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Caucus countdown: 2 weeks to go, less for “absentee” form

Will West Seattle go for Obama? Edwards? Clinton? Romney? Paul? McCain? Or? donkey5.jpgelephant.jpgHere’s another reminder that Washington caucuses are two weeks from today, 1 pm on Saturday 2/9, various WS locations for Democrats, Southwest Community Center for WS Republicans. The caucus results will count for all the Democratic presidential-candidate nomination process in our state, and half the Republican process (the GOP’s other half will come from the Feb. 19 WA primary). Tons of info links in previous WSB coverage (here, here, here) and on the websites of the 34th District Democrats and King County Republicans. Plus, a reader e-mailed WSB tonight (thank you!) to point out that February 1st is the deadline for the Democratic Party to receive the equivalent of an “absentee ballot” — it’s an affidavit that can be filed by those who say they can’t make the caucuses because of religious observance, disability challenges, or military service. You can download the form here (the second page of the PDF includes the three options for sending it in — postal mail, e-mail, or fax). P.S. Caucus talk is under way in the WSB Forums, too.

More details on Statue of Liberty Plaza Project, post-fundraising

As first reported here yesterday afternoon, city Parks Department reps have met with “stakeholders” in the project to build a new plaza for the Alki Statue of Liberty. Major developments from that meeting included a new, longer timeline for the plaza, some design revisions, and another round of public involvement in the process, including an expected public meeting in April. In the day since the meeting, we’ve gathered more reaction and further details on what happens next, starting with a detailed update — and call for action — from Seattle Statue of Liberty Plaza Project co-chairs Libby and Paul Carr:Read More

Latest signs of change along Alki Ave

The new Pegasus sign is up at the ex-Coyotes, ex-Chez Million, ex-Lighthouse, ex-Point:


Further east, new colors are painted on Slices (whose front fence was shown in the Craigslist version of this ad last month; we wrote to the listed e-mailbox but got no reply) and in the background, the ex-Alki Mail turned future Pioneer Coffee Company:


Throw in the towel(s)

January 26, 2008 1:38 pm
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The West Seattle-based animal helpers at Furry Faces Foundation are working on Spay Day USA events coming up next month, including a special clinic day for feral cats, thecats.jpgbut there’s one thing you can help them with RIGHT NOW – they need donations of clean, used towels. The towels are used to keep the animals warm while they recover; towels donated now will be reused for future events too. Teri Ensley of FFF (aka “F-Cubed”), says the success of spaying/neutering campaigns will help more than just the cats directly involved — it means “less kittens will enter our shelters which will increase the adoption rate of adult cats because they don’t have to compete with the cute little kittens.” (Seen above, two cats we adopted as adults – them and us! – from local shelters.) Take your clean, dry used towels to Pet Elements in Morgan Junction (6701 California Ave SW). And if you have a question about Spay Day USA, e-mail Teri ( There are some other ways you can help – check the WSB Pets page.

Lincoln Park coyote sighting this morning

From “Rick on 36th”:

Great view of coyote heading SW in the lower 3rd of the park. I was approaching one of the big trail junctions in the woodsy area and it loped past us at an angle. I was surprised at its size, seemed on the bigger end of coyotes in my experience. Pretty darn tall and long but skinny. Big bushy tail held low and real perky ears. Kinda mottled coat. No lost German Shepherd was this.

Snow? Weather Service still hedging its bets

As of the 3:30 am “forecast discussion,” anyway. 12:10 PM UPDATE: A few flakes spotted up here in Upper Fauntleroy! Serious stuff wasn’t expected till later so we’ll hold off on an official “snow panic” thread.