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West Seattle Crime Watch: Rock-throwing redux

From the latest reports at the Southwest Precinct, we begin with yet another round of rock-throwers, this time on the south end of West Seattle: handcuffs_2.jpgA man in his 80s who lives in the 9400 block of 9th SW called police around 8:30 last night, complaining that four or five boys have been throwing rocks at his house for the past week and a half, on non-rainy nights, always between 7:45 and 9 pm. Last night, he spotted them crouching behind a tree on the south side of Roxbury; he yelled to his wife to call the police, and the boys bolted. He told police he’s lived in the house 45 years and never had a problem like this. No description of the suspects, though. Next — another throwing incident, and a masher at the mini-mart:Read More

Denny-Sealth updates from tonight’s school-board meeting

UPDATE #1: As has been the case for the past several meetings, the public-comment period at the start of the meeting was dominated by testimony from merged-campus opponents. The board’s in a brief break now, with what’s been described as a “presentation” and “discussion” yet to come on items including the formal introduction of the superintendent’s recommendation that the board approve Option 2. More to come; it’s live on cable channel 26. UPDATE #2, ADDED 9:55 PM: The Denny-Sealth presentation/discussion took more than an hour and a half. Read More

Seen from the shore

Thanks to David Hutchinson for e-mailing that video he says he got “with a telephoto lens at a respectable distance,” starring a young harbor seal resting on the rocks today near Don Armeni. Thanks also to Cleat for the photo below – the latest Washington State Ferry in a world o’hurt, photographed under tow off Luna/Anchor Park:


Charlestown Cafe update: At least a few more weeks

ccfiresmall.jpgOne week after our last update on fire repairs at the Charlestown Cafe, we went over to the restaurant to see if owner Larry Mellum had anything new to report – He does, and it’ll be disappointing news for CC fans: Kitchen repair work is a little more extensive than expected, and with the permits they need to get, and other aspects of the process, it will take at least two more weeks before they’ll be ready to reopen.

A different Valentine’s heart: New West Seattle bumper sticker


We’ve talked about “I (heart) West Seattle” bumper stickers here several times before – now there’s a brand-new way to get one – at the monthly West Seattle Chamber of Commerce lunch today, the Chamber unveiled the stickers you see above. You can buy ’em for $2.50 at the Chamber office (3614 California, east side of street just south of Spokane; map). Lots of other info to share from the event – transportation was the main topic, with more on the Viaduct info presented last night at Cooper; also extra details on city projects such as the new ramps coming to the Spokane Street Viaduct end of the West Seattle Bridge, plus a county update on the Water Taxi – updates ahead.

Midweek miscellany: From crime to chocolate (and beyond)

-Several incidents from the Monday West Seattle Crime Watch report have turned into citywide media reports today: the P-I wrote up the 16th/Myrtle flasher – note that one child reported seeing this guy a couple times – the headline suggests multiple victims but that wasn’t what was in the report we reviewed; KING 5 looked at the latest round of graffiti, including the car in the Admiral/42nd garage.

-Chocolate, anyone? Karen and Phyllis are West Seattle residents who run Alaska Silk Pie Company in Sodo and wondered if we’d mention a baking class they’re doing this Saturday. You can read about it in their newsletter.

West Side Presbyterian Church is launching its free two-week “Alpha Course” tonight – tackling The Big Questions such as “Why are we here?, Does my life have meaning? Is there something more?” – 6:45 pm, casual meal and child care included; sign up by calling 935-4477. (Church events are welcome for our Events page and other occasional spotlights — just e-mail us!)

-Last but by no means least, if you have a son 6-8 years old, Kirsten is hoping you might be interested in a group she’s trying to organize. Here’s her e-mail:

Dear West Seattle parents of 6-8 year old boys,

I am trying to form a Camp Fire group of 5-7, 6-8 year old boys. If anyone is interested in working with me to make that happen, please let me know.

Camp Fire USA is a fantastic organization that I am proud to have participated in as the third generation in my family and now I’d really like for my son to be involved, but unfortunately there isn’t a group for him to join in our area. I am happy to take on the role of leader or to collaborate with another parent on this, but the first step is getting an interested group formed. If you’d like to learn more about the organization, check out their website.

You can reach Kirsten via e-mail; click here.

Harbor Properties’ new plan: Not quite a done deal

February 13, 2008 9:47 am
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We told you last weekend about Harbor Properties — the company behind Mural, going in at the former Petco parking lot — applying to the city for a permit to build a mixed-use project east of The Junction, including former Huling parcels (photo above) and land now occupied by West Seattle Montessori School. We’ve since talked with Emi Baldowin at Harbor, who says there’s one big “if” here — “We have not formally acquired the property,” she says, explaining that they went ahead and filed for the permit anyway to get the ball rolling because the process takes so long. She wouldn’t comment on how much other Huling land Harbor Properties is hoping to buy, but says her firm should have word on its proposed purchase by the end of the month. She also says that if it does go through and they are indeed able to work with West Seattle Montessori, they’re looking at the school perhaps being “on the other end of the block,” which could alleviate a pickup/dropoff situation that has been less than ideal for parents (and sometimes for drivers going by on Fauntleroy).

Welcome to the newest WSB sponsor: Quid’•nunc

This morning, we send out the traditional WSB sponsor welcome to Quid’•nunc (4522 California in The Junction), West Seattle’s best-known computer store. Here’s what the folks from Quid’•nunc want you to know: “Quid’•nunc has been serving West Seattle for 13 years with computer hardware, software, and accessories plus repair and networking services. Our goal is to provide you with quality products and service which will ensure reliable computer operations for you. We are always available to answer questions or offer advice. In the last year, we hired a great team of computer technicians. billh.jpgWe are now offering on-site services for you and your business. If you need a part-time computer pro, please give us a call. We can set up a unique service contract to ensure your network runs safely and efficiently. Bill Hibler, owner of Quid’•nunc, [photo left] is a West Seattle local. He has lived here for 19 years. He is a member of the West Seattle Chamber of Commerce, the Westside Professionals – a BNI networking organization, a past president of the West Seattle Junction Association, a member of the board of trustees of ArtsWest, and a member of the board of Trusteed Properties, which owns and manages the free parking lots in the Junction. Bill is dedicated to the health and growth of our community. He lives, works and plays in West Seattle. He is an avid reader, cyclist and gardener. He regularly sponsors the West Seattle Garden Tour and hopes to have his own yard on the tour someday. Quid’•nunc has consistently supported the fundraising activities of local schools and churches and is a regular sponsor of West Seattle Girls Softball. A few years ago, Quid’•nunc was looking for a simple slogan to help people remember the store. We felt so strongly about ‘Quid’•nunc–Where PC means Personal Care®’ that we registered it as a Washington State trademark.” (Check the ad in the right sidebar for a special offer.) Thanks to Quid’•nunc and our other sponsors for supporting WSB; if you want to find out how to join them, here’s the place to start.

Denny-Sealth meeting: Countdown to the final vote

Tonight, Seattle School Board members will officially be presented with Superintendent Dr. Maria Goodloe-Johnson‘s recommendation that they approve Option 2 for the Denny Middle School rebuilding/Chief Sealth High School renovation process, with the final vote in 2 weeks. Last night, at a public panel-discussion meeting organized by the Westwood Neighborhood Council, West Seattle’s school board rep Steve Sundquist announced which way he’s leaning, while also revealing what it’s been like to walk right into this turbulent controversy as a newly elected board member:Read More