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Bus-tunnel update: Open!

EARLY MORNING UPDATE: As noted in comments, Metro says the bus tunnel is back in business. PREVIOUSLY: Metro still doesn’t know if the bus tunnel will be back in business for the Tuesday morning commute. They’re promising updates at the Metro website sometime after 4 am, so we’ll leave this at the top of the page into the early morning.

West Seattle Christmas lights, 12/17/07

One week till Christmas Eve! If your dream would resemble a warm Christmas more than a white Christmas, check this out:


Thanks to Becky for the photo, which she reports is from “36th or 37th just south of Roxbury” — we’ve added that approximate location to our clickable, printable West Seattle Christmas lights map (find it on the WSB Holidays page), will try to nail it down more closely with an in-person visual tomorrow. With your help, we’ve now featured 30 displays, all archived here.

White Center/Seattle annexation idea NOT dead yet

Couldn’t watch the councilcast today so we’ve been keeping an eye out for word of what happened — finally, the P-I has a short story up.

2 Reader Recommendation Requests: From chair to child care

The alliteration’s the only link between these two, but we wanted to get them both out tonight. First, from Denise:

My husband has his grandmother’s old rocker that really needs to be reupholstered. I am looking for some folks nearby that do a good job. Also need to find someone who refinishes wood. I have some old nesting boxes that need some love. Any help appreciated!

Please read this next one carefully. This reader isn’t looking for a specific babysitter recommendation – but rather, the best place to find a good babysitter:

We need to find a reliable kid-sitter but want to stay off craigslist if at all possible (we’ve found it useful for other things not human-related). Is there a way to get input from folks on how they’ve found someone local?

The reader further elaborates that the child in question is kindergarten-age and needs care a few afternoons a week. Please post responses to either of these RRRs as comments; as always, we remind you all RRRs and resulting responses are archived here.

Reader report: Heroism revealed in Delridge fire


Over the weekend, we mentioned the fire that swept through this house early Saturday. Tonight, we have a followup e-mailed by Ricardo Guarnero, proprietor of nearby Cafe Rozella:

Wanted to let you know of an unsung hero in the fire that gutted the house at 9415 Delridge. Six people were sleeping upstairs where neighbor Paul saw a bright light from his window next to the house. He looked out and saw flames bursting out of the lower window. Paul immediately started yelling to wake up the inhabitants. He then ran out and saw a truck with a ladder. Wasting no time, he propped it against the house and helped out all six residents. Had it not been for his timely actions all could have perished. Paul is the owner/mechanic of 944 West, a high-end German automobile repair shop.

Thanks to Ricardo for sharing that. (Also thanks to Trina for posting a comment with similar info, below the original post.) Whatever you see/hear/find out about in your neighborhood, e-mail WSB with info (photos and video welcome too), any time.

Commute alert: Bus tunnel closed

December 17, 2007 5:02 pm
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If you use it and you haven’t heard yet: details are on the Metro site – the downtown bus tunnel is out of commission for the rest of today/tonight, and possibly beyond – we will keep an eye on this for updates later tonight and tomorrow morning.

One week till Christmas Eve: West Seattle daylight decor

December 17, 2007 3:01 pm
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Those Fairmount Springs folks have done it again – decorating their traffic island along Fauntleroy (which sported Halloween spirit earlier this fall) – augmenting the year-round candy-cane striping of the stop-sign poles. And this time they’ve included a little sign taking credit (closeup below); their website, by the way, is among the neighborhood-group sites we’ve just collected for a new list you’ll find on the right WSB sidebar.


Update: Wire fire on Hudson


1:11 PM UPDATE: WSB contributing photographer Christopher Boffoli got to the scene on Hudson west of 42nd first (and photographed part of the actual fire, as seen above and below) and reports:

Engine 32 and Ladder 11 are on the scene and a bunch of firefighters are watching the wires burn. Even they were scratching their heads about how weird it is. One firefighter told me that when they rolled up, a length of wire a block long was on fire. For some reason the wires are so hot that the insulation is burning off. They said there is nothing they can do but to let the insulation burn out. (You obviously cannot douse the wires with water). They said that afterward they have to watch them because the fire can weaken the metal and they can fatigue and come down.


ORIGINAL POST AT 12:46 PM: “Wires down” — That’s the label for a fire call happening right now in the 5000 block of 42nd. Heard some scanner talk about possibly restricting some access in the area; off to investigate. 12:59 PM UPDATE: Hudson blocked west of 42nd. Two engines on scene, including the one shown below:


Speaking of former monorail land in West Seattle …

(which we were, on Saturday) … an excavation/”shoring” permit has just been issued for the vacant parcel at 35th/Avalon – if you drive by there frequently, you have probably noticed there’ve been stirrings of work. We discussed this project very briefly toward the end of this post three months ago; here’s another look at the architect’s current webpage for what’s proposed at that corner.

Jingle mail, jingle mail, jingle all the way

Got last-minute Christmas mail to send? We just checked on West Seattle post-office hours. usps_hm_ci_logo2.jpgThe Junction branch is open 8:30-5 on weekdays; the Westwood branch is open 8:30-6, though when we stepped into the lobby to check on its hours, a worker volunteered that the doors open a few minutes early this time of the year. (Here’s the Postal Service webpage with holiday deadlines.)

Preventive policing

Two things to mention, unrelated so far as we know except that they involve Seattle Police and are both of course in West Seattle:

-First, reminder that – per what we reported Friday afternoon – you may notice an increased police presence around West Seattle High School again today.

-Second, this photo (and the reader report beneath it) came in last night from “Bob Loblaw”:


SPD said it was a “routine traffic stop,” but they had three cruisers present nonetheless. A big thank you goes out to them for being highly visible on 38th Ave. SW when a suspicious-looking vehicle with a flat tire and smashed headlights showed up on our normally quiet street near Fairmount Park. Thank you, SPD.

— Bob Loblaw