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1st-ever West Seattle Community Recognition Awards


That’s what the sign on Capers’ back door said. And first, we must thank them yet again for playing host, with refreshments (including delish brownies) for all in attendance. Now, thanks to the people who dropped in, some of whom you see here —


Attendees included some folks we already knew (including some of our fine WSB sponsors), some we didn’t. (We met “Bob Loblaw”! But sorry, no photo. You had to be there.) And the winners are …Read More

West Seattle Crime Watch: Exposure arrest; car vandalism

January 18, 2008 7:33 pm
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The latest from the files at the Southwest Precinct: We start with an indecent-exposure arrest in the 9400 block of 30th SW. handcuffs_2.jpgAn 11-year-old boy was walking in a nearby alley Wednesday afternoon when, he said, a man motioned him over, then dropped his pants and exposed himself. He ran to a nearby school to report what happened. Other information led officers to believe they knew who they were looking for, and before they had finished talking with the young victim, the suspect showed up in the area, and they arrested him. Police say they have dealt with the suspect before, mostly for “mental-health situations.” More police-report summaries ahead, including a “home invasion” that happened this morning:Read More

Last call: Come join us at Capers (till 8-ish)

January 18, 2008 6:57 pm
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Here’s what’s happening. Hope to see you there.

Speaking of wildlife — unusual cat on the loose

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Earlier today, we got this note and posted it to the Pets page:

I just saw a very exotic cat wandering around 48th and Lander. It almost looked like a zoo kitty and not a domestic cat (looked like a small leopard). I will go see if I can get its picture, but just in case someone is looking for this cat. It did not look comfortable outside.

We just got a phone call — apparently it’s still out there in that area somewhere (the caller said it looks like an ocelot?) and neighbors are a little spooked, but the person who called us said Animal Control wasn’t interested in coming out. This cat sound familiar to anyone?

Raccoons: Friend or foe? 2 requests to discuss ’em


That photo is from Luckie, who explains:

This raccoon was walking around my backyard when I got home today just after noon. I scared it up a tree. I’ve called a couple of wildlife guys; they can come out next week, and each will charge between $185 and $220 to set live traps for raccoons. My question: is it worth it? Can this sort of action make a difference in the raccoon population of West Seattle ? Or would I just be spitting in the wind? Are other people having daytime raccoon visitations? I wouldn’t care so much, but we’ve lost several pets to raccoons.

P.S. The raccoon is still there. It fell asleep.

This gives us the excuse to finally post one other note we received a few days from someone who wanted to discuss the West Seattle raccoon situation. This one, its sender told WSB, was written by a cat named Eros:Read More

West Seattle Crime Watch: Crime-stats breakout

When we mentioned yesterday’s announcement that citywide crime hit a 40-year low last year, we also mentioned we didn’t have a West Seattle breakout. Right now, we do, thanks to the kindness and tech-savvy-ness of Scott from Central District News. He sent the following list of crime stats in major categories in West Seattle for 1996-2007, year by year, for census tracts 96, 97, 98, 99, 105, 106, 107, 108, 116, 115, 114, 113, 120, and 121 all together — we don’t have time right this second to doublecheck where the boundaries end, but you can find your census tract here. Now, those numbers:Read More

West Seattle Weekend Lineup: 36 possibilities

Wondering what to do tonight, tomorrow, Sunday? We’ve found three dozen possibilities:Read More

47th/Admiral crosswalk death: Driver found guilty of assault

That was the verdict against West Seattle rabbi Ephraim Schwartz from a Seattle Municipal Court jury this morning, according to the P-I. The crash that killed then-City Councilmember David Della‘s chief of staff, 29-year-old Tatsuo Nakata, happened 14 months ago.

Fauntleroy wants you!

January 18, 2008 11:24 am
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Just out of the WSB inbox, from Judy Pickens:

Fauntleroy documentary project seeks marketing expert:

Fauntleroy is coming together to write, film, produce, and screen a 30-minute documentary that will capture the historic events, people, and places that shaped the neighborhood, profile what it is today, and explore the challenges of nurturing community in an increasingly urbanized city. This combination volunteer/professional project is just getting under way and needs a marketing expert on the team. If you could solicit sponsorships to augment grant funding, develop a marketing plan, and identify screening venues, you might be the one! Passion for Fauntleroy a plus. To explore this opportunity, contact

Latest from land-use land: 2 West Seattle proposals

Two notes from the city’s latest Land Use Information Bulletin, starting with 4515 44th SW in The Junction:


Back in October, we brought you first word of a planned mixed-use development on that site; the Design Review Board took a look at it in November. The application notice (which also includes contact info for comments that’ll be taken through 1/30) describes the project as a “4-story, 14-unit apartment building with 1,334 square feet of retail, 3,860 square feet of office space” and parking for 15 vehicles. Next, to Harbor Ave:


The land-use application for 2775 Harbor Ave (map; the Harbor Ave building boom was also discussed at last night’s Alki Community Council meeting). The application notice (also taking comments through 1/30) describes this project as “a 5-story 13,101 sq. ft. office building with an 800 sq. ft. caretakers unit,” parking for 15 vehicles. No rendering publicly visible on the architects’ site at this point.

Join us in The Junction tonight

Second-to-last reminder (we’ll bring it up again toward day’s end) — if you’re in The Junction tonight or not otherwise occupied, we hope to see you TONIGHT at Capers, 7-8ish pm, at the informal gathering announcing the honorees in the first-ever quarterly West Seattle Community Recognition Awards (explained here). trophy1.jpgSince this is the first time, there’s no big formal program planned — no big speeches, no golden statuettes, no tuxes and gowns (sorry), just a chance to come say hi, find out who the recipients are, and meet some of your fellow West Seattleites. Can’t say whether 10 people will be there or 100, but the three of us will be, as will Julie Mireille Anderson of Divina (who hatched the idea for this as a new way to recognize and thank some of the unsung heroes of West Seattle), and the nice folks from Capers who offered to host the gathering (thank you, and also thank you to the judges, who we’ll be listing later, as well as to the people who sent nominations). 7-8ish pm, Capers in The Junction (west side of California, midblock between Oregon and Alaska).