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West Seattle Christmas lights, 12/21/07


Thanks to daPuffin for tipping us off to the Santa hat, on Roxbury at 36th. It’s now on the West Seattle Christmas lights map that you’ll find on the WSB Holidays page, and it’s in the light-display archive here.

Coyote alert: Lincoln Park

Ted sent this to WSB last weekend and we missed the chance to post it then, but he advises us he’s still hearing the howls, so it’s not too late to issue the alert. Not to evoke anti-coyote hysteria – just a reminder to be careful:

Just wanted to let you know – saw a brazen Coyote in Lincoln Park during the day on Sat. We had our dog on a leash but another couple that was approx 100 ft away from us did not. No sooner did we pass the couple but we saw what appeared to be a very alert and scoping Coyote. I am thinking he may have been checking out the little lap dog the couple had off-leash. We were on an interior trail – near the chin-up bars. Please keep the parks (and coyotes) safe – keep your dogs on a leash !!

Buy an ornament, help a family

Adding this to the Holidays and Events pages as well as the West Seattle Weekend Lineup, but also wanted to make note of it here: alissaandmimi.jpgTomorrow at the new Tillicum Village Gift Gallery on Avalon, Northwest Coastal carver Alissa Bellah-Pierson will be handcarving ornaments to sell to raise money for the medical expenses of her 9-month-old baby Mimi’s liver transplant — the baby (shown with Alissa in photo at left from TV website) had to be rushed from Alaska to Seattle last month, and got a new liver two days before Thanksgiving. You can read more about them on this webpage (scroll down to “Help for a Family in Need”). Mimi’s mom will be carving at the Tillicum Village Gift Gallery 10 am-4 pm tomorrow.

Testing 2 new WSB features; need your feedback!

As of right now, we’re testing two new features – both in hopes of better fulfilling the WSB mission of serving you with West Seattle news, information, and discussion, 24/7/365.

MORE DISCUSSION: We have finally launched “forums” — another HUGE thanks to the fabulous STUART MAXWELL for making this happen (same guy who got WSB onto a better server earlier this morth) — but before we build them out with a slew of categories and other enhancements, we would like you to try them and then let us know how you would want to use them. You will find them by clicking the FORUM tab at the right side of the row of navigation tabs under the sunset header (or click here). We’ve started with two general areas — we’d like to see if forums are the best, well, forum for Reader Recommendation Requests — start a new topic when you have one, and see what happens — this means RRRs won’t have to wait for us to get to them amid all the other West Seattle news of the day. Also, there’s an OPEN DISCUSSION area where you can post a topic you’d like to talk about. Sometimes the main page is the right place for that — like the “walk all ways” opinion sent to us that resulted in this well-discussed post — but again, maybe there’s something you just want to say NOW – go to the forums and say it. One note, you will have to register to post in the forums (but anyone can read them). And right now, since we’re considering this a “beta” test before possibly tying it into more of the site, that registration does NOT link to the comment feature on WSB posts, so you will still have to enter your name and e-mail address separately if you want to comment on those. Try out the forums, let us know what you think, with comments on this post OR by e-mailing WSB. Thanks!

MORE NEWS/INFORMATION: With the help of the fine folks at the Southwest Precinct, we are now able to bring you lots more information about West Seattle crime reports, safety concerns, and crime-prevention advice. Starting right now – with police-report highlights from the past several days:Read More

Alki Urban Market sign sighting


Just up on the future store’s door in the past 24 hours or so. The fine print is an e-mail address at the domain “” The website at that address doesn’t mention the Alki location right now but lists 9 others around the area and describes the parent company as “a company dedicated to the development of ‘high end’ delicatessen stores in the Seattle & Eastside Metropolitan Areas to serve the particular neighborhood they are located in with high quality products and services. Utilizing well known quality products such as Boar Head meats and cheeses, Appasionato Coffees, quality groceries, health foods and fine Washington Wines.”

Commute alert: Bus tunnel update

December 21, 2007 1:49 pm
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Now closed until at least Wednesday, says an e-mail bulletin (not online yet).

West Seattle Weekend Lineup: Winter Solstice edition

10:08 pm tonight, in case you were wondering. Meantime, we have 28 listings of West Seattle events, happening now through Sunday, that you might want to check out as we celebrate the promise of more daylight to come (among other things):Read More

Ornamental “what ever happened to …” question


Since we’re decorating our tree bit by bit between waves of typing, this note from MargeC (with the photos shown above, ’01 ornament left, ’03 right) resonated:

Just finished decorating our tree and was wondering what happened to the annual “Junction Holiday Ornament”s? We moved here in Nov 2001 and that was the first one of what was-to-be a series – it was a fund raiser for decorating the Junction with the summer flower baskets. We purchased ours at the Town Hall on California Ave. AFAIK there wasn’t one in 2002, but there was one for 2003. Does anyone know if there ever was a 2002, or any post-2003? Wish they had continued – they’re beautifully made, unique collectibles.

Memorial service today for Mars Hill pastor’s wife

We recently mentioned that Jeanne Clem, wife of Bill Clem – a Mars Hill-West Seattle pastor after leading Doxa, the church that had the space previously – was losing her fight with cancer. Now there’s word she died this week, and a memorial service is set for 3 pm today (more on the Mars Hill website, which says the church will be running shuttles from the Chief Sealth HS parking lot for attendees).

In honor of the last day before “winter break”


While we were at the Seattle Police Southwest Precinct this week meeting with Lt. Steve Paulsen, he showed us this photo and we asked for a copy to share with you. It’s from Arbor Heights, during one of the many school-zone safety patrols that SW Precinct officers routinely handle; the trunk-mounted display is another variant on those unmanned mobile signs you see from time to time (like the longrunning one on Fauntleroy by Lincoln Park). After “early dismissal” today, school is out for the next two weeks, so you won’t see a scene like this, but many school zones are in residential areas where you’re going to want to keep the pedal a little lighter on the metal anyway.