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October 20, 2007 10:27 pm
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FREE ENVIRONMENTAL DOCUMENTARY SCREENING: It’s not happening in West Seattle, but WS resident Shauna Causey is helping organize it, and she’s got 100 spots left, first-come, first-served: The new CNN investigative documentary “Planet in Peril” is previewing Monday @ 7:30 pm at the Metro Cinemas in the U-District, after a 6:30 reception at a nearby restaurant. If you’re interested, e-mail Shauna at ASAP.

FARMERS’ MARKET TOMORROW: It’s always earth-friendly to shop for fresh locally grown food at our local Farmers’ Market, which continues every Sunday on into winter. Here’s the latest list of what’s hot:Read More

Court documents from the 59th/Admiral shooting case

arrow.jpgExactly one week ago at this moment, police officers were swarming northern West Seattle, looking for a suspect in the fatal shooting inside a car at 59th/Admiral (WSB 10/13/07 photo at right). Tonight, a 17-year-old suspect is in the King County Jail, in lieu of half a million dollars bail, charged as an adult with second-degree murder. The court documents are now a matter of public record, accessible online from the King County Electronic Court Records system (which charges a nominal fee for copies/downloads). We have downloaded the charging documents filed by the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, including the certification for determination of probable cause. The documents name both the suspect and victim. As the suspect is now charged as an adult, we will publish his name here: Dwayne Myatt-Perez. These court documents say he lives in the Alki area. Though as we posted earlier today the King County Medical Examiner has yet to include the victim’s identity in its media updates, he is identified in these publicly available court papers as Francisco Bailey-Ortiz, which is the same name that the suspect’s lawyer Robert Perez included in a comment on this post earlier today. Here is a transcription of the “probable cause” section of the documents, representing what police and prosecutors allege happened and what evidence they base the charge on, with one name and address omitted at WSB editorial discretion (we have noted clearly where those excisions were made):Read More

Fishing nets killing baby seals?

A new concern about baby seals in West Seattle waters: Local residents who asked to be anonymous e-mailed us (and other news organizations) with a claim that a net fishing crew strung its nets “right across one of the most popular haul-out beaches for these pups at Anchor Park … (Other) fishermen … reported they have never seen a net attached to these rocks before this year. Several fishermen witnessed the net had drowned three seal pups. … This is a clear violation of the Marine Mammal Protection Act. We also have photo documentation of this same fisherman pulling a fourth seal pup out of his net. We cannot tell for sure if this particular pup is dead or alive.” Here’s that photo (we have cropped out what looks to be a partial identifying number on the boat, as we are still doing research to find out more about this claim):


The e-mail goes on to say the nets were removed for a while last week, then returned this past Thursday. The residents believe these nets belong to a tribe, but haven’t been able to figure out which one — because of what they say is a conflict over tribal fishing rights in the area. Whoever it belongs to, they say, they are “respectfully asking … to move this net for the next several weeks away from this very popular haul out beach for the pups.” We have e-mail out to the tribe that these residents think owns the net, to see what they can tell us about the situation, and will also be checking with the local federal authorities who have jurisdiction over marine mammals such as the seal pups. 5:10 PM ADDENDUM: 47 minutes after we published this report, this tv site posted a story about the situation suggesting something had happened today (“9 am Saturday”), although for the record, the photo published with their online story is one of two photos that we received from the concerned residents YESTERDAY (Friday afternoon).

Gatewood Elementary “Kids for Kids” a smash hit

If you see this before 2 pm Saturday, you still have time to get down to Gatewood Elementary and join in the “Kids for Kids” fun. If you see it later, the goats aren’t scheduled to leave till Tuesday morning, so you may get a chance for an impromptu look. (And check out WSB video of their arrival here.) Quite a crowd when we went by a little while ago — first two photos are onlookers admiring rain-shielded goats; third one is from the other “Kids for Kids” events up on the Gatewood playground:




Saturday midday miscellany

October 20, 2007 12:57 pm
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PUMPKIN MANIA: A canopy’s up over part of Erik’s Alki Pumpkin Patch, so you can stop by without worrying about total sogginess. In addition to our report from last Saturday, you can see more photos at Shell Marr‘s MySpace. And if you would like to wander through an art-glass pumpkin patch, you can enjoy that at Avalon Glassworks; see nice pix here.

CONDO MANIA: The signs and balloons are out for the Strata condo-conversion “preview” event, and even some poor soul in a rain bonnet waving a big sign (a la Verge last winter). Hope the pay’s reasonable.

SMALL SIGN OF SEMI-CHANGE: Right across the street from Strata, the “closed for a few days” sign that was up for weeks in the window of shuttered Chuck & Sally’s Tavern is finally gone, no replacement.

EXERCISE FOR A GOOD CAUSE: Tomorrow morning’s Nia class at Youngstown Arts Center is a benefit for Northwest Hope and Healing, which helps breast-cancer patients. Instructor Lesley Tinker will donate all the proceeds from the class to the organization (her site is here). Class time is 10-11 am, no Nia experience required, all fitness levels welcome, $10 cash or check.

New mixed-use development south of The Junction: Spring Hill

While webcombing in the dead o’night for updates on Fauntleroy Place, we discovered a new West Seattle project on the website of FP developer BlueStar Management: A retail/residential complex to be called Spring Hill. Here’s what the BlueStar site says about it (followed by what else we have found out so far):

BlueStar Management/Development of Seattle, Washington has purchased three contiguous parcels on the east side of the 5000 Block on California Avenue SW, just south of the West Seattle Junction.

Preliminary plans for the Spring Hill development include approximately 80 apartment homes above 3,600 square feet of retail space. Parking will be available under the building as well. The apartment homes are expected to range from 550 to 1250 square feet and will help to fill the growing need for rental housing in the area. … Construction is slated for 2008 with anticipated occupancy in 2009.

Armed with that general location information, we scoured through the city’s online files, and discovered this project appears to be centered on the parcel at 5020 California, currently half-century-old apartments, per county records. (Saturday afternoon addendum: The streetfront of these apartments is actually marked 5022 Cali; photo below; BlueStar page about the complex, Skyliner, here.) Its land-use permit application and construction permit application are not dated right now, but they’re clearly new because the “pre-application site visit” happened on October 5th; the applications aren’t even coming up yet in a search of the city’s Land Use Information Bulletin archives. We’ll check with BlueStar next week to see what more they can tell us. Architects listed on the application are from Hewitt, which also is working right now on the QFC/Office Depot megaproject progressing rapidly north of Jefferson Square. Side note: If you’re thinking, “Isn’t Spring Hill also the name of a restaurant in development on the north edge of The Junction?” yes, you’re right. Popular name with long-ago geographic relevance.


From the “Other Blogs in WS” writers

Two notes from our weekly check to make sure the Other Blogs in WS page links are still good (and to see what all those other lively West Seattle writers are up to!):

-Looking for a West Seattle house for less than $300,000? One blogger’s house just went up for sale, and she’s started this blog [wsb note: link removed 12/26/07, no longer active] to get it a little extra attention.

-Dropping by the JetCityOrange blog reminded us that JCO’s Jerry had sent us a link earlier about some mysterious graffiti he spotted around town, wondering if anyone knows what it stands for. (Check it out here.)