Is no news good news?

At least once a week, someone writes to ask if we’ve heard anything new about the longstanding rumor that Trader Joe’s will sweep triumphantly into West Seattle, at last relieving so many of us of the need to frequent Burien. Got another such note today and we’re thinking it’s time to publicly say, we unfortunately have not heard a word of anything new. The rumors for a while circulated around the future development near Metropolitan Market … which doesn’t even seem remotely close to groundbreaking anyway. But we know the WSB visitorship includes a few insiders from the business and development communities; if anyone cares to share any inside scoop, we promise your anonymity’s safe with us …

5 Replies to "Is no news good news?"

  • Ali October 24, 2006 (12:31 pm)

    I pray for Trader Joes to come to West Seattle! And for those that go to Burien… try out the one on Madison. I think it’s much better (closer too!).

  • nbp October 25, 2006 (8:09 am)

    Does anyone know what commercial ventures are replacing the burned out Schuck’s on Charlestown/California and the Charlestown Cafe?

  • jissy October 25, 2006 (5:56 pm)

    I went to a design/review board meeting on that complex. I actually went to complain about parking/safety issues, but there wasn’t much to complain about! Aesthetically it looks like a nice complex, 2 story (they could have done 3 but top floor would have had to be residential), brick on 1st floor if I remember right. L shaped building flush on California sidewalk and making a turn for some part of the building on Charlestown. They indicate the corner for restaurant with the idea of sidewalk seating on Charlestown side. Parking will be in back with flow through the alley so idea is to make the alley a one-way similar to the Admiral Starbuck’s alley from the park. Will be mixed us commercial, again 2 stories.

  • dln October 26, 2006 (6:56 am)

    Actually talked to some of the employees at the Trader Joe’s in Burien last week – there are no current plans to open a TJ’s in West Seattle. They mentioned that they are looking at Ballard and Bellingham before they would consider West Seattle.

  • Keith October 26, 2006 (7:50 pm)

    Hmm, I guess it depends on which TJ employee you talk to (and when) because I heard from a guy at the Capitol Hill location that they were looking at a couple of spots in WeSea. But this was several months ago.

    And there is a TJ’s opening in Bellingham soon, so at least that means (hopefully) we’re moving up the list up a bit.

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