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District Councils, report #1: Park name, Gateway cleanup

The bulk of tonight’s joint meeting of the Delridge and Southwest District Councils was devoted to an intensive briefing on where the Alaskan Way Viaduct projects stand now; we’ll be writing that up in the morning, but there are a couple quick notes to pass along tonight: First, the councils’ members voted unanimously to ask the Parks Department to make an exception to its park-naming policy so that a future West Seattle park can be named in honor of the late West Seattle Herald reporter Tim St. Clair — possibly the new park in Morgan Junction, where Mr. St. Clair lived prior to his untimely death six months ago. (Official Parks policy currently says that can’t be done till someone’s been gone three years.) Second, Nancy Driver from Fairmount Community Association provided another update at meeting’s end on the West Seattle Gateway cleanup coming up a week from Saturday: Volunteer power is stacking up nicely (thanks to all the WSB’ers who have signed up); what’s most needed now is $ donation to help pay for some tree work. DNDA is serving as the “fiscal agent” for the cleanup effort (which will beautify the “gateway” area along the Fauntleroy end of The Bridge, Walking on Logs to 35th/Fauntleroy. To find out more about how to donate, e-mail Nancy at

Double feature at Ginomai: “Thriller” practice, Blayne on “Runway”

September 3, 2008 11:21 pm
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That’s the group of zombie wannabes who turned out for the first practice of the West Seattle “Thrill the World” group, tonight at Ginomai right before the weekly “Project Runway” viewing party. It’s not too late to get involved — you can show up next Wednesday at 8 pm; that’s the weekly rehearsal time, leading up to the October 25 performance as part of the world-record attempt. Now, as for “Project Runway,” we’re still in no-home-page-spoilers mode, so click ahead to see how tonight’s episode went for Hotwire Coffee (WSB sponsor) barista Blayne, and what Blayne’s boss had to say about it afterward:Read More

Wildlife watch: Admiral District coyote sighting

Jessica wanted people in the area to know, so she sent this tonight:

Just saw a coyote crossing the street, 41st ave SW, a block from Metropolitan Market. Feeling afraid for kitties we spotted out.

Previous West Seattle coyote-sighting reports published on WSB are archived here. ADDED 11:56 PM: In comments on this post, Jenny mentioned a Lincoln Park sighting – she then sent us this photo:


ADDED THURSDAY AFTERNOON: Big Old Daddy sends word of another sighting:

Didn’t think to report this when it happened, but my son and I were at the kitchen table about 9 AM on Tuesday, Sep 2, when he spotted a coyote ambling down the neighbor’s driveway on SW Cloverdale near Fauntleroy Place SW. The coyote strolled up Cloverdale where another neighbor tried to scare it away with some pebbles. Last night yet another neighbor came over to ask if we had seen one of their cats – one who never misses a meal and may have become one. I’m pretty sure this is the same critter we saw lounging in a neighbor’s yard a couple of months ago.

Countdown to Car-Free Sunday: Activities planned


As the city’s “Car-Free Day” on Alki SW (California Way to 63rd SW, as per the above map) gets closer – noon-6 pm this Sunday – we’re posting daily reminders with the newest information. Tonight, a couple of activity updates; Coastal on Alki is planning a skateboarding “mini-ramp in the street” plus raffles and a “street sale.” Several local organizations and businesses are planning to set up tables with information about walking and biking — we just talked with Chas Redmond at the Delridge/Southwest District Councils’ joint meeting at Youngstown Arts Center, and he’ll be there with more (free!) copies of the West Seattle Walking Trails Map. In addition, as mentioned previously, the Cones for Kids Children’s Hospital guild fundraiser is set for 1-4 pm at Alki Bathhouse, and we got word this week that West Seattle-based BabyLegs is offering a gift bag (with a free pair of BabyLegs) to the first 50 people to take part in Cones for Kids. Meantime, as we reported earlier this week, the city is planning one last infoblitz to make sure no one in the affected area misses word that this is happening – tomorrow, a city phone system is scheduled to make calls to residents and businesses, and the “No Parking” signs (restrictions are in effect 10 am-6 pm Sunday) should be going out tomorrow, since SDOT told us they’ll be up with 72 hours’ notice. More infobits in tomorrow’s update, if not sooner; here’s the official city information page. ADDED 10:38 PM: Bill Reiswig from Sustainable West Seattle passed along some more information — info-tabling will be happening noon-5, bicycle-maintenance demonstrations and repair assistance are planned 5-6. Other groups participating include, Cascade Bicycle Club, and Feet First; we’re told the Rat City Rollergirls are even expected to put in an appearance — this is all planned in the parking strip in front of the bathhouse.

Upgraded way to watch which ferry is where

Found out from the WSDOT Twitter feed that Washington State Ferries has upgraded its “Vessel Watch” feature, which uses GPS to show which ferry is where. You can see it here.

