Life’s a beach

The P-I takes on Alki’s summer of semi-discontent today. P.S., the “blogger who writes often about Alki” quoted at the very end is not me … took me a minute to figure out who it actually is.

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  • frustrated August 14, 2006 (7:48 pm)

    As someone who lived in west seattle for the better part of my entire life, I got to say “Get Real”. What a bunch of whiners. Alki has always been like this – why do you think there is an anti-cruising ordinance that was enacted 20 years ago?

    To bash private business owners who are trying to make it and live the American dream because they may not fit your definition of what a restaurant should be is pathetic…

    I suppose we should shut down the Homestead and Phonecia as well as they attract all of these people here. Oh, wait, that would be the classical music crowd – they’re OK…

    West Seattle used to be cool. West Seattle is fast becoming part of the overall nanny-state that is the rest of the city.

    All you whiners should move to Magnolia! Then I might be able to afford to live on Alki again.

  • The House August 14, 2006 (9:03 pm)

    Dear Frustrated,

    Oh, so quick to make assumptions about everyone. Look back about a month ago and I brought up what the Seattle PI discussed today. I actually agree with you that I don’t want WS to become an overall “nanny state” like some of our North Seattle neighbors. One of the reasons I moved to WS was the laid back vibe, friendly people and beautiful atmosphere. The issue the PI and I brought up were the non-residents that don’t chose to support our local businesses by hanging out, loitering and generally being a nuisance to anyone wanting to walk, bike or rollerblade down Alki in the evening hours.#

    I for one would not whine, I would take action. If I lived along Alki I would be pissed and would take action against the loitering and cruising that goes on there. Fortunately for me I’ll enjoy Alki from a distance and continue supporting local businesses like Bamboo Grill, the Homestead, Phoenicia, etc.

    Save Charleston Cafe!

  • C Ro August 23, 2006 (4:14 pm)

    You outed me!

    ;) Of all the things I said to that reporter and she just kept my farm comment. Oh well…

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