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More West Seattle beauty


WSB contributing photojournalist Christopher Boffoli was shooting from Queen Anne when he captured that ferry passing Alki. His next two photos were taken from West Seattle:



Next photo is from John LaSpina (who also contributed this morning’s Junction sunrise) — the afternoon moonrise over Holy Rosary:


And though this wasn’t taken today (last Wednesday, to be exact), Vanessa Hutchinson e-mailed it to WSB tonight to share:


We appreciate your photos and video, as well as news tips – best address is – thanks!

Update on search for Nicholas Francisco, missing 4 days

missingmanfoto.jpgfranciscocar.jpgNew information since we first posted yesterday about Nicholas Francisco, the South King County man who’s been missing since Wednesday. (His photo’s at left; his car at right; the full poster with other pix is in our post here.) Searchers say they’ve raised the reward; Mars Hill-West Seattle has issued a statement of support that notes “the Francisco family recently left” the church, while also asking members to pray for Nicholas’ safe return. The searchers’ official website is here.

Eagle-eyed view in Highland Park


Thanks to Justin Fallstrom for sending that photo. He writes:

Generally there is not much exciting going on down here in Highland Park; however, this morning, while working outside on the second sunny day in a row, the local murder of crows caught my attention. Apparently crows and bald eagles do not get along very well, however, the fellow in the attached photos did not appear to be too bothered by the very noisy crows. Thought the readers might be interested. The high voltage pole the eagle is perched on is at the intersection of 13th Ave SW and SW Cambridge.

Salon closed for a day after trash-can mishap

February 17, 2008 12:54 pm
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Just got a message from Illusions (WSB sponsor) asking us to let you know that they’ll be closed tomorrow for cleaning because of a trash-can mishap on Friday. Your editor here was actually there (incognito) getting a haircut when it happened, as, it turned out, was Rhonda from Beach Drive Blog, who had a camera handy. It seemed too small to bother noting here at the time – we’ve seen a lot of smoldering trash cans in our day – but a salon spokesperson says they’ve since decided to bring in professional cleaners to get rid of some extinguisher residue, so they’ll be closed tomorrow and hope to reopen at noon Tuesday. (More info on the Illusions website.)

Crime Watch reader report: Laundromat customer robbed

February 17, 2008 11:21 am
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Just out of the inbox from Olympic Heights Laundry (7347 35th) owners Paul and Dave:

Just wanted to let you know, that I just spoke with one of our customers who was using the Laundromat last night about 10:30 and she was attacked and robbed. She is one of our regular customers who comes in to do laundry around 10:00 PM, we allow our customers to start as late as 10:00 PM, and the door has an auto lock on it. She said that 2 heavy set African American girls came in and asked to borrow 50 cents, and then left. They returned a short time later to “warm up” and when she was in the back of the laundry they pinned her and took her credit cards, phone, and some change. She did state that they appeared to not be very good at their robbery, with one giving all the directions and the other doing the job. She did report this to the police and I believe I know who these suspects are as they wait for a bus right across the street.

They say they plan to beef up laundromat security. Meantime, as in any crime case, let police know if you have any information that might help them make arrests; 625-5011 is the nonemergency lin.

Denny-Sealth: Remaining questions from 2/12 meeting

President Steve Fischer of the Westwood Neighborhood Council, which organized last Tuesday’s panel-discussion meeting at CSHS (WSB text/video coverage here), sent the list of audience questions that remained when time ran out. As promised, he has forwarded them to the district to request answers online the same way they answered questions (here) from their 2/4 meeting at CSHS. Here’s the list (reading it, we see there is one toward the end that we can answer, as it involves WSB):Read More

Sunrise silhouette

February 17, 2008 10:33 am
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Thanks to John LaSpina for photographing today’s sunrise from The Junction.

West Seattle Farmers’ Market: Big news AND the “fresh sheet”

Wendy broke the news (in comments on this item last weekend), and now it’s confirmed in e-mail from the West Seattle Farmers’ Market parent organization: “We are currently in the processing of securing the Market site in West Seattle for all the Sundays in March and April so that the market can stay open until spring without interruption.” Otherwise, WSFM was set to close temporarily after next Sunday. So keep your fingers crossed – and now, here’s the “fresh sheet” for today’s market, 11 am-2 pm in The Junction:Read More