Video: Back-to-school assembly pitches “college pledge” at Denny

September 3, 2008 4:09 pm
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That’s video of the Denny Middle School Marching Band — directed by Marcus Pimpleton. The band was the opening act this morning for the biggest media event of Seattle Public Schools‘ first day of classes, with a guest list including district Superintendent Dr. Maria Goodloe-Johnson, Mayor Nickels, West Seattle school-board rep Steve Sundquist, not to mention a sizable contingent of cameras, as you can see in the video. (We brought you a brief update on this shortly after it happened; now, here are full details.) The most important guests of all, the audience — Denny’s brand-new sixth-grade class, which had the school all to themselves today, since the 7th and 8th graders don’t arrive till tomorrow. With two exceptions: Two 8th graders spoke as part of a presentation about a college-scholarship program — read on to see what they had to say:Read More

Bulletin: “Costco detour” closure of lower EB Spokane pushed back


If you use lower Spokane Street from 1st eastward (usually accessed by West Seattleites getting off the Spokane Street Viaduct at 1st Avenue So.), listen up: The city has just pushed back the start date for that street closure (and the above detour) till week after next, though a parking change WILL kick in next Monday, according to Elaine Yeung:
From a meeting this morning, we found out that we will not be closing eastbound S Spokane St until September 16th. The reason is that currently the re-paving work on 1st Ave S, south of S Spokane St is using eastbound S Spokane St as a detour route, and they will not be finished until a week later than we had expected.

To enable the contractor to stage and mobilize equipment, there will be no parking beneath the (Spokane Street) viaduct between 2nd and 4th beginning on Monday, September 8th.

The closure will be for utility work that marks the start of the Spokane Street Viaduct Widening Project, which will double the width of the elevated roadway between 99 and I-5, plus change the ramp configuration, over the next three years. Catch up with WSB coverage in this archive (newest to oldest).

Suspected serial bank robber caught on camera

September 3, 2008 2:40 pm
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Just posted at partner site White Center Now: Surveillance photos from the FBI, showing the man who held up the White Center Washington Mutual Bank yesterday. The FBI thinks he’s also to blame for two Burien robberies earlier this year.

Bus-proposal postscript: Here’s the map


That’s a section of the map distributed at yesterday’s media event announcing the county’s plan to add bus service when major Alaskan Way Viaduct construction kicks in (WSB coverage here and here). The electronic copy of that map (showing specific bus routes that are “candidates for service enhancement” countywide) wasn’t available till just now, so we wanted to share it: Here’s the link to the full map. You may notice something we didn’t catch when we saw the printed-out version: the mention of potential RapidRide “early enhancement.” Might that mean West Seattle RapidRide would start sooner than 2011? Councilmember Dow Constantine‘s staff says we’ll know more when County Executive Ron Sims‘ full proposal gets to the council for review.

Welcoming a new WSB sponsor: Seattle Wellness Programs


(Left to right, Carolyn Welch, Ms, Lac, RN – Dr. Elissa Mullen, ND – L. Jane Barnes, ND – Leah Bowman, LMP)
That’s the staff of Seattle Wellness Programs, which we’re welcoming today as WSB’s newest sponsor. As with all new sponsors, we offered them the chance to introduce themselves to you, and here’s what they want you to know: “Dr. Elissa Mullen, ND, practices general adult medicine and specializes in chronic disease. Naturopathic Medicine is a branch of healing that combines centuries-old natural therapies with the current understanding of health and human systems. It encompasses all aspects of family health from prenatal to geriatric care, and emphasizes prevention and self-care. Naturopathic Doctors (NDs) embrace six major philosophies; the three that best summarize the foundation of the profession are Vis Medicatrix Naturae (healing power of nature), Primum Nocere (first do no harm) and Tolle Causum (remove the cause of disease). This refers to their belief of using the healing power of nature and the least invasive methods to treat the cause rather than just symptoms of disease. Naturopathic Medicine focuses on supporting the body’s innate ability to heal itself with supplementation of herbs, diet and nutrition, hydrotherapy, homeopathy and lifestyle management.” The rest of the team also wants to let you know about their specialties (including programs for businesses!) – read on:Read More

Wednesday Web-wandering: Two Big Blog links of note

Both from the P-I’s “Big Blog“: #1 – A West Seattle woman digs up photos from the beauty pageant in which she and Sarah Palin were both contestants. (Our own weird Palin side note is that someone anonymously sent the WSB mailbox a “Sarah Palin for Vice President” bumper sticker many MONTHS ago; specifically, it said MOTHERS AGAINST GOV’T CORRUPTION/GOV’T SARAH PALIN FOR VP/(smaller type) JOHN MCCAIN FOR PRESIDENT. We gave it to a friend. Next time someone sends us something random, we will remind ourselves that anything could become a collector’s item someday.) #2 – If you’re inclined to go downtown tomorrow night, we’re on a P-I-moderated panel about the neighborhood-blogging biz. Among our fellow panelists, the just-decloaked “Geeky Swedes” of (We have a side note on that one too; Cory Bergman and I both held the same management job at KCPQ TV, a few years apart — TR)

Update: Alki Statue of Liberty’s new pedestal arrives

September 3, 2008 11:47 am
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Update since this morning’s report: We’re at Alki, where a pickup truck pulled up a short time ago with the Statue of Liberty’s new pedestal. It’ll be placed over the metal supports seen at the right side of the photo, and topped with a bronze lantern, before the statue returns tomorrow (all in advance of Saturday’s plaza dedication).

