntleroy Fall Festival (FFF coverage here). Today we received a photo from Jason Sutherland (thank you!), who says, “Anybody who participated should take a walk to see if their work is nearby. We lucked out in that a few of the ones we painted were at the shelter closest to our house.” (If you don’t recognize it on sight, that’s the shelter across the street from the ferry terminal.)

West Seattle’s Seal Sitters spot sunbathing sea lions

January 25, 2009 10:30 am
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Lots to see and read at the Seal Sitters’ “Blubberblog” site these days. Just posted last night – an update on sunbathing sea-lion sightings on the West Seattle shore. There’s also the saga of an elephant seal that spent a few days on a “South Puget Sound” beach, and full details of Forte’s day along the Alki boardwalk (photo at left from our much-less-detailed coverage here), among other stories.

West Seattle Farmers’ Market: Mushroom mania

January 25, 2009 7:02 am
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Sunday morning means time for the Ripe ‘n’ Ready “fresh sheet” as the West Seattle Farmers’ Market continues on year-round – this week’s list of what’s new (and not-so-new) includes “the return of fresh mushrooms.” Find the West Seattle Farmers’ Market at 44th/Alaska, 10 am-2 pm.

West Seattle weekend scene: Happy birthday, Twilight!

January 25, 2009 3:29 am
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A little past midway through Saturday night’s 4th birthday bash for Twilight Artist Collective – held in the West Seattle Junction spot (west of Easy Street) that they took over in late ’07 – they were serenaded with the traditional birthday tune, in a not-so-traditional way. Haven’t met Erin, Mary, and Cheryl yet? Info’s here, for their original Pike Place Market location as well as their Junction space. (They have a separate blog-format website, too.)