Who rode what, when, during FF ’07

Interesting numbers in this wrap-up from Metro.

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  • SamanthaBrite August 25, 2007 (12:04 am)

    I’m really happy things went so well for commuters. I know a lot of people stepped up to the plate by taking public transit & the city facillitated that by adding routes, etc…

    What bothers me is I’ve yet to read anywhere that people recognize doing these things for two weeks is one thing, but doing it for months or years (or forever) is quite another.

    Also, several people I know stayed home from work, changed their schedules to go in later or earlier than they usually do — much to the chagrin of employers, too. These “little things” contributed greatly to the success of these repairs.

    I hope people don’t take this as a sign that West Seattlites can live like we have been forever. Temporary fixes are not real solutions.

    Sorry to ramble on — I’m just catching up on the news tonight & this article started me off already steaming: http://www.thestranger.com/seattle/Content?oid=297402

  • Eddie August 27, 2007 (9:47 am)

    Who Rode What? I rode my Cannondale road bike 5 of the nine days that I worked during that two week period – had one day of long planned vacation (to ride RSVP – Seattle to Vancouver BC – on a Tandem bike with my wife), two days of rain that make riding a pain, and one day when I had to get home early to sign some papers.

    182.5 miles biking.

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