First day of school: Denny event, report #1

September 3, 2008 10:56 am
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That’s the Denny Middle School marching band playing at the start of Seattle’s biggest back-to-school event — Mayor Nickels and district Superintendent Dr. Maria Goodloe-Johnson speaking to a just-concluded assembly of Denny’s brand-new sixth-grade class (the 7th and 8th graders don’t start till tomorrow). Video highlights and more details a bit later – one key point of the assembly was to educate the new middle-schoolers about the “College-Bound Pledge” that could lead to big help with the cost of college, for families who otherwise would have trouble affording it. Denny Principal Jeff Clark says more students are signed up for the pledge at his school than any other school in the district — about 190.

Junction Car Show update: California to go semi-car-free, sort of

September 3, 2008 9:04 am
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So everybody knows Alki SW is going car-free noon-6 pm this Sunday, right? (We’ll have another update later today, focusing on some of the official activities that are being planned.) You might not have heard as much, yet, about an event that will close a few blocks of California SW to traffic in The Junction later this month — mustang.jpgthe first-ever West Seattle Junction Car Show, 8 am-4 pm, Sunday, September 21st. Yes, even in this day and age of $4 gas, reduced parking requirements in new developments, standing-room-only buses, it’s OK to celebrate cars now and then – and here’s the proof! WSB is among the co-sponsors; we just checked in with one of the organizers, Michael Hoffman from Liberty Bell Printing in The Junction, and he says the show has clearance to close California SW in The Junction to traffic that day in these segments: from Edmunds to Alaska, Alaska to Oregon, and Oregon to the post office. 90 cars are already signed up — he notes “this is way above what car shows usually get. Especially a first-time show” — and there’s room for many more. (Got a “pre-1975 beauty”? Here’s the registration form.) We’re expecting another update after organizers meet for their next strategy session later today.

Alki Statue of Liberty Plaza construction: Finishing-touches time

September 3, 2008 7:02 am
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David Hutchinson, who’s been photographically chronicling the Alki Statue of Liberty Plaza construction (you can see many of his pix in our coverage archive as well as at the project’s official website), sends these new photos this morning with an update: What you see above is the “internal steel support” for the statue and its new pedestal — he says the pedestal is likely to arrive late this morning, and the statue is expected back tomorrow (here’s our coverage with video of its 7/8 departure). A wide view of the almost-done plaza:


The dedication celebration has events scheduled all day and into the night on Saturday, 11 am-8:45 pm; the full schedule is here, anchored by the ribbon-cutting/dedication ceremony @ 1 pm. Yes, it really has been almost a full year since the last dedication ceremony at the site – when the recast statue was returned to and unveiled on the old pedestal (demolished during plaza construction) on 9/11/07 (WSB coverage with video here).

Today/tonight: School start, transportation talk, Thriller, Blayne

September 3, 2008 5:53 am
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TODAY: First day of school for Seattle Public Schools (and some private schools too). Two big headlines: Chief Sealth High School starts the first of two years relocated to the Boren campus (5950 Delridge) because of renovation/construction work at its permanent campus; Denny Middle School will host Superintendent Dr. Maria Goodloe-Johnson and Mayor Nickels at the district’s biggest media event du jour, a 10 am back-to-school news conference. (One more note: The old Hughes school on 34th SW is empty again this year; South Lake High School moved to its new building in the Rainier Valley.)

TONIGHT: The latest information on the transportation projects about to affect West Seattle in a big way are part of the agenda at the Southwest/Delridge District Councils‘ joint meeting, 7 pm at Youngstown Arts Center, everyone invited.

TONIGHT: The first rehearsal for West Seattleites who want to help “Thrill the World” next month is at 8 pm at Ginomai (SW corner of 42nd/Genesee; here’s the story behind the team, which you’re welcome to join; here’s the official blog, with links to what they’ll be practicing tonight).

TONIGHT: Right after that, same place, it’s the next viewing party for “Project Runway,” in which Hotwire Coffee (WSB sponsor) barista Blayne is still alive and kicking, er, designing. Show’s on the big screen at 9 pm.

More events for today/tonight/beyond are on the WSB Events Calendar. (Is yours missing? Please e-mail us!)