High-school football: WSHS wins again

One week after the big victory over O’Dea, West Seattle High School‘s football team remains undefeated, beating Nathan Hale last night.

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  • JanS September 27, 2008 (9:32 am)

    Way to go, Westside !!

  • GenHillOne September 27, 2008 (9:41 am)

    Congratulations to WSHS, but um…Sealth had a heartbreaking 1 point loss last night @ homecoming game. I get that the O’Dea game was big news, but if we’re going to have hs sports reports now, maybe we could include Sealth and Seattle Lutheran – and what about all the other sports? Those athletes often feel overshadowed by football. Just saying…

  • WSB September 27, 2008 (10:57 am)

    GHO, thanks. I mentioned in last week’s report that I would love to have some help from anybody who’d care to call in scores, etc. Didn’t get any takers. I would LOVE to report on EVERY sport in the area (and a whole lot more nonsports stuff too) but as it is, we have to kind of stick to the remarkable, which seems to be what’s up with WSHS. I don’t want to say “no sports if we can’t do all sports.” Will look around to see if there’s a better way but for now … as with everything else … it’s baby steps. P.S. If you or your family/friends are involved with ANY local teams, PLEASE tell them WSB would love to get scores, reports, photos, anything. A little or a lot. The Internet is infinite … so we can certainly publish even more than we publish now. P.S. We do put all three schools’ football game times/locations in the Weekend Lineup every Friday. – TR

  • GenHillOne September 27, 2008 (11:10 am)

    Yes, it would be a huge undertaking, completely understood. As always, you do a great job and serve WS well. It’s just a matter of school pride ;)

    I still remember how my own school felt slighted at regularly being left out of the Times’ box scores (many) years ago…and our always-went-to-state soccer team never got a second glance. Now there are stations doing weekly hs reports, so that’s nice growth. Now if they’d only include the mathletes there too!

  • WSB September 27, 2008 (11:26 am)

    If worst comes to worst, I guess I could just aggregate each team’s pages on the citywide newspaper sites and that would be better than nada. Last year I tried to get scores that way and they were wildly unreliable … that’s why last week we went to the stadium in person at the end of the big WSHS game to make sure we’d be able to find out the score. (Found out later that the Times had live-tweeted the game play-by-play … eventually everybody will post everything online and then it’s just really a matter of aggregation.)

  • BB September 27, 2008 (5:21 pm)

    As an ex-footballer from another city (ooohhh soo long ago my body tells me). I think its great to bring a little coverage to these guys! Maybe even a little insight into where the prominent players may be going to college, etc.? There are very few sports you find that bring together small communities the way HS football does. No dis-respect to any other sport (played several myself) but ya gotta start somewhere and in most places it is football. Can’t wait until WSB has a full blown (WS only) sports department! GO WSB! G-G-O-W-S-B!

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