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    You can find the City Council’s Draft Resolution on Policing here.

    After you read the Draft Resolution, please post your question, the date you asked the question, who you questioned (City Council member, the Mayor, Seattle Police Union, etc), the date you received an answer, the answer you received. Also rate the quality of the response using the following rating system: non answer, partial answer, complete answer.

    Here’s are two sample questions for bill sponsors .

    Questions for Herbold, González, Morales, and Mosqueda. Asked 8/2/2020:
    Question 1: Why does the draft resolution related to policing take control of 911 away from the Seattle Police Department? Isn’t that like cutting out SPD’s brain – i.e., deleting command and control?
    Question 2: What steps will the Council take to ensure that civilian control of 911 does not significantly increase emergency response times – resulting in loss of life, injury, and property damage?
    Question 3: Would sponsors of this resolution please post a survey on the Council website which voters can use to provide feedback – and do so BEFORE you vote?



    Uh, who are you and why should anyone do this?


    re question 1: 9-1-1 is not so much the ‘brain’ as it is the communications LINK between the public (you) and the police in the field.

    They manage the calls and link cops with calls for service. Their funding comes from a variety of sources including state (9-1-1) taxes. They are also civilian run with civilian supervisors (overseen by a single sworn officer). Because of that I have no idea what social justice inequities Decriminalize Seattle hopes to correct by pulling civilians (and a fixed budget that can be used for other things) out of the police department.



    I’m a long-term West Seattle Resident. This legislation isn’t trivial. NATURALLY I’m curious to know what the sponsors of this bill know NOW that they didn’t know when they ran for office. I also think I’ll learn something from the questions other citizens ask – and the answers they receive.

    Over the last two years I’ve emailed Representative Lisa Herbold 3-4 times to ask questions or offer an opinion. If I received an answer to my question it was typically delayed by weeks or months. Often the answer wasn’t really an answer. She’s busy – I get that. In a perfect world, she’d answer the questions blog reades post here – so everyone can see her answers.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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