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    We need a new washer & dryer. There are so many different brands, styles, etc … on the market that I’m hoping people have some recommendations. We’d like to stay with a front-loading machine. Thanks.



    I just purchased a nice Maytag set from Paul Cozens at Wiseman’s appliance in the junction.

    They have good prices, will pickup/take away old ones and setup/hookup your new ones for free as well. Love shopping locally and Paul is a great guy too!


    2619 California Ave S.W.

    Seattle, WA 98116




    We bought almost all of our appliances from Wiseman’s. Their prices are competitive, and their service is the best. They helped us compare features and figure out what we needed.



    Wisemans! I replaced my mini-stacked with full front loading stacks from them last spring and their prices beat the big box stores! They even arranged everything on the phone after I had come in and looked and a few days later wanted to go ahead with them but their hours are the same as my work hours.



    We got a Samsung w/d from Sears for a decent price, plus rebates. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to shop and compare locally, otherwise I would have definitely poked my head into Wiseman’s.



    But if you’re looking for actual recs on product lines… then I’ve enjoyed our Samsungs. We’ve only had them for about a year and a half, but haven’t had any issues yet. There is only two of us, so it doesn’t get as much of a workload than a family with kids. But it cleans well from what I can tell



    The huge, yearly Albert Lee Appliance Warehouse sale is on this weekend! That is where we have gotten all of our appliances for the past 8 years, both building a new home and for a rental property.



    We got a pair of Maytag front loaders (Maxima XL) from Wiseman about 6 months ago and have been very happy. We do a lot of laundry at our house and these power through the mountain of laundry with no problem and get the clothes really clean. Not sure about longevity, but so far, so good.



    OMG that Albert lee sale is AWESOME,

    No offense to Wiseman.

    If you can get over a dent or a scratch or a return. the prices are UNBEATABLE.

    I got a washer,dryer(both fisher pakel,and very high end sp) and refrig,(nothing fancy) for less than 1000.00

    They do have good service too and pick up old stuff.

    This was 7 years ago, quite the line, but after I picked out what i wanted I was out with in 1 hr.



    If you are still looking, please consider this: we are selling our Whirlpool washer and dryer. It was purchased in May, and only used until October. Look up our listing under, FREEBIES, SALES, (Nearly New Whirlpool Washer/Dryer). We reduced the price to $800 for both the Washer and Dryer.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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