Water Taxi thrill ride

Our activity du jour was mass transit, including the Water Taxi, to the Maritime Festival. Got more than we bargained for on both ends of the WT ride. First, as we waited to board at Seacrest, two tugboat race participants from Global Diving & Salvage arrived to pick up their passengers (plus supplies for barbecuing and general revelry). Probably the busiest we’ve ever seen that slender little strip of wooden dock @ Seacrest (here’s a view as the WT pulled out):


On our way back, it became obvious that the 3:30 pm run on Maritime Festival day is THE time to get as close to the tugboat races as you can (without being a participant). Our captain warned direly that the largest class of racing tug would be heading our way as we left the dock, and implied we’d need surfing skills to survive the looming wake. Didn’t happen that way, thanks to our captain’s skills, but did get a great view of the racing tugs, justice not really done by the following photo:


If you want to try the Water Taxi tomorrow, waterfront highlights include a Mother’s Day Buffet Brunch at Ivar’s — maybe you can get the fry-scarfing-seagull-view table we enjoyed while lunching there today. (The restaurant’s not in WS but Ivar’s roots here were deep.)

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  • KikiRiki May 13, 2007 (11:02 am)

    I was on the 3:30 WT run as well and I have to give a shout out to Captain Joe Clausen for a job well done steering us away from the onslaught of tugs! Fun times!

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