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    Last Christmas I had to put Blue Down.
    It still haunts me. He wasn’t even 4 years old.
    Not Board Certified-
    I didn’t even know that was a thing, until they used it as their excuse for botched care.
    Our beloved dog (who stopped walking on his rear leg) would still be alive, if I had not trusted Urban Animal. Rather than do standard testing (x-rays under anesthesia) to find out what was wrong with our amazing 3 1/2 year-old Blue Nose pit bull. The Dr./Surgeon, guessed and assumed he tore his cruciate ligament. Never even considered it could be cancer. This sent Blue down the wrong path to certain death. After bending his leg- Dr. said “yep- he tore his cruciate ligament”. We need to do TPLO surgery. Cancer was never mentioned or even considered. Managements excuse for misdiagnosing and performing useless surgery was- “we are not board certified”.
    By the time it was found out my dog had Osteosarcoma bone cancer, and not a torn ligament- it was too late. Tumors had completely spread through his body, after they screwed metal plates around and into the tumor.
    Urban Animal did take $4000 on the failed TPLO surgery. Failed to do a biopsy at the time they found out they were actually doing the wrong treatment. Then my dog had to have the leg amputated ($2000) after they performed the wrong surgery (steel implant and screws)- which caused the tumor in his knee to grow to the size of a baseball. Before the amputation they did decide to finally do a biopsy ($700) which their joke of lab failed to even look at the results. They told me “we’re having lots of problems with this lab”.
    Blue was put under anesthesia three times, twice for nothing.
    Urban Animal did 86 me, after I schooled them on how to properly diagnose and carry out veterinary care for this condition.
    Osteosarcoma is common in young and older dogs. The causes are unknown.
    I looked into Fido care, and had acupuncture done for blue. Completely changed his diet. Went on all kinds of healthy supplements, RSO and CBD. Chemo ended up not being an option.
    He was too far gone.
    Blue did receive the Yale vaccine.
    It was too late for it to help.
    I even rented an oxygen machine for Blue.
    I desperately tried to save my dog!
    We were just sent down the wrong path, due to ignorant guessing.
    All the oncologists, veterinarians and specialists I dealt with after leaving U.A. were great. Very knowledgeable, caring and compassionate. When I finally had to put Blue down- They sent us cards and a nice stone memorial with Blue’s name on it. Urban Animal didn’t care at all. Didn’t send any condolences or email response. When Urban Animal did fail on Blues care- They told me “we learned a lot from this, and are reviewing everything ”.
    A horrible, 4 month, slow death process…
    Sure, they’ll smile, and take your money- just be very careful.
    Healing from the loss of Blue was/is extremely painful and difficult- even a year later.
    None of this will bring Blue back to us.
    My only intention is to pass this message to other people, who love their pets. I’m not saying everything Urban Animal does is awful. They just really messed up this case- and they know it.
    Carrying out research. before trusting someone you don’t know is vital.
    Also- standing in line, outside to make an appointment and then return, is a joke.
    If people are going to judge and criticize- please find something else to do. I am creating awareness, to use caution, to do research.
    You have to do your due diligence.
    This post is worth it- if I can save just one dog or cat from unnecessary treatment.

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