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3 final Sunday scenes, plus a story

Just after sunset, the vista from Marine View Drive:


Late afternoon, many of those Vashon-visiting Vespa riders trickled off several ferries in succession – we caught this one passing the homes across from Lincoln Park:


Also on Fauntleroy alongside Lincoln Park, a sign caught lying down on the job:


Now, the story, e-mailed by a reader who says she moved to WS 3 months ago and loves it:

I was visiting my son and his wife who live a block off Alki up against a greenbelt; we were sitting on the deck talking when a very large otter walked out from under the blackberry patch. He stopped and made eye contact with each of us, then turned slowly and with belly low crawled back from where he came. It was amazing. When I stopped to ask the men working on a roof a couple doors down, they laughed and one said it must have been what he saw crossing Alki late one night …

A shell of a website

Thanks to the reader tip pointing us to a website now up for Ama Ama Oyster Bar & Grill, which is following Ovio at the NE corner of Cali/Edmunds. Not much on the site except the promise “Coming in October!”

Summer Fest, the final hours

if you haven’t been yet – or even if you have – wander down to The Junction before Summer Fest ends 7 pm-ish. Part of the WSB team made another run through it this afternoon, catching street magic along the way:


Rumble! Beep!

The Vespa enthusiasts who are rallying in Seattle this weekend headed out WS way today. Chris sent us word of his Flickr page with video and pix after spotting the huge group coming off the low bridge. Looks like they were headed to the Fauntleroy ferry dock for a ride to Vashon, so watch out for the procession heading the other way later this afternoon.

Will the last WS apts. to condo-ize please turn out the lights

About to get the boot — renters at a building that just about everyone in WS has driven past at one time or another, thanks to its amazing Alki Point location, the Rip Tide (photo below). An Alki-area reader just pointed out to us that the Rip Tide changed hands a few weeks ago (for $4 million) and is going condo, fulfilling fears voiced more than a year ago. (Sure won’t make this situation any better.)


Dancin’ in the streets

Looks like the Saturday night Summer Fest street dance really rocked The Junction. Charles Redmond sent photos of the crowd and The Retros: